Top 8 hair straighteners at home conditions

Every girl dreams of smooth and shiny
hair. Today there are quite a few ways
get beautiful and silky strands.

Hair Straightener

Home hair straightening can be done with
using homemade masks, healthy oils, ironing or

  • 1 Features of the use of ironing for leveling curls
  • 2 How to use Velcro curlers?
  • 3 How to straighten hair strands?
  • 4 Keratin hair straightening
  • 5 Features of chemical hair straightening
  • 6 Folk recipes for straightening curls
    • 6.1 Gelatin Straightening
    • 6.2 Burdock, castor, olive oils
    • 6.3 Colorless henna
    • 6.4 Dark beer
    • 6.5 Tea Brewing
    • 6.6 Table Vinegar
  • 7 Shampoo for hair straightening
  • 8 Useful hair oils
  • 9 Straightening strands after perm
  • 10 Is it possible to straighten wet hair?

Features of the use of the iron to align the curls

To straighten curly hair, you can use the iron.
However, it is important to consider that the systematic use of
This device may adversely affect
state strands.

Because it is so important to use thermal protective equipment.
Owners of dry and brittle curls better to choose another way.

Straightening curls ironing

To use an ironing to get smooth and beautiful strands, you need
do the following:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo. This stage is impossible
    to neglect, as the grease and dirt will make the hair
  2. Cover curls with heat protection agent.
  3. Blow dry or natural
    in a way.
  4. Place the device in the area of ​​the roots and quickly hold
    way down. You should not delay the iron on the strands, because they can
    be damaged.
  5. If the curls are hard to push, they should be sprayed with varnish.

Attention! If the iron has caused damage
curls, burned fragments to cut in the cabin. Thereafter
It is necessary to carry out treatment with the help of masks and balms with
regenerative action.

How to use Velcro curlers?

The use of curlers

To get smooth strands without ironing, you can apply
special curlers that resemble velcro. For this
It is recommended to perform the following actions:

  1. To wash your hair with a good shampoo is best to use.
    moisturizer. This will make the curls smoother.
    and shiny.
  2. Apply balm on the head.
  3. Slightly dry hair.
  4. Apply mousse to give hair
  5. Lower the head and comb the wooden comb. To dry
    professional hair dryer that will help avoid
    split ends.
  6. Split the hair into strands and twist them into curlers.
  7. Dry hair dryer and wait 1 hour.
  8. Carefully remove the curlers and fix the hair
    varnish. To get a volumetric styling, the head is worth
    tilt down.

This method will help make the hair smoother. Creature
hairstyles without the use of stylers will help to get more
natural image.

How to straighten hair strands?

Hair straightening hair dryer

Many girls are interested in how to straighten hair quickly? Not
you must have special tools for this –
Enough ordinary hair dryer, which
will help to get a great result.

To do this, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Wash the strands with shampoo and towel dry.
  2. Treat curls with a thermal protective agent and apply
    straightening balm. At the same time special attention is worth
    give tips.
  3. Separate the hair and secure it with a clip.
  4. Bottom select strands about 3 cm wide.
  5. Dry hair every strand. This will require a special
    hair straightening comb. Important to perform enough
    fast movements.
  6. When the bottom is dried, go to
  7. Finally, apply a gloss that has a silicone base. it
    make your hair more soft and smooth.

Keratin hair straightening

Keratin and iron

This procedure can be done independently. To
keratin hair straightening gave the desired results, it is necessary
strictly adhere to the rules of

  1. Carefully wash the curls using shampoo with peeling
    effect. This will help clear the head of dirt and debris.
    styling products.
  2. Dry hair hair dryer. It is recommended to use
    a stream of cold air. As a result, the strands must
    stay a little wet.
  3. Comb and highlight strands of the same size you need
    secure with clamp.
  4. Squeeze special keratin mixture into non-metallic
    the dishes. Apply the composition to each strand. Keratin application
  5. Leave for half an hour – exactly what time it will take for
    absorption of the mask into the hairs rods. Dry the curls again
    cold air.
  6. Smooth small strands with an ironing pad, heating it to
    220-230 degrees. Each curl should be processed at least
    7-10 times.
  7. Gently comb your hair.

Caution! The procedure is recommended to be carried out well.
ventilated area. In this case, be sure to use
protective mask. Otherwise, you can get poisoned with formaldehyde.

Collagen may be an alternative to this procedure.
hair straightening. The use of a special protein substance
fastens the scales of the strands, making them smoother and

This video shows how to make keratin straightening.
hair at home.

Features of chemical hair straightening

To straighten hair for a long time, you can use the technique
chemical straightening. To carry out the procedure in
At home, you will need the following:

  • cleansing shampoo;
  • heat spray for straightening
  • neutralizer;
  • retainer.

Beautiful hair

To achieve the desired results, you need to perform the following

  1. Lubricate the skin with cream. This will help prevent
  2. Prepare strands. To do this, they are treated with a special substance
    which includes emollients, proteins,
    air conditioners.
  3. Select strands and process them with a special reagent. This
    composition need to keep a quarter of an hour.
  4. Then rinse the curls well and straighten them with a special
    ceramic ironing. Finally, apply a retainer for
    fixing the result.
  5. Wash off the fixative composition and apply the agent for normalization.
    pH setting.
  6. Wash hair with ordinary shampoo and apply conditioner.

This video shows chemical straightening technology.

Folk recipes for straightening curls

Many girls are interested in how to straighten forever curly
strands. Of course, completely deal with the problem of curly hair
is impossible. Today, however, many domestic
recipes that allow you to get good

Gelatin straightening

Gelatin straightening

The use of this tool makes the hair more healthy and
beautiful To straighten curls with gelatin you need to do

  1. Mix 3 tablespoons of powder with 250 ml of hot
    water. It is important that all lumps are completely
  2. Wash with shampoo and apply conditioner.
  3. Add a little balm to the mask. It will ease her
  4. Apply gelatin to wet hair. It is important
    a little backtrack from the roots – just a few
  5. Wrap your head with a wrap and a towel.
  6. After 45 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Burdock, castor, olive oil

Burdock, castor, olive oil

These products make curls perfectly smooth. To achieve
good results, any of the oils need to be applied to the hair
and leave for 1 hour.

Important! Wrap the head with a wrap. AT
Completion curls need to be washed with shampoo. Get great
The result will help the use of funds three times a week.

Many girls are interested in how to straighten bangs. For this
it is enough to apply oil only on this part of the hairstyle. Thanks
this will quickly achieve great

This is described as self at home
make lamination hair.

Colorless henna

To straighten the hair, this product must be mixed with water. AT
As a result, you should get a consistency of thick cream.
Treat wet curls and leave for 1 hour.
Rinse with running water.

To facilitate this process, you should use a balm.
or air conditioning. Finally, comb and wash your hair again.

Colorless Henna

Dark beer

To straighten curls with this method, they need to be thoroughly washed and
remove excess moisture with a towel. Then moisten in
beer kitchen sponge and handle strands. After finishing
procedures hair need to comb and fix the result
hair dryer

Dark beer

Tea Brewing

To get a good result, you need to take 1 small spoon
black tea and mix with the same amount of sugar. Pour
water and wait for the tea to brew. Put ready
agent on strands. Blow-dry hair by pulling curls
way down.

Tea brew and sugar

Table Vinegar

This is an excellent tool for straightening curly locks that
have a tendency to fat content. For this they are enough
rinse with a mixture of 8 tablespoons of vinegar with 4 liters

Rinsing hair with vinegar

Hair straightening shampoo

There are quite a few effective tools on offer,
which allow you to make the curls smooth and beautiful. Straightening
shampoo should contain several chemical
components. Among them is the sulfate,
lauryl sulfate, sodium hydroxide.

Such tools must include panthenol, silicone,
castor oil These ingredients will make hair softer.
and obedient. To keep them smooth as possible
longer it is necessary to choose compounds with keratin and amino acids.

Shampoos with keratin

In addition, shampoos should include natural substances –
vitamins, silk proteins, herbal extracts. Qualitative
straightening agents necessarily contain avocado oil, honey,
green tea.

To improve the effectiveness of the shampoo, after it
applications can apply a special cream for straightening

Healthy Hair Oils

To make the strands smoother, you can use
essential and vegetable oils. In their composition is present
quite a lot of vitamins and acids. Therefore, similar
Means saturate the curls with moisture.

To the most effective formulations that help straighten
strands include such oils:

  • jojoba;
  • olive;
  • coconut;
  • karite;
  • burdock

Coconut and jojoba oils

They contain many nutrients and are extremely rare.
provoke allergies. From essential oils worth giving
preference for spruce, cedar, thyme, neroli. They need
use in home masks in a minimum amount – no more than 2-6

Straightening after the perm

To cope with the effects of curling, you can
use these tools:

  1. Combine apple cider vinegar with water in equal
    ratio, then add olive oil.
  2. Apply the composition based on brandy and chamomile decoction. Through
    half an hour the tool can be washed off.
  3. Take 1 tablespoon of henna for half a glass of water and insist 50
    minutes Enter into the composition of half a small spoonful of oils
    orange and grape seed. Apply to curls.
    After half an hour, wash off – it is best to use cold

Means for straightening

Is it possible to straighten wet hair?

This question worries many girls. Professionals are categorically not
recommend using for this purpose iron. Otherwise, you can
burn the curls hard. And restore them after such
aggressive procedures will no longer succeed.

Homemade hair straightening will help make the strands more beautiful.
and smooth. To achieve a great result, you can
use homemade masks useful
oils, ready-made cosmetics.

use of cosmetics

However, it should be strictly adhered to.
instructions. This will help not only to get the required
effect, but also keep hair healthy.

This video shows how to straighten hair at home.
only three means.

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