Traditional Japanese hairstyles and modern interpretations

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Japan is flowers
Sakura and a charming geisha with an intricate hairstyle that
is an art that requires a lot of time and effort.

traditional Japanese hairstyle

It’s hard to imagine how to wear all this luxury every day,
therefore, such hairstyles are now made only for celebrations,
wedding ceremonies and trips to the theater. In the country
of the rising sun their creation is done by specially trained

  • 1 Traditional Japanese hairstyle in a modern version
  • 2 Youth culture
  • 3 Manga & Anime Hairstyle
    • 3.1 Japanese-style hairstyles for girls to school
    • 3.2 Short and medium hair
    • 3.3 How to make a modern Japanese hairstyle for a girl
  • 4 How to make a hairstyle with chopsticks yourself
  • 5 Hairstyle, like a Japanese geisha
  • 6 Traditional Japanese hairstyles for girls in modern and
    classic options
  • 7 Hairstyles for every day
    • 7.1 Bun with kanzashi
    • 7.2 Vintage Style
  • 8 Hairstyles in the style of the X – XII centuries
    • 8.1 Hyogo style
    • 8.2 Katsuyama Style
    • 8.3 Shimada Style Hairstyle
    • 8.4 Kogai-Maga hairstyle
  • 9 Men’s hairstyles

Traditional Japanese hairstyle in a modern version.

As for everyday life, hairstyles in Japanese topics
divided into several directions, but retained the general trend:
they all carry a part of the solemn image,
supplemented with decorations in the form of scallops, sticks and
pins If it is supposed to do laying on the basis
bundles or nodes, it is necessary to have long or at least
shoulder length hair. Owners of curls of medium and short length too
can afford a trendy japanese hairstyle.

Japanese hairstyle

Regardless of the length of the hair, styling in the Japanese style
characterized by the presence of bangs or free side
strands. Bangs may be different in length and shape: often
choose oblique or elongated, which covers half of the face. This
Detail of the image allows you to draw attention to the eyes. In traditional
laying used special ribbons with wire inside.

Youth culture

Japanese love for anime and manga style books reflected on
youth fashion, touching and head of hair. Girls paint the strands in bright,
and sometimes unbelievable shades: pink, blue, blond, green,

In order not to damage the hair during dyeing, often
use wigs. Complement the image of cartoon characters
false eyelashes and bright makeup. To maintain similarities with
favorite characters and be creative, you have to constantly
tint hair paint or chalk.

Help: this style is popular like girls,
and boys.

Manga and anime hairstyle

anime hairstyle

The most popular among the younger generation is the hairstyle in
anime style.

Distinctive features:

  • poisonous hair color;
  • the combination of loose and bunched curls, twisted
    on the outside or inside;
  • torn bangs;
  • pigtails;
  • tails;
  • cascading haircuts.

These hairstyles are suitable for young people with
proportional features. Length is allowed different:
from bean to long curls. The styling technique is complemented by the most
extravagant options and decorations, even origami.

Japanese style hairstyles for girls to school

hame hairstyle

For schoolgirls are considered more suitable all kinds of tails,
gulki. Making them is not difficult. Need to split hair upright
parting, tie the tails higher, and then twist the bundles of them and
secure them with thin rubber bands. Gulki can decorate
bows, bright hairpins or ribbons.

Also suitable hairstyle in the style of Him, repeating the image
Japanese Lolita. To do this, long curls cheat,
combed or braided into a pigtail. Decorate with a hoop or
decorative bandage. To create any of them requires
asymmetric haircut with ragged edges and thick bangs, and
bright hair color. Any length is suitable: even a bean or a square. Can
paint individual strands in different colors.

for medium hair

For short and medium hair

Medium-length hair can also be styled in Japanese style. WITH
they are even easier to handle in the styling, and the images are more
bright. Hair at the top can be laid in a fluffy hat, and the lower strands
leave uncool.

For short lengths, the most famous haircut is the bob.
in its different variations. A square with shorn
nape and elongated oblique bangs. Long strands can be
sent both to the side and back. The haircuts are convenient because
almost do not require styling, therefore, are popular among

How to make a modern Japanese hairstyle for a girl

Japanese hairstyle to school

To perform complex and beautiful styling you need to arm
comb to create a pile, transparent hairpins and elastic bands.
Separate hair from bangs, braid in braids, and twist
them in the form of a snail, securing hairpins. Remaining loose curls
curl with forceps.

And if on the same principle to separate the strands, but slightly higher, and
curl triangular shape, you get a playful hairstyle
called “cat ears.” The remaining hair must be collected in two.
tail, if desired, screw, and the “ears” fasten varnish.

Another option for creating a Japanese image is a long one.
straight bangs in combination with slightly curled hair.


The next hairstyle is based on a high beam and separated from
bangs strands on the sides. Using a donut or roller from the tail
form a volume beam. Bangs straighten and laid on its side, and
released locks smeared with modeling gel to give shape
and shine. At will it is possible to decorate with hairpins or flowers.

How to make a hairstyle with chopsticks yourself

When it comes to Japanese hairstyles, it immediately comes to mind
construction with chopsticks. You can make this styling in several
options. First you need to collect the tail and fix it
rubber band. Then twist it into a bundle until it turns out a bun. Her
need to be fixed invisible with hidden ends and
Insert sticks perpendicular to each other.

Hairstyle, like a Japanese geisha

geisha hairstyle

Creating such a complex hairstyle like a geisha requires a lot
time, strength and patience. To keep hair from falling out due to
frequent styling, modern geisha began to use wigs and
hairpieces. To make hair shine apply a special lipstick and
oils. Wax helps keep hair shape.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The hair is divided into four parts: on the sides, on the crown and
    back of the head.
  2. Then the strands are combed to give volume, and collected in one
  3. It is separated by a horizontal parting and form a beam.
    The final appearance of the hair looks rounded, strictly. She should not
  4. Complementary styling studs, chopsticks and combs.

Traditional Japanese hairstyles for girls in modern and
classic options

Japanese hairstyles

In olden days in Japan, the type of styling spoke about social status
person The higher and harder it is, the higher the class. Female
the hairstyle was multi-layered, gathered from several bunches. For their
forming took pads or soft rollers that
wrapped in hair and thus gave volume. All kinds of
the crests acted as retainer and decor.

The most famous classic styling was considered

  1. Kepatzu. She comes from China. Hair on the back of the head
    they were strung together in the tail, and in the front lay in an unusual way.
  2. Tarigami – not typical for the Japanese hairstyle in
    the form of flowing long hair.
  3. Geeky. Looks like two wings
    located on the sides. The remaining hair is fastened with ribbons and

hairy geek

Today’s trends dictate their terms. It is hard to imagine
women with such a complex multi-layer styling, but in the current
hairstyles can still see the Japanese style. For example,
tied hair, decorated with a ribbon. Or bundled
curls twisted on a bagel. The mods have priority on thick bangs
with torn edges and a variety of color palette strands.

Hairstyles for every day

Popular hairstyle quads of various lengths. Front strands or
bangs can be wrapped in bundles and secure invisible.
Gulk is the easiest option to install.

Bun with kanzashi

Another kind of bundle using kanzashi sticks, which
do on the washed dry hair. The bun is perfect for strands with even
cut. In any part of the head, they tie the tail and fold it in
harness around the gum, then fasten the kanzashi. At the temples you can
Leave flowing strands.

bun with kanzashi

Vintage style

It can be used not only every day, but also on holidays. Everything
hair is attracted to the top of the head, combed and smoothed with a gel for
smoothness and shine. Then form a bundle and fix studs. On
holiday hairstyle can be decorated with flowers or a hairpin with rhinestones and
hanging parts.

Watch a video on how to make a bundle in a minute using Japanese

Hairstyles in the style of X – XII centuries

At that time, long curls were appreciated. Some women have them
reached the ankles. Watch for such a hair yourself
it was difficult, the maids did it. But only could know herself
allow luxurious hair. Simple girls hid their curls under
pieces of fabric, twisting them in bunches.

Help: in the period of civil wars, at the end
XII century, the beauty of the hair of Japanese women faded. Had to
wear simple hairstyles and use ribbons that
intercepted hair. The length of the hair was becoming shorter.


Hyogo’s style

The name came from the name of the courtesan who invented the hairstyle. Everything
the hair was gathered in a high tail, and the strands around it were folded in
loop, imitating a bunch. This technique is used today.

Katsuyama style

Hairstyle came from the XVII century, when horse tails came into vogue.
It is performed in the same way as the previous one, but here the hair is bent
down, forming a loop, and fix the chopsticks and ribbons.

Shimada Style Hairstyle

shimada style

Appeared at the end of the XVI century. The basis is the same Japanese
tail, only loop laid out forward, the middle was fixed to
the base of the beam, and the ends were hidden near the tail under the tape.

Kogai Mage hairstyle

Kogai – sticks made of tortoise shell or expensive
tree. The hairstyle appeared when they still did not know the crests or
barrettes, and only married women could afford it.
Stacking can be done in two ways.

To make the hair, hair is collected in the tail. At the base
insert sticks. From the tail do a loop to the back of the head, and the tips
wrapped around claws, “drawing” eight.

Men’s hairstyles

male hairstyle

Unlike Japanese samurai hairstyle in modern styling
focus on bangs. It must be thick and
profiled The length can be medium or up to the chin.
Popular bangs with torn edges. Such hairstyles
Suitable for fair skinned boys and boys.

When choosing an image in the Japanese style, it is worth distinguishing
hairstyle in the historical spirit and styling with modern trends in
anime or mage that is more European
style Preference is given to simple, not requiring much
time hairstyles that allow you to look bright and

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