Treatment of sciatica at home

The sciatic nerve is the longest in the human body, and when
it is in a state of inflammation (through
irritation or pressure), you may feel a sharp pain from
belt to the feet, and even below the knee.

Attacks of sciatica are quite common.
They can cause piercing and unbearable pain that will
interfere with the daily business. Read on to find out how
reduce the symptoms of sciatica and completely cure it with
natural remedies.

You can relieve pain in the sciatic nerve area with
certain methods, but it doesn’t hurt to rest in
for several days. It is also necessary to consult a doctor so that he
could establish a diagnosis, determine how serious is
pain and whether you need other remedies.

Despite this, we are still happy to help with this problem.
and recommend a few of the most effective natural products for
pain relief in the sciatic nerve area.


  • Juice from potatoes and celery
  • Willow Herbal Tea
  • Nettle from sciatica
  • Thyme and Oregano
  • Garlic and Hop
  • Movement and sport
  • Massage from muscle spasms

Juice from potatoes and celery

Juice from potatoes and celery is very effective at
treatment of sciatic nerve neuralgia, however for its preparation
need a juicer. It will be necessary to prepare about 300 ml.
juice from potatoes and celery.

Natural remedies for the treatment of sciatica


Willow Herbal Tea

The willow contains the substance salicin, which is the main
component of aspirin. Thanks to this herbal tea from willow is
ideal for relieving pain in the sciatic nerve area.
You will only need to boil in 0.5 liters of water with a piece of willow bark
within 15 minutes. Then you can take the tea off the stove,
strain it and drink it every 8 hours.

Nettle from sciatica

Nettle has properties that will help relax the sciatic
nerve and relieve pain. In order to get the greatest effect
from the beneficial properties of nettle, you can take a bath by adding to
water 1 liter of herbal nettle tea.

You can also rub a few freshly picked shoots.
nettle affected area of ​​the body in order to reduce pain and
ease the inflammatory process. Use the last method with
extra care, conducting the procedure twice a day.

Thyme and Oregano

Thyme and oregano are great helpers in fighting
neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, because they are known for their
anti-inflammatory properties. For the preparation of this tool
you will need to mix in a full tablespoon of thyme, oregano and
nettle with a liter of water.

Boil this mixture for 15 minutes, then leave it.
insist another 5 minutes. When the tool is ready, strain
eat it twice a day.

Garlic and Hop

Raw garlic is another great way to
reduce pain in the gluteus maximus because it warms
blood, thereby improving its circulation in the body, and it is this
is the key to pain relief.

Hop compress

Another way to reduce pain and relieve pain.
inflammatory process is a compress from the hops that you
can do, boiling this plant for 10 minutes and
wrapping it in gauze. Attach this compress to the painful
the area, not letting it cool, and cover it with a towel on top for
heat preservation.

  • Hot water

Heat is also a great way to reduce pain and
inflammation. You just need to put compresses with hot
water thrice a day.

Movement and sport

Although some people believe that to reduce pain in the area
the sciatic nerve needs more rest, experts insist on
that sciatica is not worth a passive lifestyle, because it’s
only complicate the situation.

It will be best if you rest only for two
days, and then back to the usual rhythm. You just
should try not to lift heavy objects and not to load
back for 6 weeks after you first felt

Massage from muscle spasms

Massage really helps fight muscle spasms,
which often occur in neuralgia of the sciatic nerve. However this
the procedure should be done by a specialist, because non-professional massage
can only worsen the situation. Massage should reduce pain
sensations and relax your muscles, as well as reduce stress levels,
which could be the root cause of the problem.

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