Top 9 men’s youth haircuts in 2018

Men are increasingly paying closer attention to their
appearance. It’s no secret that grooming attracts
attention of the opposite sex.

One of the most important (if not the most important) parameter of appearance
for men is a haircut. When choosing it, you need to consider
human features to create the most unique and
individual image.

retro style

  • 1 Major current trends
  • 2 Youth hairstyles options
    • 2.1 Canadian
    • 2.2 Boxing and semi boxing
    • 2.3 Tennis
    • 2.4 Classic
    • 2.5 Gavroche
    • 2.6 British
    • 2.7 Underkat
    • 2.8 Military
    • 2.9 Hedgehog
  • 3 Which haircut to choose
  • 4 How to lay and care

Major current trends

Young people are known for free disposition, courage,
creativity. In this regard, there are several trends in the world.
hairdressing, topical for youth
Men’s haircuts:

  1. Sbritye sides, nazatilok and preservation of volume at the crown and
    front end.
  2. “Creative mess”, multi-colored staining.
  3. Super short haircuts also remain popular due to simplicity.
    styling and neat appearance.
  4. Many men make romantic accents, such as
    long curls.
  5. Asymmetry is back in fashion. This choice is often made to
    hide flaws such as long nose, big cheeks.
  6. Retro-style in recent years steadily takes its place and not
    coming down from the peak of popularity. These are smooth partings, smooth bangs,
    which combed back and fixed with special

2018 hairstyles

Youth hairstyles options


Whiskey shave completely, the length at the crown of 3 cm. Good
Looks on any type of hair. Lucky winners so
how the styling process is facilitated.


Boxing and semi boxing

This haircut has become a real classic and has received a huge
recognition because it is simple enough, but at the same time
able to create the image of a confident young man. Will become
ideal for athletes as it does not require
mandatory styling.



This haircut is associated with the image of a successful careerist. She is
looks quite respectable and aristocratic.



Classic is always and everywhere relevant, relevant. The same applies
hairstyles No matter how many trends appear, the benchmark is always
Classic style will remain. The secret of his success is that he
wagon, suitable for different people with different types of hair.



Characterized by long back locks and shortened temples.
and bangs. Her story stretches from Paris. The name went on behalf of
boy in the novel hugo. He wore this hairstyle.



Something reminiscent of a Canadian, shears her hair, more often
all the temples and the back of the head are sheared “to zero.” At the same time, the crown
the part is not trimmed, it remains as long as possible. British
allows you to experiment with images and styles, do
varied staining.



Not particularly different from the previous haircut, it is often with her
confused. But there is a slight difference. Anderkat suggests more
clear lines and borders, sharp contrast of length. Occipital part
can be left as is, and you can shave.



“Military” style. Suitable for young people with a square head,
rough features, strong constitution. Does not require
mandatory complex care, therefore, very popular among men.
Looks particularly advantageous on straight hard hair.



Men’s haircuts for short hair: the most striking example
is a haircut hedgehog. It is characterized by smooth transitions from
short nape and temples to longer crown and bangs.
Gel or wax styling is required so that the strands stick out in different


What haircut to choose

When choosing a haircut, you need to take into account many parameters: type
hair, their structure, length, lifestyle, head shape,
physiological features (protruding ears, long nose, etc.).
Men’s hairstyles for young people and teens are rebellious
note that is also an important aspect when choosing.

Holders of wavy hair fit any haircuts because of their
volume. Long wavy looks great and romantic
strands, but not everyone loves long male hair, so it’s worth being

long hair for men

Do not wear long haircuts for men with oily skin
head, otherwise the hair will look like icicles.

For straight and thin, the best option would be classic
male youth style. For example, “British” or “Hedgehog.”

For curly hair it is possible to vary the standard
Anderkat. Add to this the disheveled effect.
hair, and this image will stand out from the others.

To help determine the choice of haircut will help a hairdresser.
View a few photos on the Internet and show the master
liked, he will tell you the appropriate option.

fashionable men's haircuts

How to lay and care

It is necessary to pack hair with special products that
purchased depending on the type of hair. They can be gel,
mousse, foam, wax, oil, varnish. Comb better use of
natural bristles, designed specifically for laying
(comb brushing).


Hair needs basic care to keep them
healthy condition:

  1. The washing up.
  2. Use conditioner or balm.
  3. Daily combing in the morning and evening with a massage brush.

Important! Choose care products only.
proven professional brands.

Youth men’s haircuts, if they are selected correctly, by
the shape of the head and the type of hair will create an excellent male image.
A well-groomed man will always be popular with women
inspire confidence in others and always be the center of attention.

The video shows how to make a modern stylish haircut for

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