Top 5 tips for those who wear short bangs

Hairstyle for a woman is an expression of the actual “I”. Bang
has always been a great way to demonstrate your
mood, and maybe – attitude to life.

Kinds of short bangs

Various types of direct, skew, filleted and other
variants pale in front of the queen of the image – short
perky bangs, laid, as if by chance.

  • 1 Types of bangs
  • 2 straight
  • 3 short with parting
  • 4 Sloping
  • 5 Short round
  • 6 “Ripped” short
  • 7 Bold and bold
  • 8 Evening and festive hairstyles
  • 9 Hairstyles for every day

Types of bangs

To create a fashionable image can be considered
several versions tested not only by stylists in salons.

World celebrities have already demonstrated various
hairstyles with short hair, and for a fashion catwalk – this is
always a winning choice. Why not do the same?

Today the master in the cabin will offer the following
Photo options bangs:

  1. Straight short.
  2. Short with parted.
  3. Shortened and beveled on one side.
  4. Short rounded.
  5. Milled with the effect of “torn”.


Bang straight

Straight bangs are always an elegant look. is he
suitable not only for the everyday face, but it will be great
perceived by the boss at work.

A woman with a hairstyle looks businesslike, discreet and,
Of course, beautiful. A definite plus – no need to think long
put a bang.

Before you make a straight short bang, you must
take into account:

  • hair density and type;
  • oval face, the height of the forehead;
  • combination of bangs and a general image.

Tip 1. Hairstyle is perfect for women with
oval face. In this case, the length only emphasizes
correctness of natural contours.

The hairstyle can be worn with a bob haircut or a bob. In this form
she looks most restrained and simple, but at that
At the same time, the image is not without some impudence. A vivid example of this
can serve as Tyra Banks or Vanessa Hudgens.

Short with parting

Short with parted fringe

Shortened with parted – a great choice for teens and
youth This image does not go away from the classic parting,
so beloved by our parents, but small hair length
focuses on the unusual appearance.

Hair can be worn with long hair, pinned
upstairs and also use with a short haircut

Tip 2. Suitable hairstyle for almost everyone except
those who have a too sharp chin and cheekbones act – in this
the case of the parting will add angularity to the lines.


Oblique fringe

Mown bangs have recently been the trend of the season, but she persistently
does not want to give up their positions short competitor. As a result
such a struggle was born a hybrid image shortened
bangs that are beveled to one side. But even in the
long part of it on one of the sides fashionable favorite holds
its position – it does not reach the eyebrows.

Haircuts short with a slanting bang – this
youth image that fits almost any type of person
and it goes well with long hair and dazhes
curly locks.

Tip 3. If you make a deep layering, then the image
will become even easier and more relaxed.

In this case, hair is very easy to handle in terms of styling –
laid bangs on its side displays today’s serious condition, and
short disheveled and say so playful
mood in the evening.

Slanting short bangs are an excellent choice for today’s youth.

Short rounded

Short rounded fringe

Short rounded bangs – an integral version of the haircut
sessun. You can argue about the length of the hair, who is this
hairstyle, but the conclusion suggests itself – only a fringe gives
this haircut spice.

This haircut is especially fond of the French women who
experimenting with the length and color of the hair, the presence
parting and its absence.

Tip 4. The image with rounded edges will
salvation for people with a massive bottom face. Gentle hair will smooth
the contours of the maxilla, will remove the accent from the cheekbones and give
the image of softness, and the length – expressiveness.

For this hairstyle fit graduated haircut –
together they complement the image of lightness and

“Torn” short

This hairstyle, oddly enough, is perfect for women in
aged under a short haircut. She will take a dozen years, at the same
time the torn thinning will not allow the hairstyle to become
boring and mundane. After all, a new ten years is not a reason
think of old age as a pretext for shifts hairstyles.

Tip 5. Torn contour
Perfect for women with natural hair
distracts from blond hair, but if necessary separate strands
can tint.

Milled hair perfectly with the actual hairstyle
garcon This is a spectacular and perky image of a woman without
age Few can say what it is
the lady who exchanged fifth dozen.

Garson hides not only flaws, he stresses and
dignity. Especially suitable garcon thin women with
thin and long neck.

Brave and bold

Spicy Image

Short hair opens a fertile field for
experiments. If the bang is short, it does not mean
that there is nothing to paint and difficult to shape.

The relevance of ultrashort hair is not added only
length, but also color – they can be painted in fiery red and even blue

Especially boldly looks a few flowers on the hair with
a unique form is the main trend of the current season.
Such a face always remains in the zone of attention, admiration, censure,
but definitely envy, because its owner is clearly
extraordinary person. Spicy image will still long to excite
memory when meeting with such a special one.

Evening and festive hairstyles

Holiday Hairstyles

Shortened hair in front does not become
stumbling block when creating an evening hairstyle for the holiday.
Yet no stylist has refused to show their skills on
evening hairstyle.

And in this case the question does not even arise, how to stab
short bangs so that it does not interfere with the creation of the image.

Short bangs perfectly in harmony with the festive
hairstyles because it fits easily with varnish
strong fixation, and if necessary, deal with naughty
strands can be with small clips with or without stones – depending
from the overall image at the party.

Hairstyles for every day

This video shows how to do everyday hairstyle on
short hair.

hair is demanding. Straight hair needed
gently comb and if desired, lay varnish.

It is mandatory to use a varnish or gel for
filleted – putting a small layer on the comb
in a couple of minutes
form clearly marked strands.

Hairstyle with rounded edges should be neat first
along the contours of the lines. To emphasize the oval of the face,
here it is enough to sprinkle the hair with medium hardiness and
brush your hair

Casual Hairstyles

The easiest thing to do with thinning is almost everyone.
the experiment is always doomed to success and no need to think
how to remove the bangs, if it is short.

Shortened before combined with long and medium hair.
It is best for middle-aged women to choose haircuts cascade on
not very short hair. At the same time, plump women
These haircuts do not fit – medium-length hair only
blurring may seem less

Garcon will be a good hairstyle, right
picked up under the oval face. Perhaps a short haircut with
elongated bangs.

This video tells everything you need to know about the bangs: types,
pros, cons, who goes.

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