Top best women’s hairstyles in the eyes of men and ranking of the most hated styling

Angelina JolieEvery woman knows
that the best way to emphasize their beauty remains well-groomed
skin and hair. Even the most expensive accessories and trendy outfits.
will not be able to save the messy image with dirty hair. Need to
note that not only women try to look like
attractive. Of course, questions like men like bangs
or not, whether the elongated quads will suit me, how will I look in
the eyes of short-haired men are constantly asking themselves millions
women. After all, all female beauty is designed for men –
her true connoisseurs. Female hairstyles that adore

Hairstyle a la Megan Fox or long disheveled curls

Megan FoxRating the most successful styling
for women in the eyes of men is headed by a hairstyle with long thick
curls that has a slightly careless and disheveled look. Lush
head of hair – a sign of health and beauty of any girl. To make
Such a hairstyle is easy enough if mother nature is from birth
rewarded with thick and elastic hair.

All that is needed is to apply a foam or mousse to wet hair.
give volume and dry them upside down. In order to hair
had a silky sheen, you must use a special spray,
to be applied with care, not getting to the roots

The main thing in creating such an image is lightness and
naturalness, hair should shine and decay when moving,
the presence of light curls is possible. For such a hairstyle is great
fit colored or blond hair that
shimmer with different shades that attracts men yet

Perfectly even and straight hair – a magnet for men

Straight hair with bangsLong hair
always been the pride of any girl, and this is no accident.
Every man subconsciously, seeing a girl with long shiny
hair, sees in her a healthy and fertile woman, since such
hair is not only a sign of beauty, but also of health. What kind
men like hairstyles more, surely they know sexy
owners of a magnificent waterfall of hair. Perfectly even
shiny hair can say a lot about her mistress, making her
more attractive in the eyes of men.

If the hair doesn’t differ from nature in particular smoothness, then this
no problem. You can achieve the stunning effect of a waterfall
using special cosmetics for straightening and

Hair can be washed with shampoo, which has the effect
alignment, and for safety before drying is better to put on them
special serum. After the hair is completely dried,
You can begin to level the curling. Do not forget that
if you bring the curling very close to the roots of your hair, you can lose
part of the volume.

A short multi-level will help to attract the attention of men.
a haircut

short layered haircutAlthough most
men love long-haired beauties, girls with short hair in
their eyes look very sexy and playful. Open shoulders and neck
attract attention and fascinate the views of men who love
enjoy the beauty of the female lines.

A short haircut of several levels will go to any girl who
it would not have the shape of the face or the structure of the hair. Immediately done
emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones stand out favorably.

Make laying multi-level haircut is easy enough, you need
after washing the hair, apply a protective styling spray, which
saves hair from hot air damage. In order to
give this hairstyle charm and elegance, it is recommended to dry
small strands, and the ends at the end straighten curling iron.

The best female hairstyle – sexy tail

hairIt would seem that
simple hairstyle – collected hair in the tail, and has a lot
variants and varieties that can complement absolutely
opposite images. However, it is worth noting that hairstyles,
men like the most of the “collected” options –
This is a low tail on the side and high on the crown.

Owners of long, evenly trimmed hair will be
easy and simple to create a unique image by making a low tail with
one of the sides. Easily hide the flaws of the face contour will help
it is this styling that is why men will only see what
need to.

The high tail on the top of the head is also a type of laying,
who drove more than one man crazy. Matched hair make
emphasis on facial features, emphasizing the expressiveness of the eyes and beauty
lips The hair in the tail can be perfectly straight or in the form
large curls – it looks equally attractive to all

Rating of the most disliked male women’s hairstyles

With hairstyles that men like, everything is clear, but there are
also the ranking of the most hated styling, which instead of
attract, only repel men.

Tabu number 1 – too short haircut

very short female haircutToo short haircut “under
“can be a fashionable trend, but do not rush into
pool with the head and run to the hairdresser to “fool.”

It is important to know that not all girls go such haircuts, especially
that they have a more playful perky tone than a feminine and

Many men want to be with a gorgeous woman, and not
teenage boy, so most likely will pay attention to
a long-haired lady than the owner of a pixie haircut.

Taboo number 2 – bun or sloppy beam

sloppy bunch of hair

Taboo number 2 – bun or sloppy beam

sloppy bunch of hairShaggy hair, carelessly
bundled, more like the image of an old teacher,
than an attractive young lady. What kind of hair do men like?
so it is definitely not tangled and dirty.

Too tight bun at the back of the head can look strictly and
elegant but not gentle and sexy, so often men are not
pay attention to these girls. Although it is worth noting that only
the daily wearing of such a hairstyle annoys men, they are generally not
against bunch or gulki, but only as one of

Taboo number 3 – chemistry or African braids

There are so many different hair styling options for
young girls that perm with a very pronounced aggressive
effect in men is more commonly associated with retired women.

Soft curls do not belong here, we are talking about elastic curls with
small diameter – this hairstyle does not cause men anything,
except associations with a clown from McDonalds.

African pigtails also fell out of favor, and with them
dreadlocks. Hair that looks unnatural, do not comb,
cause only disgust in men.

Taboo number 4 – a lot of jewelry and plenty of varnish

Women's hairstyle with ornamentsWhat female hairstyles like
men – so it is without a lot of jewelry and abundant
varnish mass. Wooden tows that have a non-natural look,
only annoy men. And the presence of a large number of hairpins and
rezinochek more suitable for little girls than girls
the older ones who want to like men.

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