Top 8 luxury evening hairstyles for short hair

The main advantage of short hair is easy styling.
Owners of even ultrashort length can create
perfect evening look.

evening hairstyles, photos

The article presents 8 options for styling, cope with
the creation of which can even beginner.

  • 1 Hairstyle with a bun
  • 2 Luxury curls
  • 3 Artistic mess
  • 4 styling based on a bob haircut
  • 5 Hairstyle with a kerchief for short hair with bangs
  • 6 Ideas for ultrashort length
  • 7 cute curls
  • 8 Options for asymmetrical cutting
  • 9 Wet effect
  • 10 Wreath of harnesses

Hairstyle with a bunch

Ideal for classic looks. Do not know what
to decorate the evening dress with an open back,
look at this hairstyle.

Short hair bundle

To create it you will need:

  • curling iron with a diameter of 25 mm;
  • styling;
  • silicone gum;
  • 5-6 studs;
  • invisible 3-5 pieces;
  • hairbrush;
  • hair oil.

Apply a small amount of oil to the tips and
wait 20-30 minutes until it is absorbed. Thereafter
You can proceed to the creation of curls. Wind the strands in any
order and direction. Wait for it to cool, comb or
disassemble the curls with your fingers.

Separate 2 strands from the face, tie the remaining hair in low
tail. Form a bundle and secure it with pins. Splash on
crafted lacquer design, paying attention

Braid 2 or 1 not a tight pigtail. Take it out with your fingers to
she became slightly negligent. Braid pigtails around the beam as
shown in the photo, fasten them stealth and studs. AT
sprinkle your hair with a thin layer

how to make a bun for short hair

Luxury curls

The classic and simplest version of a festive hairstyle.

Hairstyles for short hair

It can be worn either for everyday or holiday wear.
events, decorating an unusual accessory. For creating
curls will need:

  • curling iron with a diameter of 25-33 mm;
  • thermal protection;
  • glove;
  • hairdressing clips;
  • comb with rare teeth;
  • curling iron corrugation for basal volume;
  • styling.

Comb your hair thoroughly, then apply
thermal protection. Peel off the top of your hair (hat), and
fix it with clips. Apply thermal protection, then the bottom
bend at the roots. After that, you need to comb again and
lower the “cap”, hiding the corrugation.

curls for short hair

For convenience, the hair should be divided into three
sections: nape, temporal and parietal. Get started
cheat from the bottom. Warm a curling iron, put a glove on the worker
Hand and wind strands 3-5 centimeters wide.

Curl the locks in the same direction, let cool and
only then form the correct curls. Face spinning
wind from the periphery. The curls themselves are formed
manually secured with varnish, studs or

Artistic mess

The perfect hairstyle on hair of minimal length. For
creating this styling will require only a comb, foam and
lacquer strong fixation.

Execution process:

  1. Lightly moisten hair and apply a small amount.
  2. Beat a shock with your fingers or a comb without sticking.
    any standards.
  3. After the hairstyle is formed, let the hair dry
    in a natural way. Sprinkle them with styling.

Mess on the head

This hairstyle can be decorated with a rim with flowers or precious
stones. The main advantage of laying: every time will be
get something original.

Styling on the basis of a bob haircut

On the hair of the length of the caret, you can easily make an elegant hairstyle. She is
will fit well with any hair color and style
clothes. To create a package will require:

  • invisible 5-10 pieces;
  • curling iron with a diameter of 25-33 mm;
  • styling strong fixation;
  • comb with frequent and rare teeth.

First you need to carefully comb through the whole mass.
hair, then make easy bouffant on the parietal area. After
This can begin to shape the curls. Try to spin
them in one direction, then the hairstyle will be more accurate.
Disassemble the curls with your fingers or a comb with rare teeth.

evening laying on the car

Select two strands from the temporal zone and braid them in
a pigtail fix on the top of the stealth. For
strengthening the structure, hair plentifully spray varnish.

Tip! Young girls can complement the image
all sorts of accessories: flowers, hairpins or unusual
headbands. In addition, instead of the usual varnish, you can use
styling with colorful sequins.

Hairstyle with scarf for short hair with bangs

The hairstyle will brighten up the summer look and also add to it
“highlight”. You will need a minimum set
tools: hairbrush, gum, invisible 5-10 pieces, kerchief.

Hairstyles with a kerchief

Create a styling:

  • Gather the hair in a ponytail, then twist it into a loose bun.
    Secure it with stealth or hairpin.
  • Comb the bangs. Fold the kerchief into a triangle, tip
    wrap inside.

Tip! To add elegance to the look,
wind and dissolve the hair. And instead of a scarf, use a scarf.

Tie a scarf in the desired way. Tips can
secure invisible. This evening hairstyle is best
Looks with a bang.

Ideas for ultrashort length

For ultrashort hair there is not very much
options. For decoration styling, use a variety of
accessories: headbands, hairpins, pins, natural flowers,
sparkles and ribbons.

jewelry for a short haircut

If the length allows, dilute the image with interesting weaving.
To do this, you will need 5-10 rubber bands, 2 stealth,
styling and comb. Weaving is performed as follows
in the following way:

  • Highlight the parting on both sides from the parietal to the temporal zone.
    Lock the rest of the hair back.
  • Form a tail on the forehead, then add to it
    fine strand and tie the tail again. So weave everything
  • To make the weave look more elegant, slightly pull on
    every strand. Give careless hairstyle.
  • You can hide the tail on the back of your head with the help of invisible
    hair color.

weaving for short hair

At the end, spray hair with lacquer. However it is not necessary
weaving keeps well all day long even
subject to active sports.

Cute curls

Small curls suitable for shoulder-length hair, they will create
cute, playful image.

curls for short hair

Using the materials at hand, you can create spectacular
afro-curls without hurting your hair.

What is required for such a hairstyle:

  • curling iron with a diameter of 9 mm;
  • glove;
  • hairbrush;
  • hair oil;
  • styler


Treat the tips with oil, wait 20 minutes while it
imbibed. Only then can we proceed to the thermal
perm. Twist fine strands starting from
back of the head. Form the hairstyle with your hands and fix
result styling.

There is a more gentle method of creating such curls. For
you need a large amount of silicone rubber and
cocktail tubes. Twist wet hair into tubes
secure them with rubber bands. With such curlers can
go to bed, and if necessary, dry your head with a hairdryer.

Options for asymmetrical haircuts

For asymmetrical stripes, several options will do.
hairstyles: creative mess and the Hollywood wave.

Curly on the head

The second option can be worn for every day, and
on an important event. The image is combined with any style in

To create a hairstyle for the celebration will require:

  • curling iron with a diameter of 25-33 mm;
  • styling;
  • comb with rare teeth.

asymmetrical haircut for short hair

Carefully comb your hair. Screw them curling,
dividing into fine strands. Disassemble the cooled curls
hands, giving hair the desired shape. Fix the result

Tip! Experiment with the diameter of the curling. So
way, you will have a different hairstyle.

Wet effect

This is one of the most interesting and simple hairstyles, which
can be performed on hair of any length. For
performing this image will require:

  • curling iron with a diameter of 25-33 mm;
  • gel fixer;
  • hairbrush.

Carefully comb your hair and wind it on the curling. Warm up
in the hands of a small amount of gel, apply it to all
hair. Wait until it dries.

This video shows how to make the effect of wet hair and
casual hair style

Wreath of harnesses

Suitable for any event, be it a holiday or a day
birth. No more than 10-15 is spent on its creation.
minutes, so this is a suitable package when it’s time to pack

You will need:

  • hairbrush;
  • styling;
  • invisible.

Wreath of harnesses

Comb your hair, part in the middle of the head. Take
small strand in the area of ​​the forehead, start spinning it, gradually
adding new curls. Fasten the netting at the back with
using stealth. Repeat the same on the other
to the side. So that the hairstyle does not deteriorate during the day, it is plentiful
sprinkle it with varnish.

Make a beautiful evening hairstyle for short hair on the very
it’s easy. Don’t stop at one image, experiment,
surprise! Add some creative to
triumph look irresistible.

This video shows how to make an evening hairstyle for short

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