Top wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding hairstyle is chosen for the style of the wedding, face type and
hair length Consider wedding styling for medium hair.

To choose an image for your celebration, you need to study the form

  • For the rectangular face fit hairstyle masking strands
  • Chubby go bundles and tall braided structures on
  • To the triangular face stylists advise combing slanting
  • The correct oval is ideal for any option.

wedding styling for medium hairStill great importance
has hair color.

The braids emphasize the overflow of color, the rustic style braids,
that look a little bit just look better on light

Dark-haired is more regal that can create
high and low bunches on the head.

In the process of creating a wedding hairstyle hairdresser stylist
uses varnish and curling. It is important to understand the more curls on
head, the more styling means for shaping it uses
master. If the hair is tightly braided and tied in a bun, then
You can do almost no varnish.

In the wedding fashion accessories are very important – now popular
hairstyles with diadems, flowers, wreaths, with and without a veil.

Any bride can choose the image that suits her
and make the celebration different and unforgettable.

  • 1 braids
    • 1.1 French braid
    • 1.2 Plain braid
    • 1.3 Fishtail
    • 1.4 Flower from hair
    • 1.5 French waterfall
    • 1.6 Greek Spit
    • 1.7 Spit around the head
    • 1.8 Weaving
  • 2 Bundle
    • 2.1 High beam
    • 2.2 Low bulk beam
    • 2.3 Bundled curls
  • 3 High styling
  • 4 shell
  • 5 babette
  • 6 hair bow
  • 7 Curls and loose hair
    • 7.1 Curls in the style of boho
  • 8 Hairstyles with a veil
  • 9 Hairstyles with wreaths
  • 10 Hairstyles with bangs
  • 11 retro waves
  • 12 Flowers in hair
  • 13 Greek styling
  • 14 Malvina
  • 15 Hairstyles with pearls


The variety of types of weaving is amazing. However, not all
Braid types are used in wedding fashion. After all, weaving on
the wedding should be luxurious, some pigtails look
too modest and reminiscent of school years.

French braid

French braid for a weddingHairdressers actively
use the French braid as an element of hair
for the bride.

For example, in the hairstyle in the photo on the left curls curled and braid
intended for their formation.

And in the photo below the spit goes through the entire volume of the head, it becomes
even imperceptibly, that the face is triangular, the framing of a braid creates
soft oval, and oblique bangs emphasizes the cheekbones.

frame head oblique

Spit, turning into a beautiful beam under the nape looks gentle and
romantic Neat weaving in hairline looks
tracery Laying created on curled curls.

wedding braid beam

Sometimes the braid is braided a little carelessly, leaving it hanging down.
short curls.

Plain braid

The usual three-strand braid can also frame the head, here
it is one of the elements of the structure, emphasizing the occurrence
beautiful curls.

The photo below shows a great wedding option.
hairstyles on medium hair for round face, visually
pulling the silhouette, making the face more noble.

wedding braid

This braid braids from the hairline, the usual 3
strands, strands are woven into it for fixation, at the bottom of the braid
wrapped, in the number of turns, which allows the length.
Hair neat and very sculptural.

Fish tail

fishtail braidsThe fish tail is a volumetric spit with a small

A simple braid on its side looks simple and can be used.
for a boho wedding.

However, for medium hair, a fishtail looks better.
laid in different forms on the head.

  • Braided from the top, wrapped in a low bun. It looks
    very laced and gives the opportunity to decorate the weaving with flowers.
  • Braid fishtail braid hairline. It makes a shape
    heads more sculptural, allows you to create an emphasis on the eyes and
    cheekbones. The remaining hair can be laid in the form of curls.

braid fishtail wedding hairstyle

Hair flower

Complex patterns of braids wrapped around the head are possible
to any length, in some cases a hairdresser may
use artificial strands. With the help of braids from the hair can
weave interesting structures, such as a flower from the hair.

This type of styling can look with loose curls,
Especially, if they are beautifully melirovanny.

French waterfall

Brides, not sure that they have high structures on their head,
can highlight the beauty of their long curls with
French is one of the most popular wedding styles.

french waterfallIt is very beautiful and not complicated in
performing hairstyle.

On straight hair for a wedding it does not.

On the curls – the more common wedding option looks
gracefully, blonde gives levity.

Hairdresser first curls curls, and then weaves one
cross braid, weaving into it strands from the top and from the shovels of hair. AT
A braid can be used to inject hairpins with flowers and beads. At medium length
looks charming.

Greek braid

Greek braid – a luxurious styling of curls, which is accepted
do long hair. When choosing a hairstyle for medium hair,
the hairdresser will suggest using overhead strands that
stabbed on the back of the head, their shade is selected lighter than natural
to create an ombre effect.

Greek braid for wedding

Greek braid gives the bride a regal look like any
hairstyles with a diadem, it can be decorated with flowers.
Hairstyle complicated in execution.

  1. First, the hairdresser corrupts the entire length of the hair to create
  2. Then curls curls curling and stabs them.
  3. In a bizarre way pulling curls, the master forms
    Greek braid, using varnish to create a form.

The Greek braid is often made to the side.

Greek braid on its side

Braid around the head

Spit-crown is formed from the side, a thick scythe begin to circle
around the head, weaving locks for fixation. Such a simple styling
can choose women with the correct face shape and small

braid around the head for the wedding


Weaving begins with the division of the head into separate zones.
Pre-crimped hair from different zones are pushed through
each other under the darning method.

wedding hairstyle with weaving

The weaving technique is very complicated, but it turns out very beautiful.
openwork hairstyles. Weaving is not a braid, but arbitrary
twisted strands on your head. Very rare and elegant image.

In this video tutorial in detail and gradually describes the difficult
hairstyle on medium hair, which can be suitable as the most
Bride and bridesmaid:


There are several options that can be formed.
on medium hair.

High beam

Royal option to demonstrate become
brunette. The blonde with such hair will look very
stylish, although this type of installation gives less overflow
colors on the strands, but suitable monochrome tone. Better fit
strict closed dress with long sleeves. To make
simple high beam:

  1. Hair collected in a ponytail and slightly weaken them
  2. Divide the tail into strands.
  3. Each strand of ponytail combed out, turned out and
    making fun of invisible

The average hair length is the most convenient option for this, since
strands are not very long and are wrapped in one turn. Wedding look
purchased by tiara.

wedding styling with beam

Low bulk bundle

Low beam covering the neck makes the back visually more
even and gives a regal bearing. Hairdressers use when
creating hairstyle roller, which is attached to the back of the head.

low volume bundle

The creative beam is made in the technique of harnesses, where each strand
curled with a cord, pulled out and stabbed with a pin. For
Jewelry used hairpin. You can curl your temples or
along the forehead.

Watch a video tutorial in which a walkthrough on how to
make hairstyle a low bun with a roller on the hair medium

Bundled curls

bunch on curlsBlondes and fair-haired are better to make a bunch
from the curls, which will give tenderness and romanticism.

High beam can be formed from short

Technique of creation:

  1. Part of the hair at the crown is tied with a tail.
  2. Divided into strands, the tail curls into curls.
  3. The remaining strands are curled in the same way.
  4. A roller is put on the tail.
  5. Curled strands are punctured onto a roller, so that only
  6. The bottom strands lift, wrap with a tourniquet and puncture
    invisible under the bundle.

The bundle can be performed both neatly and with drop-downs.
careless strands.

The low beam can also be fixed on the side, the principle
the formation is the same, only the tail for the creation is done on

High styling

High volume styling is achieved thanks to the corrugation and pile
the upper part of the head, under the pile hair gather in the tail,
which is further removed in a high or low beam.

high beam to the wedding

High pile top can be in the presence of bangs.

Wool panty top and high beam to medium
hair is possible when using the roller and overhead strands.


Bridal hairstyle “shell” – conservative and elegant
styling that will give a royal grace. Looks spectacular on
dark monochrome hair, often without a veil.

Packing option:

shell with pile

From the shell can be released curls and curled, laid on top.
Oblique fringe will go to the owners of wide cheekbones and full lips.

seashells with oblique bangs


This is a high hairstyle that Audrey Hepburn loved.

The most elegant look on straight hair.

Technique of creating babette

  1. Straight hair is collected in a ponytail.
  2. Divided into strands, two pin with hairpins, all strands
    combed in layers and varnished, stabbed invisible on
    back of the head.

On liquid hair babette can be formed using tulle,
lightweight fabric that is pinned to the tail and wrapped around it

Babette looks on women with a straight face and straight
short nose.

wedding babetta

Babette can be wrapped kositsy, natural or

Hair bow

The bow can be formed on babette. From bulk kichki
three rather narrow locks are taken, they are combed, poured with varnish,
comb and form a bow of them, pinning up stealth or

a bow of hair for the wedding

The bow can be an independent structure.

Curls and loose hair

curls with flowersOpportunities for the formation of curls of any
volume of great variety.

Hairdressers use curlers, curling irons.

Any hair color on the curls looks great.

To give a curly, flowing hair shape stylist
uses liquid varnish, studs and stealth, thanks to this
hairstyle lasts at least 24 hours.

Top decoration options:

  • direct parting,
  • bouffant in front
  • side parting.

loose hair for wedding styling

Boho curls

Loose hair in the style of boho can be decorated with a rim or
pigtail. A special feature is stylish negligence.

boho curls

Wedding hairstyles for medium length boho hair can
to be not only loose hair, as demonstrated in this
video tutorial:

Hairstyles with a veil

Veil is:

  • single tier with a pattern
  • bunk,
  • short
  • long, with
  • veil
  • multi-colored.

The veil should be fixed on the hair so that it is not carried away.
by the wind.

Beautiful wedding hairstyles for medium hair with a veil are created
by fastening with hairpins, pins, comb.

Mounting veils on Babette creates a beautiful combination of hair and
fabric, and fastening it under babette allows you to lower the veil on

Babette with a veil

A veil with a comb and embroidery can be pinned like a bundle on
curls, and to loose hair.


Veil on the side of the Greek braid does not hide the magnificence

The veil looks very affectionately, which can come to any
hairstyle with a bunch.


Hairstyles with wreaths

Wreaths are used for weddings:

  • in ethnic style
  • in the style of boho,
  • beach weddings
  • in country style.

The wreath should be from natural flowers. Wreath is attached
hairpins to hairstyle.

To a large wreath go long curls better.

hairstyle with a wreath

A loose hairstyle can be decorated with a wreath of small flowers.

wedding styling with flowers

The hippie style suggests a wreath of large flowers and leaves,
curls may look sloppy.

Hairstyles with bangs

If the bride has bangs that suits her, then she is not necessarily
clean up the hairstyle. Any wedding hairstyle can be
made with bangs. However fits best in any
style slanting volume bangs smoothly flowing into the main

Short oblique bangs emphasize a sharp chin and highlight

wedding hairstyle with oblique bangs

Straight bangs are also acceptable, but it goes far from everyone, here
stylist advice will help, whether to leave such a bang. The best thing
with straight bangs look smooth hair.

high styling with straight bangs

Wedding stylists love to let short curls on the edge
face lines.

Wedding hairstyle with bangs

Retro waves

The effect of retro waves, fashionable in the 20-30s, hairdressers create

  1. Strands are wound on a large curling iron.
  2. Comb before the formation of a small wave.
  3. The perpendicular position of the curling in relation to the strand is created
  4. For durability pour styling varnish.

Such a wave can be made on 2-3 strands remaining
wrapped in a bun.

retro styling

A stylish modern option is the retro wave on the square.

Fashionable option – retro waves on a bob car.

retro bob-wave waves

Flowers in hair

Hairstyles with flowers look very tender on brides:

flowers in hairFor colors designed for styling
wire with ribbon is attached so that it can be easily inserted
in shock and tie the flowers together.

Most often brides use:

  • roses,
  • lilies.

Colors: white, pastel colors, red.

Charming hairstyle with weaving, a bunch on curls and
a rose.

Greek styling

Antique styling is achieved by wrapping the braid.
or ribbons around the hair, braided golden rim.

In the Greek style weaving and high beams are actively used.
on the curls.

You can braid the French braid from the top of your head and release the curls with
back of the head.

headbands in the hair

Curls formed by flagella and pinned with heels
or ribbon around the head. As well as the Greek style is the hair,
closing ears, tucked into a bun. A tiara, flowers, and
other decorations.

decorations for wedding hairstyles


Optimal for a wedding for medium hair looks styling
Malvina This is a simple combination of curls with a bow of hair, babette
or just a hairpin.

laying malvina

Hairstyles with pearls

Pearls are used for decoration, both natural and

    • On threads
    • On the heels

hairstyles with pearls

    • On hairpins;

decoration for wedding hairstyle

  • On the crest.

decoration on the ridge

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