Treatment and care for thinning hair

Thin hair

All women dream of magnificent curls, but each person has
hair has its own characteristics.

For example, thick braids are often overly heavy and
dryness, which greatly complicates the process of building hairstyles. Thin
hair becomes dirty quickly, turning into dull “icicles”.

The current mass of cosmetics, of course,
able to improve the situation, but in some cases they
not enough – thin hair treatment is required. It’s necessary,
when they are damaged, weakened, and thinning is not associated with
aging process. You can restore the beauty of the curls by resorting to
professional services, and independently, in home

Causes of thinning and weakening hair

The content of the article:

  • Causes of thinning and weakening hair
  • How can help thin hair in the salon?
  • Possibilities of care for thin hair at home

By nature, hair is thin only in 10% of women, the rest
violation of their structure due to various reasons:

  • Chemical and mechanical effects – the main factors
    affecting the condition of the hair;
  • Heredity, manifestations of which can also be adjusted
    proper care for curls;
  • Exposure to high temperatures: frequent use of a hair dryer,
    electric pliers, use hot water when washing your head, long
    exposure to the sun, in hot shops, excessive passion
  • Frequent hairdressing procedures: highlighting, chemical
    perm, dyeing, etc .;
  • Improper care;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Bad habits;
  • Diseases of the internal organs;
  • Constant stress;
  • Avitaminosis.

Vitamins essential for healthy hair:

Vitamin Act Consequences of lack Products that contain Daily rate for women
E Antioxidant, supports the immune system in tone. Vision problems, muscle pain. Milk, butter, eggs, herbs, liver, etc. 10 mg
WITH Antioxidant, the production of collagen – a building material for
hair, nails, skin.
Thinning hair, dry skin, nose bleeding. Lemon, wild rose, sweet and hot pepper, black currant,
ramson and so on.
70 mg
H (biotin) Participation in exchange processes. Depression, nausea, drowsiness, dry skin, growth impairment
Nuts, kidneys, liver, yeast and so on. 50 mcg

According to the science of trichology, hair treatment depends largely on
additional introduction to the diet of vitamins and minerals. ( Overview
vitamins useful for hair) Dandruff and dry scalp –
a symptom of zinc deficiency, which can even lead to partial
hair loss Iron deficiency leads to thinning hair and
anemia. Proper diet to improve hair condition should
compiled by a nutritionist. In addition, you need to remember
that a healthy person a day should drink at least 2 liters of clean

How can help thin hair in the salon?

Most beauty salons use help for the weak.
hair specialized means: energy and healing
shampoos, serums, capsules with vitamin B6.

To restore the healthy state of the curls in the salons, as
The rule today offer:

  • Treatment of thin weakened hair with colored clays.
  • Mesotherapy – restoration of hair follicles by subcutaneous
    injections of specialized drugs.
  • Creatine treatment – the use of masks enriched with special
    protein. Usually combined with the procedure of medical and decorative
  • “FireCut” – treatment by fire, in which using roasting
    open flame “seal” the tips of the hair. As a result hair
    remain flexible and are able to support
    optimal balance of amino acids and proteins.
  • Hot haircut follows the same principle as “Firecut”,
    Only with her heated scissors are used.
  • Pyrophoresis consists in massage of the head with rubbing in of protein and
    keratin formulations, followed by heating with a flame.
    The impact temperature is not very high, therefore
    The procedure is safe.
  • Cold mask – massage with liquid nitrogen, which contributes
    sharp narrowing of blood vessels and their subsequent expansion. AT
    As a result, blood flow to the hair bulbs is more intense,
    their nutrition is normalized.
  • Ozone therapy – a mask of ozone-oxygen composition, which
    improves metabolism, normalizes tissue respiration.

Lamination of hair When lamination around the hair
protective shell is created

Possibilities of care for thin hair at home

The most effective home remedy for thin, weakened
curls – massage the scalp, which is desirable to hold before
shampooing The procedure should be given daily 2-4 minutes.
At the same time, experts recommend reducing the load on
луковицы, уменьшив длину волос минимум на 3 см. Head massage В народной медицине для восстановления
the normal state of the hair used decoctions of pepper leaves
mint, pharmaceutical chamomile and birch. For the treatment of damaged hair
since ancient times used a decoction of nettle. Her leaves are dried, their
handful brewed with boiling water, filter and apply the decoction to
rinse after each wash. Ready decoction necessary
Be sure to store in the refrigerator.

Herbal Hair Treatment At home for the treatment of thin
hair, moisturizing and nourishing their roots, honey is actively used,
olive oil, coffee and avocado. To prepare the mask,
You need to mix one of these ingredients with egg yolk.
The composition is left on the head for half an hour, then washed off with shampoo.
Stimulate growth and strengthen hair can be masked from burdock root,
mixed in equal proportions with shampoo.


For damaged hair mustard mask is effective: connect
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, dry mustard, hot water,
a spoonful of honey and one egg yolk. The resulting composition is applied to
the roots, the head is covered with a shower cap and wrapped tightly
a towel. The first sessions are recommended 5-10 minutes, in
hereafter – half an hour. More often than once a week do not wear a mustard mask.
worth it.

Mustard hair mask

Elementary procedure for treating thinning hair at home –
weekly rubbing olive, burdock or castor oil into

In addition to performing various procedures to combat split ends
tips, you must definitely buy a rare wooden comb.
It must be changed regularly, as the tree with time
exfoliates and can damage the hair, reinforcing the cross section. Same
Sharp hairpins and very tight gums will damage your hair.

Having noticed positive changes in the condition of the hair, stop
care in no case can not – it must be continued constantly.
Thin hair requires careful attitude – you need to avoid them
hot dryer, direct sunlight.
It is necessary to use only professional paint,
masks and balms designed specifically for this type

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