Treatment of dandruff medication – antifungal drugs, pills and vitamins

Dandruff is a fairly common problem both among
women and men. Dandruff formation mechanism
different in each case. Main
The causes of the syndrome are abnormal sebaceous glands or

What is dandruff

The content of the article:

  • What is dandruff
  • Causes of dandruff
  • How dandruff products work
  • The benefits of the application, the pros and cons
  • Contraindications
  • Drug treatment of dandruff |
  • Dandruff Pills
  • Antifungal creams
  • Dandruff ampoules
  • Cheap drugs for dandruff in the pharmacy
  • Effective anti-dandruff
  • Healing Ointment
  • Vitamins
  • Folk remedies
  • Dandruff prevention measures

Dandruff is a disease that
characterized by abundant detachment of dead cells in
the result of malfunction of the sebaceous glands. Excess
sebum leads to blockage of pores and ducts, causing
premature aging of skin cells. Horny scales may
have different color and shape depending on the type of dandruff.

There are 3 types of dandruff:

  1. fatty;
  2. dry;
  3. mixed

In the first case, the scalp resembles puff pastry. Greasy
the ducts are clogged with dead skin cells soaked in sebum.
Skin tone – brownish gray. Sometimes there are ulcers,
cysts of the sebaceous glands and comedones (thick form). dandruff types

  • For fatty form of seborrhea is characteristic
    the formation of an oily reddish film on the hair and skin. Scales
    yellowish color envelops them tightly, which leads to
    the formation of boils, and sometimes pigment spots. Skin strongly
    irritated, itchy and itchy.
  • Dry dandruff does not mean that the skin
    head overdried. Sebum has a higher viscosity, therefore from
    glands it is secreted slowly. Such dandruff is either easily showered,
    or layered, forming flakes of a grayish-white color.
    The cause of dry seborrhea becomes a fungus, not greasy
    glands. It is available to most people and is activated only when
    poor immunity.
  • Mixed type | disease retains signs
    oily and dry dandruff in certain areas of the scalp.
    Characteristic of dermatitis and psoriasis.

Causes of dandruff

Dandruff can occur for various reasons.
Any disease, hormonal failure or reduced immunity
affect the hair first. Often syndrome
manifests itself constantly in stress and poor ecology.

Violation of the sebaceous glands of the skin

Disruption of the metabolic process is the most common cause
malfunction of the glands. As a result of this, the sebaceous ducts
restructure their work, getting a big load. Wherein
nutrients not enough to recover. Their work
slows down, and the top layer of the epidermis dies off faster.
With long-term disruption of the glands, this leads to
the formation of a thick oily form of seborrhea. Violation of the sebaceous glands of the skin

The main causes of failures are:

  1. Mental disorders;
  2. Nervous stress;
  3. Improper diet (excess fat and
  4. Frequent intake of hot foods;
  5. Hormonal shifts, menopause.

Important. Dandruff resulting from violations
Work the sebaceous glands, can be cured within 3 weeks.
Special diet and medicated shampoo will fix the result on
long term.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal disruptions that caused the weak
seborrhea associated with impaired estrogen production, as a rule.

With its increase in the male or female body, the outflow of cutaneous
fat accelerates. Sebum becomes more viscous, which leads to
the need for long-term treatment of not only the scalp, but also
endocrine system. Violation of the hormonal background

The main causes of hormonal disruptions include:

  1. Prolonged hypovitaminosis;
  2. Endocrine disorders in the body;
  3. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  4. Viruses, infections and fungus;
  5. Chronic stress and lack of sleep.

Important. Hormonal Dandruff
changes are treated in a complex. Main tests for level
hormones and only then pick the right
therapy (hormones, shampoo,


Nature has endowed man with a protective water-lipid mask
which covers the scalp and maintains the desired pH balance.

If the fungus enters the bloodstream or directly on the skin
a defensive reaction occurs in the body: sebum is produced in
large volumes to remove harmful microorganisms through sebaceous
ducts. Special type of fungus (Pityrosporum ovale)
present in the acidic environment of this mask.

When a person reaches the optimum for reproduction of this
fungus conditions the body becomes clogged with its products
life activity. Plaques are often formed on the head.
pus and horny scales that hardly exfoliate from
the dermis. Fungus

The reasons for the active reproduction of the fungus are:

  1. Improper nutrition;
  2. Metabolic disease;
  3. Chronic diseases;
  4. Physical and emotional
  5. Use aggressive shampoos;
  6. Drying hair dryer; neglect warm hats in
    cold weather;
  7. Hereditary predisposition

Important. Dandruff caused by fungus is treated with
antimycotic tablets and antibiotics. Depending on the
stages of infection can be applied in various forms (local,
oral). That is why the formation of dandruff is necessary
reveal its true cause.

Skin diseases

Dandruff also occurs as a result of severe skin diseases.
head and hair. Their effects are reflected in the sebaceous glands,
especially during the rehabilitation period.

The main diseases include:

  1. Dermatological (seborrhea, hyperperitiasis);
  2. Fungal (microsporia, trichophytosis);
  3. Autoimmune (scleroderma, psoriasis);
  4. Infectious (pediculosis, folliculitis).

Important. Treatment is based on admission
antibiotics, ointments and creams. In case of complications apply
laser therapy. As an extra help come in handy.
tar cosmetics, exfoliating excess dead skin particles and
dry derma.

5. Indirect factors

An important role in the destabilization of the glands play any
hair manipulation: frequent styling with a hair dryer, straightening
ironing, the use of substandard styling products.

Particular harm to the scalp is caused by staining and
perm. Even daily washing of hair destroys
natural balance, washing away natural lubricant.

How dandruff products work

Dandruff remedies not only eliminate symptoms
syndrome, but also effectively deal with the cause.

If dandruff is caused by a fungal infection,
shampoos and ointments restore the microflora of the epidermis, heal
affected areas and improve blood circulation.

Thereby, rejuvenating skin cells. As a result,
dead scales disappear. dandruff remedies

If dandruff is caused by sebaceous gland dysfunction, active
the components of the preparations normalize and restore the usual pace
their work thanks to the exfoliating composition, vitamins and

The benefits of the application, the pros and cons

Medicinal shampoo preparations and formulations have a wide range of

  1. Destroy pathogens and
  2. They have an antiseptic effect, which
    slows down or prevents the development of the disease;
  3. Normalize work on the intracellular
    level, preventing premature aging
    epidermis and formation of cornified scales;
  4. Reduce peeling of the skin, cleanse sebaceous
    ducts, prevent their blockage;
  5. Prevents inflammation through vitamin
    or therapeutic composition;
  6. Tighten pores, dried
    skin, normalize the sebaceous glands;
  7. Strengthen hair follicles, prevent
    hair loss.

use for hair

However, the wrong selection of funds (by type of dandruff)
may not have the proper result or, conversely,
cause harm.


  1. Dry the skin, as a result, the sebaceous glands
    begin even more active (inherent to the fat type
  2. Do not give 100% of the result without constant
    cleansing and exfoliation (peeling, massage);
  3. Not multicomponent, which
    have antifungal, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating
  4. Have a number of contraindications;
  5. Requires full hair care
    treatment time (mask, rinse);
  6. Individually selected by test (not every
    product line equally acts on the skin of a certain
  7. Can cause a chemical burn (ointment and
    lotions containing acids);
  8. Possess an unpleasant smell that keeps
    after washing with hair.


Dandruff shampoos have one limitation in use:
The composition must match the type of skin and dandruff.
Pharmaceutical ointments and tablets have a high concentration of active
components, so their use is associated with a number of
contraindications. allergy

Before use, make sure that there is no:

  1. Allergic reactions or individual
    component intolerance;
  2. Indications of undesirability in the case of skin
    dermatitis, eczema, or irritation (with wounds);
  3. Skin sensitivity.

In some cases, drugs are prohibited for use when
pregnancy and lactation.

Particular attention is paid to taking pills.
Antihistamine and glucocorticosteroid preparations containing
hormones have a wider list of contraindications. Among them
secrete kidney and liver failure, heart disease and
respiratory organs.

Drug treatment of dandruff |

Any preparation for the treatment of dandruff has a special composition and
acts in a focused manner. As the main components can

  • Zinc; Zinc
  • Selenium; Selenium
  • Sulfur; Sulfur
  • Ketoconazole; ketonazole
  • Cycloperox; Cycloperox
  • Salicylic acid;
  • Tar; Tar
  • Panthenol; Panthenol
  • Herbal extracts; Herbal Extracts
  • Vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and Minerals

Important. Antifungal and antiseptic effect
provides ketaconazole, zinc and tea tree oil.
Sulfur and salicylic acid have an exfoliating effect. Selena
sulphide resists premature cell aging.

There are also complex drugs, which include
includes many active substances. Therefore use
extra ointments or lotions will be

Dandruff Pills


The active ingredient of the drug is
ketoconazole. He has a pronounced
antifungal effect of a broad spectrum. Is an
quality tool in the fight against dandruff. Accepted
inside after each meal. Treatment continues
courses to fix the result. Used by fungal
dandruff Nizoral


The active ingredient of aspirin is acetylsalicylic
acid. It is a peeling and drying skin.
component. Two crushed tablets to fight dandruff
add to shampoo before each wash. Hair carefully
Massage until thick foam appears. Aspirin effect
is to remove the itch by stimulating more
exfoliation. Acid also normalizes blood circulation and
the work of the sebaceous glands. Aspirin


Nystatin is a specific remedy for dandruff.
Contains an antibiotic that kills a fungus. Not suitable for
dandruff caused by dermatological diseases. For treatment
syndrome dissolves in a single dose of shampoo (3
PC.). The course includes 5 sessions.
Calcium in the composition restores sebaceous activity
glands. The rehabilitation period requires application
repair masks (vitamin). Nystatin


The action of fluconazole is selective. is he
destroys only pathogenic, alien to the body mushrooms. Accepted
orally during the week. Requires complex treatment with
use of local ointments (anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic).
In many cases, the drug shows high efficacy.
and speed. Fluconazole

Antifungal creams


Ointment is a non-hormonal antifungal
substance The active ingredient is ketoconazole, fighting
with many types of fungi. Apply daily to the scalp after
washing hair. The course of treatment is 1.5 months.
It is used for dandruff without skin lesions. ketonazole


Acts as an active ingredient
miconazole. It is antiseptic and fights against
microorganisms and fungi. The composition is designed for any type.
dandruff The cream quickly relieves itching, irritation and flaking.
Used 2 times a day (morning and evening) by
doctor’s recommendations (at least a month). miconazole

Dandruff ampoules

Botox ampoules from Kallos Cosmetics

Ampoules of the Hungarian brand Hair Botox Anti-Dandruff (60 ml)
used as an aid in treating
dandruff Collagen, hyaluronic acid and
keratin. The effect is to improve blood circulation,
moisturizing, nutrition (protein) and make the hair soft.
Also normal skin pH. Botox ampoules from Kallos Cosmetics

Ampoules First Aid Kit Agafi

Vegetable complex of Russian production (35 ml) can
used as a remedy against fungal infections. Composed
contains klimbazol killing mycotic foci. Restore
derma organic oils. Anti-inflammatory effect
achieved through natural antioxidants.
Ampoules First Aid Kit Agafi

Serums from Londa

The Londa Anti-Dandruff Serum complex (60 ml) is also effective in
fight against fungal dandruff (klimbazol). Green clay fast
eliminates itching and flaking. Jojoba oil and extract
calendula heals and nourishes the skin, giving strength and strength
hair. Serums from Londa

Cheap drugs for dandruff in the pharmacy

Tar shampoo (70 rub.)

Birch tar in the composition has antifungal effect,
dries the skin and normalizes the sebaceous glands.
Suitable for all types of dandruff. Not recommended for
use for blond hair (darkens the tone).
Tar shampoo

Sulfuric soap (35 rub.)

It has a healing effect. Sulfur cleans pores, has the effect
peeling (scrub). Frees greasy ducts from dirt and
fat (penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis). Sulfur Soap

Ichthyol ointment (50 rubles)

Copes with seborrhea and dandruff, accompanied by
the appearance of ulcers and boils. For the treatment of dandruff
used paste with a concentration of 20%. Renders
destructive effect on the fungus, pulls pus and heals wounds.
Safe to use and effective in most cases.
Ichthyol ointment

Zinc ointment (30 rub.)

It is used exclusively for oily dandruff type (for oily
skin). Used twice a week without
preliminary preparation of hair (washing and drying). Perfect fit
for the treatment of dandruff during pregnancy. Ointment also often
prescribed to children. Zinc ointment

Mumiyo (150 rub.)

The product has a jelly-like consistency with a full range.
vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The healing effect of mumiyo
whose education has not yet been solved by scientists, is to
effects on the skin in all directions: cleansing, nutrition,
hydration and protein saturation. “Mountain pitch” consumed
economically. Against dandruff with mummy make masks, shampoos and
lotions Mumiyo

Effective anti-dandruff


  1. Nizoral (ketoconazole); Nizoral
  2. Seborin (salicylic acid, caffeine);
  3. Tervapuun Tuoksu (tar); Tervapuun Tuoksu
  4. 911 Tar; Sebopyrox 911
  5. Ketoconazole (ketoconazole); Dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole
  6. Stopproblem (salicylic acid); Stopproblem
  7. Sebosol (ketoconazole); Sebozol
  8. Sulsen (selenium disulfide); sulsena
  9. Vichy Dercos (selenium disulfide); Vichy Dercos
  10. Dermazole (ketoconazole); dermazole
  11. Keto Plus (ketoconazole); Keto Plus
  12. Klorane (salicylic acid); Klorane
  13. Fitoval (zinc pyrithione); fitoval
  14. Freederm (zinc or tar); freederm-zink_enl
  15. Biorga Squaphane S (salicylic acid,
    resorcinol, climbazole, miconazole); Biorga Squaphane S
  16. Algopix (salicylic acid, tar);
  17. Kelual DS (keluamide, zinc pyrithione,
    ciclopiroxolamine); Ducray Kelual
  18. Zinc (zinc);
  19. Elf (ketoconazole, zinc); elf
  20. Psoril (zinc, biotin, panthenol); Psoril
  21. Сompliment Zinc + (zinc, salicylic acid,
    ketoconazole); Сompliment Zinc +
  22. Jason Dandruff Relief (salicylic and folic
    acid, sulfur). Jason Natural Danruff Relief


  1. Fitoval (ichthyol); Fitoval
  2. Subrina (Octopirox, tea tree oil);
  3. Ducray Squanorm (zinc sulfate, keluamide);
    Ducray Squanorm
  4. Belita (tar, zinc); Belita
  5. Vitex (salicylic acid, zinc);
  6. ExpertPharma by Faberlic (Klimazole, Panthenol,
    inulin); ExpertPharma
  7. Bifon (citric acid, bifonazole, menthol);
  8. Belosalic (salicylic acid,
    glucocorticosteroid); Belosalic
  9. Yves Rocher (pomegranate extract); Yves Rocher
  10. Nature Siberica (salicylic acid, zinc).
    Nature Siberica

Healing Ointment

Pasta sulsena

Paste is available in 2 versions: for prevention (1%) and
treatment (2%). Disulfide acts as an active substance.
Selena. It is a universal remedy for various types of dandruff.
and seborrhea. Various schemes are also used for treatment.
dose. The course of treatment is at least
a week Pasta Sulsena

Salicylic ointment

Salicylic ointment (1-5%) is used for fatty type dandruff
or seborrhea with severe dermatitis. Using
means (schedule) is discussed only with the doctor. Salicylic ointment

Healing Ointment with Sulfur

Sulfur ointment is used only in extreme cases, if others
methods do not help (scabies, psoriasis, mycosis). Means
stand no more than 5 minutes. It can be replaced
sulfur-containing preparations represented by olimethine, ointment
Wilkinson, sulfur-salicylic and sulfur-tar ointments.
Healing ointment with sulfur


In the treatment of dandruff requires a heavy use of vitamins.
A, B, C, D and E. You can also rub vitamins from
ampoules in the scalp or add them to the mask (more effective).

As a specially developed vitamin complexes against
Dandruff used:

  1. Inneov Hair density; Inneov Hair density;
  2. Pantovigar for hair and nails; Pantovigar for hair and nails
  3. Perfectil; Perfectil
  4. Pharmamed; Pharmamed
  5. Merz; Merz
  6. Doppelgerz; Doppelgerts
  7. Revalid; Revalid
  8. Aminexil Pro;
  9. Laval; Laval
  10. Vitrum beauty elite; Vitrum beauty elite
  11. Vitasharm; Vitasharm
  12. Complit Shine; Komplivit Shining
  13. Evalar Expert Hair. Evalar Expert Hair

Folk remedies

Traditional treatments are based on the use of exfoliating
agents with antiseptic effect. As main components
masks are clay, henna, soda, economic and tarry
soap, onion, garlic, aloe and honey.

For fatty masks from kefir as ingredients are
apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or herbal teas (chamomile, nettle,
burdock root, calendula). Folk remedies

Especially popular among the people are remedies based on
oils. When treating dandruff, oils are highly effective.
rosemary, geranium, horsetail, lavender, as well as coconut, castor,
burdock and orange oil.

Often used alcohol tinctures from pharmacies
(calendula, nettle).

Recipe 1.

Beat two eggs with 50 ml of warm water. Apply
the mixture on the scalp for 10 minutes.

Recipe 2.

2 tsp. orange juice and aloe mixed with
egg yolk. The mixture is held for 40 minutes.
Rinse the hair with a decoction of horsetail.

Recipe 3.

2 tbsp. pharmacy chamomile brew in 1
l water (5 min. on low heat). Ostuzhenny broth
rub into the scalp after each hair wash.

Important. For the treatment of dandruff, you must take flaxseed oil
inside. It helps to restore metabolism.

Dandruff prevention measures

The main cause of dandruff is fungus.
To prevent the appearance of white flakes must be observed
hygiene rules.

Hairbrushes should be treated with antiseptic before each
using. Wearing other people’s hats may also affect
on a condition of a head of hear.

Another cause of dandruff may be frequent.
use of hair dryers and irons. Styling products clog pores and
sebaceous ducts under the action of hot air.

Such dandruff can develop into a chronic form.
It is necessary to style the hair using ordinary hairstyles with
using pins and hairpins. healthy hair

Also worth paying attention to the selection of personal cosmetics for
hair (sulfate-free). Organic shampoos and masks strengthen
hair follicles and do not affect the acid-base balance
skin. Therefore, any failure of the sebaceous glands (dandruff)
will indicate a hormonal failure or

In the open air at all times of the year should be worn head
a dress for protection from ultraviolet radiation and frost.

Additional dandruff prevention is
balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Modern pharmacology and beauty industry can offer
Many solutions to the problem of dandruff.

In order to find a suitable tool, not necessarily
test all brands and brands. It is best to turn to
dermatologist and trichologist, who will appoint an effective
means after computer diagnostics of hair and analyzes

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