Treatment of dry hair, TOP 31 main causes and many ways to eliminate them

Excessive hair dryness causes a lot of trouble, starting
from the very appearance of the curls, which in such a problem often
look like straw, and ending with the appearance of dandruff, itching and other
symptoms triggered by lack of subcutaneous fat
or for other reasons.

In addition, the skin of the head also has a negative effect.
impact, due to which the skin dries out and is easily exposed
impact from the outside.

The main causes of very dry hair can be divided into
two categories – external and internal. Getting rid of this
the trouble lies in finding the root cause and its elimination
through effective, well-chosen treatment, as well as
conduct regular relapse prevention.

What causes your hair to dry?

External causes of increased dryness of hair

The content of the article:

  • External causes of increased dryness of hair
  • Dryness after using a hair dryer
  • Dry hair after keratin straightening
  • After henna staining
  • After perm
  • After botox
  • After staining
  • Dry hair from biowave
  • From highlighting
  • Dry hair due to lightening
  • From hard water
  • Dryness after washing
  • Dry hair after the sea
  • After pool
  • After applying soda
  • After balayazha
  • Due to discoloration
  • From zinc
  • From the sun
  • Internal causes of excessive hair dryness
  • Hormones
  • Thyroid
  • Due to hypothyroidism
  • With menopause
  • During pregnancy
  • After childbirth
  • With HB
  • Anemia
  • Diseases of the digestive tract
  • Kidney or lung disease
  • Parasite activity
  • Avitaminosis
  • Weakened immunity and poor ecology

External causes are often caused by improper care.
for hair and scalp, negative impact
external environment or due to unprofessional conducted
cosmetic procedures.

The main task in solving the problem of dry curls due to
external negative impact on them is to apply
soft, sulfate-free and free from harmful and aggressive
chemical elements cleansers and care products
hair with moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing and soothing

Dryness after using a hair dryer

Frequent use of the hair dryer, especially with hot air, is capable of
destructive effect on both the hair structure itself and
the skin that is very drained during this
procedures. As a result, hair becomes dry and dull.

Solving the problem: reducing the frequency of using a hair dryer,
Drying your hair exceptionally warm, not hot air, but
also regular use of mild moisturizing balms or
mousses after shampooing and nutritional sprays directly
after applying the hair dryer.

Dry hair after keratin straightening

Keratin straightening, despite all its advantages,
It has one serious drawback – this procedure, even
conducted by a good master, is capable of very harm
hair, making them excessively dry, brittle and

  • In the event that an indelible
    straightening, it remains only to wait when the curls again
    grow to the desired length, along the way making nourishing and moisturizing
    sulfate-free masks based on oils – coconut, almond,
    burdock or argan.
  • For temporary keratin straightening you need
    also moisturize your hair with more useful oils, adding to them
    a drop of vitamin E.

After henna staining

Henna staining is considered one of the safest, because in
This staining is based on natural henna powder, however
In this case, you can rather ruin the prone to dryness.
hair, making them even more dry.

Solving the problem: use soft
natural professional balms without sulfates and nutritious
masks. Masks are preferable to choose also on natural
basis, such as kefir, egg or honey.

After perm

Modern tools used during chemical wave,
becoming safer and less harmful, but with the problem of dryness
hair after such a procedure is still faced by many women.
The chemical composition creates not only beautiful curls, but also
makes the hair stiffer and less obedient to lay
such hair becomes a whole problem.

Therefore, immediately after perming hair
It is recommended to begin to apply emollients and heals
agents: oil masks with vitamins A and E, as well as masks
from gelatin and kefir or yogurt.

After botox

Frequently, after Botox, the condition of the hair is significantly
getting worse: they break, split, push, fall out, and the scalp
and the roots are very dry.

You can cope with this problem with regular
use of professional care products without aggressive
homemade ingredients and masks with
honey, yolk and kefir. After washing the hair must be carefully
blow dry.

After staining

After the hair dyeing procedure, in which, as a rule,
ammonia, parabens and flavors present, recommended
moisturize curls and scalp with balsams and oils, as well as
get rid of the split ends in a timely manner by regular
visiting the hairdresser and holding small refreshing curls

Positively affects scalp massage, normalizing
blood circulation and accelerating hair growth.

Dry hair from biowave

If the curls became much drier after the event,
it is desirable to refuse for some time from use
hair dryer. In addition, it is important to monitor stiffness and
temperature of water used for washing.

In case of increased stiffness, it is recommended after washing
use herbal rinses and moisturizers
balms. Combing curls need very carefully,
trying not to injure them or break them.

From highlighting

Highlighting can make hair dry and harsh due to
its chemical composition that drains hair and roots. Peroxide
hydrogen, as the main active component, removes color
pigment, changing the structure of the curls, which causes dryness and

Recommendations for the care of damaged and dried
hair as a result of highlighting: washing and drying hair
should be carried out only in a warm mode, avoiding hot
air and water. In addition, the hair should be protected from direct
sun rays. Be sure to use reducing and
moisturizing soft safe shampoos, balsams and mousses that
will nourish not only the hair itself, but also the scalp.

Dry hair due to lightening

Excessive dryness is often a clarified problem.
artificially curled due to exposure to chemical
components in the composition that change the structure and color

Solution: use on a regular basis
mild cleansing, nourishing and softening curls, as well as
application of nutritional masks based on natural ingredients:
oils, dairy products and herbs.

From hard water

Water hardness has a very negative effect on the condition and
the appearance of the hair. There is not only dryness, but also
dullness, lifelessness and fragility.

The ideal solution to this problem is washing your hair.
distilled boiled water, which will
no magnesium, iron and calcium making hair
naughty and dry.

Also important is the choice of care products: shampoo and balm
should be soft, suitable for this type of hair. Besides
In addition, the rinsing procedure has a positive effect on the curls.
hair vinegar rinse. If the water is very hard,
It is recommended to add a few drops of vinegar, lemon
chamomile juice or infusion that neutralize the negative
the impact of stiffness on curls and scalp.

Dryness after washing

Often the hair loses its elasticity and silkiness after
washes, when taken out of the hair together with the colored pigment and
many beneficial trace elements such as keratin.

To return the shag to its former luster, you can use careful, correct
matched hair care, scalp massage and enhancement
blood circulation, as well as feeding hair and hair roots useful
oils. You can combine a massage procedure using
oils by applying an oil base on the scalp and then
gently massaging, rubbing a healthy product
directly into the skin and roots of the hair.

Dry hair after the sea

It is advisable to spend time at the seaside.
take care of protecting hair from the sun and salty sea
waters that have a negative effect, gradually destroying
hair structure.

  • In order to prevent this, it is necessary to avoid
    long stay in the sun without a headdress.
    Important note. Headdress is better to choose from
    natural fabrics to provide skin and hair blowing and
    air flow and headgear should not squeeze
  • The second rule concerns swimming in the sea –
    hair is recommended to be collected in a bun, stabbed higher
    shield from wetting in salt water. Immediately after taking marine
    and sunbathing is recommended to thoroughly wash your hair with
    using emollient safe means and thoroughly
    to dry.

After pool

Chlorinated pool water is not the most beneficial.
properties for skin and hair, so for those who periodically
visits the pool, it is advisable to always swim in
hat, then immediately take a shower, rinsing

Regular application of natural masks and
balms will help maintain lipid balance, protecting the skin
and hair roots from dryness and the harmful effects of external

After applying soda

Soda is quite common in recipes for cooking
various hair care products. Possessing a pronounced
antiseptic and cleansing action, this alkaline powder
prone to dry hair. For this reason, soda is usually
used in masks for hair prone to fat.

If overdrying occurs, 2-3 is recommended.
once a week to make homemade masks based on sour cream, eggs and
oils: olive, coconut or argan.

After balayazha

A very popular balayazha procedure, thanks to its basic
impact on the structure of the hair, with the wrong technique, can
provoke brittleness, cross-section and dry hair.

To combat dryness after balayazha must be comprehensively and
systematically, using especially gentle shampoos,
balsams and mousses without neglecting the use
natural masks and professional serums to strengthen,
nutrition and improvement of curls.

Due to discoloration

Bleaching changes the color pigment and, accordingly,
hair structure. For this reason, the curls change not only in appearance,
but also from the inside, and not always these changes are beneficial to the locks.
Potent chemical compounds have harmful effects.
impact on the hair, “pulling” nutrients in
resulting in dryness.

In this case, you can save the curls by using the correct
selected care products that include mild shampoos, lotions and
tonics. The use of oils will also help get rid of
dryness, nourishing the hair roots and scalp.

From zinc

Modern anti-dandruff remedies as well as just deep
cleansing shampoos, often contain zinc, which
eliminates shine, dries and disinfects hair and
skin covering.

For dry hair, any means with zinc is best to try.
avoid or use them in combination with moisturizers
components for hair prone to dry and natural
rinses and balms.

From the sun

Direct sunlight is dangerous not only overheating, but also
negative impact on the hair: it starts to burn out, moisture
evaporates, causing the curls to become dry,
untidy look and stiffness.

To prevent such a problem you need, being on
the sun, especially during peak hours, be sure to cover your head:
loose straw hat with brim, natural flax kerchief
or simply staying in the shadows.

If the hair is still excessively dry,
The use of nourishing masks and emollients is recommended.
lotions, as well as a complete rejection of the drying of hair, straightening
ironing or curling.

With dry scalp and hair prone to dryness is very important
use only those shampoos that are suitable for this type
hair. It is best to choose professional tools that have
mild detergent composition.

You can also use natural eco-friendly shampoo without
fragrances for dry hair, adding to the tool during
shampooing a few drops of argan, coconut or
almond oil to further moisten and nourish the roots,
skin and curls.

Internal causes of excessive hair dryness

As for internal reasons, everything is somewhat more serious and
in order to pinpoint the cause, you need
visit a specialist and pass designated

If the cause of dry hair lies in the malfunction of the body,
treatment should be prescribed only by a competent specialist.
Self-medication in this case is not allowed.

Often dryness provoke stressful situations, so they
should try to avoid as much as possible. Overall, a lifestyle
must be healthy and mobile, and food – rich in vitamins and


The change in hormonal levels first becomes
noticeable as the skin and hair. In the case of any serious
adjustments, hair can become much drier than usual, and skin –
rougher and at the same time more sensitive to external influences, it is easy
getting annoyed and bursting in cold weather.

The treatment here should be selected by a specialist.
pre-sending tests for hormones.
Usually, detecting the lack or oversupply of a hormone in
the body, a woman is prescribed a hormone-containing drug on
several months. During this time, the body must adapt to
drug and begin to work more smoothly, affecting
including the degree of dryness of the skin and its lipid balance.


Thyroid gland, as one of the factors affecting the state
head of hair, can make them drier, stopping the production of hormones,
nourishing, nourishing and strengthening hair. In this case
treatment may include taking vitamins, amino acids and
dietary supplements that stimulate hair growth and
improving their appearance.

Due to hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism, or hormone deficiency, is prone
to slow down the metabolism and, as a consequence, negatively affect
state of shag In this case, you can see not only
increased dryness, but also brittleness, as well as hair loss.

Treatment is prescribed after taking the necessary
analyzes based on individual characteristics and
the cause of the appearance of hypothyroidism.

With menopause

During menopause, a woman’s body undergoes great
the number of changes, including hormonal ones.
The “disconnection” of certain reproductive functions affects
condition and appearance of hair and skin.

There can be two treatments here, and before
the beginning of any of them is important to consult with
a specialist.

  1. The first method is medicamentous, which includes
    themselves taking estrogen-containing drugs, which during this period
    time is getting short.
  2. The second method – taking vitamin complexes,
    maintaining an active lifestyle and finding the right products for
    hair care.

During pregnancy

Pregnancy also changes a lot in the body and life of a woman,
It is therefore not surprising that the appearance and even the type of curls can
become different.

The reason for this – hormonal and his
“innovations”. Since the medication in
the waiting period for the baby is rather meager;
case is better with the help of moisturizers and nourishing products like
professional and homemade. | Read more
about treating dry hair at home

Very good kefir masks that moisturize the scalp and
themselves curls without causing any harm to the health of the mother and

After childbirth

Postpartum – very happy, but not the easiest
time in the life of a young family. Stress, lack of sleep, the transition to a new
mode and rhythm of life – all this can cause
excessive dryness.

Adjustment of sleep and wakefulness, holding
enough hours in the fresh air and distancing
from stress will be a great help in the fight for healthy,
beautiful hair.

With HB

The breastfeeding period suggests enough
limited menu for mom, so quite often at this time
the body loses some minerals, vitamins and healthy
substances that affect the condition of the hair and scalp is not the most
the best way.

The solution to the problem is moisturizing and nourishing the curls, their
the roots and skin of the head are exclusively natural,
hypoallergenic and safe means. Before
application is obligatory consultation of a specialist.


One of the manifestations of this disease is worsening
the appearance of the hair when a normal hair type suddenly becomes
dry or, conversely, bold.

To eliminate dryness, you must first eliminate the very
the disease, visiting the doctor and passing the prescribed tests. how
usually to adjust the overall health and hair in
particular, iron preparations are prescribed, which are selected
each patient individually;

Diseases of the digestive tract

Malfunctions in the gastrointestinal tract may become
the cause of many external changes regarding skin and hair: in
in some cases there is fatness, and in some – a tendency to

Nutrition is important here, so the transition to
healthy and healthy food will have the most positive
influence not only on the condition of the skin and hair, but also on the whole body

In any case, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and dry curls
are a good reason for a visit to the doctor,
finding out the disease, its causes and finding the optimal scheme
treatment that can only make
specialist based on the findings
surveys and analyzes.

Kidney or lung disease

In chronic diseases of these organs often increases
dryness of the skin and hair, in addition to this, the color also changes
skin that takes on a painful hue.

For proper diagnosis and prescription
correct treatment must be visited
specialist. Dry hair here is a secondary symptom
which will disappear with the use of competent treatment.

Parasite activity

The presence of parasites in the body can also be expressed in
form of deterioration and overall appearance of the hair – they become
brittle, easily and often break, split, fall out and dry.
Particularly relevant this problem may be in people whose
pets spend a lot of time on the street, and on arrival
Home is not carefully processed.

Identifying this problem occurs by passing
necessary analyzes, after which a specialist is appointed
drugs aimed at getting rid of
of them.


In the cold season, as well as in the offseason, the body works in
enhanced mode and therefore needs additional support.
Vitamin deficiency, fatigue and lack of sun
light and heat – all this can provoke a draining
skin and hair, deterioration of their appearance, and sometimes even
dropping out.

You can cope with this problem by taking
vitamins, prescribed by a specialist, healthy and proper nutrition
and, of course, walks in the fresh air every day.

Weakened immunity and poor ecology

Another important factor in such problems as dry hair
is a weakening of the immune system, prolonged stress, poor
ecology and heredity. In these cases it is necessary
strengthen the immune system, play sports and keep active
lifestyle, giving up bad habits and unhealthy foods.

For any reason of excessive dryness of the hair, besides using
special remedies and treatments, it is important to include in your diet
more wholesome foods that contain the necessary
vitamins and minerals: vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish, and
also lean types of meat.

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