Top Dyes for Gray Hair Rating

Many women perceive gray hair
as a sign of old age. However, gray hair is also found in young
age (for example, at 30 and even 20 years). This phenomenon directly
associated with the production of a coloring substance – melanin (or rather, with
its disadvantage), causes and treatment can be completely

Surprised girl with gray hair

To solve the problem, the cosmetic industry offers
various hair dyes that paint over gray hair (as
chemical – from well-known brands, and natural
origin). What paint to choose and what should be paid
Attention? What means can be used as natural

What paint paint over gray hair

The content of the article:

  • What paint paint over gray hair
  • Rating of paints for gray hair TOP 10
  • Bezammiachnaya paint for gray hair
  • How to paint over gray hair at home
  • What to do if the paint does not take gray hair
  • Coloring gray hair with natural products
  • Video on how to paint the gray hair at home
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When choosing a hair dye, consider the following

  • For 100% gray paint coverage, it is desirable that
    funds included ammonia (or substitute) and 6-9% oxide. This
    recommendation is especially relevant for owners of tough
  • The thicker the hair structure, the higher should be the concentration
    dye and oxide percentage.
  • If the amount of gray hair is approximately
    50% of the total mass and in themselves they are bright
    shade (blonde, light brown, reddish), preference should be given
    lighter shades. This will avoid
    the need for frequent staining of the roots.
  • If the gray completely covers the head,
    recommended staining in even lighter
    tones on which regrown gray roots do not stand out.
  • If the hair has a dark color from nature and
    This percentage of gray hair is small, you should take advantage
    a darker shade of paint.

Important! The sparing (bezammiachnye) paints are washed away
faster than ammonia.

Rating of paints for gray hair TOP 10

The most popular paints are the following brands:

  1. Capus for gray hair – to the main
    The advantages of this brand include naturalness (included in
    cocoa butter, hydrolyzed silk and keratins) and a large selection
    shades (for every taste and needs). Capus does not contain
    annoying components and perfectly paints gray strands.
    Paint Capus for hairThe disadvantages include the following
    Features: relatively quickly washed off, has a pungent smell,
    the resulting shade does not always coincide with that indicated in the palette.
    Paint can be purchased at a price of 200
  2. Kutrin – among the advantages is to highlight her.
    high level of resistance (the effect lasts up to 2 months), 100%
    painting gray hair, no unpleasant smell
    there are flavors), the minimum content of harmful
    components and the presence of a large color palette (for light curls
    – from caramel to golden tones, for dark ones – from ashy to
    graphite black). paint kutrinAmong the shortcomings worth highlighting: high
    cost, inaccessibility (paint is not sold in normal
    cosmetic stores, because it belongs to the category
    professional). The average price is 500 rubles.
  3. Estelle – to the positive characteristics can
    carry a rich palette of shades, high-quality staining
    gray hair, make hair shine. Estelle for gray hair Disadvantages users
    include: the presence in the composition of harmful substances (which harms curls),
    paints in the wrong shade that is stated on the package (in some
    cases), quickly washed off. Price – 300
  4. Igora – the paint is different profitable
    benefits, for example, up to 100% gray hair covers, has
    rich in brightness and color fastness, has a large palette
    shades, fully consistent with the patterns in the palette. igora paint for gray hair Among the shortcomings worth
    note unpleasant pungent smell. Price – from 400
  5. Matrix – to the advantages of this brand
    users attribute almost complete gray paint,
    gentle hair care, a large selection of shades. Matrix Hair DyeDisadvantages: quickly washed off,
    provokes hair loss (in some cases). Price from
    340 rubles.
  6. Londa (for stubborn gray hair) – this cream paint
    perfect stains on unyielding gray hair and helps
    restore their texture (for better absorption of the coloring
    composition). Also among the benefits should highlight the versatility and
    color fastness (up to 8 weeks), as well as shade matching
    indicated on the packaging. paint for stubborn gray LondaDisadvantages: limited
    palette of tones, a small amount of packaging (one pack is enough only
    for short hair). Price – 170 rubles.
  7. American crew – the main advantages
    This paint, designed for men, are color fastness
    (up to 4-6 weeks), ease of use, short exposure time
    (5 minutes), tone completely corresponds to a color palette, means
    good paint over gray hair. American crew paint for gray hairDisadvantages: relatively
    high price. Price – 1300 rubles.
  8. L’Oreal – to the advantages of this brand
    100% gray color, brightness and color fastness are counted,
    gentle hair care (contains vitamin E and
    lavender oil), has a large palette of shades. L'Oreal for gray hair Disadvantages: slightly dries
    hair (according to some users). Price – 350
  9. Schwarzkopf – the advantages of paint include it
    ease of use, effective gray paint, brightness
    and color fastness, full compliance with the package
    tone, does not cause irritation of the scalp. Schwarzkopf paint Disadvantages: presence in the composition
    ammonia. Price – from 350 rubles.
  10. Concept (a tool to restore the color of gray
    hair) – the product of this brand is designed specifically for
    men. The main advantages are 80% staining
    Gray hair, natural color restoration (looks natural),
    makes hair shine. concept from gray hairDisadvantages: quickly washed off, not
    paints gray hair on the temples. Price – 160

Attention! Specialists before the dyeing procedure
recommend conducting a small test for an allergic reaction. For
This must be mixed 1 tsp. coloring agent with 1 tsp.
identifier and mix. Next, the tool should be applied to thin
strand (for example, near the ear) and leave for 20-30 minutes, after which
rinse with water. If after 24 hours the scalp turns red and
will begin to itch, the use of this paint is unacceptable. If
everything is in order – there is no allergy to paint.

Bezammiachnaya paint for gray hair

Ammonia-free paints contain more benign substances in the composition, in
Unlike those with ammonia. To them

  • Olia – contains natural oils, carefully
    cares for hair, 100% colors gray hair. Price from
    300 rubles. Olia hair color
  • LOreal – perhaps one of the highest quality and
    effective paints (without ammonia), which is not only completely
    paints over gray hair, but also has a careful effect on the hair and
    scalp. Price – from 350-380 rubles. L'Oreal hair dye
  • Natulique – organic ammonia-free paint,
    Good coloring gray hair. The composition of the product includes
    natural organic oils. The remedy has no unpleasant
    smell and makes hair shine. Price – from 1000

How to paint over gray hair at home

Hair coloring at home

When dyeing hair at home, you must comply with the following

  • Products without ammonia are applicable only in case
    a small amount of gray hair.
  • For brittle hair suitable dyes with 3% oxidant.
  • You can add visual volume to your hair with the help of light
    coloring tones.
  • For thinning hair, it is necessary to select only light shades.
    Otherwise, skin may shine through the hair.
  • If there is a lot of gray hair and the hair has not been dyed before, you can
    lighten them by 1-2 tones.
  • The process of dyeing gray hair lasts longer in time and
    takes about 40 minutes.

Paint over gray hair with chemical dyes at home
in two ways:

  1. Pigmentation method – dye mixed with
    water and applied to gray strands (to saturate the pigment). Then
    you must wait 20 minutes and proceed to staining the rest
    hair pieces.
  2. Method “Bristle mixture” – for cooking
    mixtures need to take 2 times more dye, and the oxidant should
    be at least 9%. The mixture is applied to the gray areas of the strands and can
    Immediately proceed to coloring the bulk of the hair.

What to do if the paint does not take gray hair

If the paint does not paint over gray hair, then you should try one
of the following hair preparation methods:

  • Pre-pigmentation – special is applied to the strands.
    permanent dye (Prepigment from Schwarzkopf, Pre-Color Farma
    Vita and others.). If the paint is selected in a dark shade (as
    basics), for pre-pigmentation, you will need a dye to tone darker. AT
    The case with a light shade is a lighter tone. If gray
    present only at the temples or at the roots
    only the problem area is pigmented. After 20
    minutes hair carefully combed (but not washed off). Now you can
    apply the main paint. After this procedure, gray hair
    sneak much faster.
  • Mordansage – loosening the cuticle in front
    staining (for easier penetration of the coloring matter in
    hair structure). This will require a dye: for medium
    hair – 3% oxidant, for hard – 6%. Oxidizer neatly applied
    on gray hair and after 10-15 minutes they wipe hair
    towel and lightly dry without washing. Can now be applied
    paint and then proceed according to the standard scheme.

Note! Choose one of
of the above methods can be experimentally (to
example, on inconspicuous strands). But it is better to turn to
a professional

Coloring gray hair with natural products

Coffee and Basma

In addition to aggressive chemicals, you can try gray hair
paint over one of the popular ways:

  • Painting with coffee is excellent
    suitable brunettes. This will require 3 cups of warm coffee (without
    milk and sugar) put on hair and sit in the sun for about an hour,
    then wash off in the usual way. The procedure must be repeated.
    every day for several weeks.
  • Coloring with henna and basma – you need to start
    correctly determine the proportions of the two
    Separately, their use on gray hair is not recommended). Than
    the more henna, the more red the shade will be. The more basmy, so he
    will be darker (closer to black). Before full staining
    It is necessary to experiment on a small order. It will save
    from undesirable consequences. Then you can proceed
    directly to staining: having defined the proportions of henna and
    Basmas, the mixture should be evenly distributed on the hair and
    wait 40 minutes or longer (depending on the thickness of the hair,
    thick stained more slowly) .More details about hair coloring
    henna and basma

Important! Henna and Basma staining can
Use only if the gray hair is not very much
(up to 30%). In other cases, the use of these funds.
contraindicated. because the output can be poisonous
indelible color.

Dyeing gray hair is quite time-consuming and energy-consuming.
process, especially when there are too many of them (more than 50%). Therefore, to
the choice of paint (chemical or natural) should be approached with
all responsibility, choosing the best (in quality, durability
colors, graying efficiency, etc.).

It is better, of course, to turn to a specialist who does not
It will only help to correctly choose the shade, but it will also save
finances and time. It is also important to remember that it is not always a shade,
indicated on the package will correspond to the final

Therefore, before the staining procedure is recommended
small tests (on thin strands of hair). It will give
the ability to determine the shade in advance and will allow further
avoid unnecessary trouble.

In addition, gray hair can be colored, highlights, do
different hairstyles, do not stop at one thing.

Video on how to paint the gray hair at home


  • L’oréal 22%, 31 votes 31 votes 22% 31 votes – 22% of all
  • ESTEL 20%, 28 votes 28 votes 20% 28 votes – 20% of all
  • Londa 13%, 19 votes 19 votes 13% 19 votes – 13% of all
  • Kapous 13%, 19 votes 19 votes 13% 19 votes – 13% of all
  • Igora 8%, 12 votes 12 votes 8% 12 votes – 8% of all
  • Schwarzkopf 7%, 10 votes 10 votes 7% 10 votes – 7% of
    all votes
  • Matrix 6%, 9 votes 9 votes 6% 9 votes – 6% of all
  • Cutrin 4%, 5 votes 5 votes 4% 5 votes – 4% of all
  • elgon * 4%, 5 votes 5 votes 4% 5 votes – 4% of
    all votes
  • Concept 2%, 3 votes 3 votes 2% 3 votes – 2% of all
  • Koleston perfect * 1%, 1 vote 1 vote 1% 1 vote –
    1% of all votes
  • American crew 0%, 0 votes 0 votes 0 votes – 0% of all

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