Trends manicure spring-summer 2019

You just fall in love with them! Fashion shows in Milan, New York,
Paris and London have demonstrated such a fascinating manicure,
which will not leave indifferent any beauty. New french
manicures and sparkles, mosaic colors and matte shades – these trends
spring-summer manicure suitable for nail designer.


  • New french manicure
  • What makeup, such and nails
  • Manicure with sparkles
  • Manicure negative space
  • Striped manicure
  • Manicure mosaic and yellow nails
  • Blue and matte nails
  • Underscore
  • Red nails and chess manicure
  • Textured and dark nails

New french manicure

France has its own amazing style, so the French
a manicure that fit the style of the 21st century and expressive
The individuality of spring was quite expected. At fashion shows
one could see interesting manifestations of the colored edges of the nails that
testifies that the classic trend has gained a new
youth reading. Bursts of color attracted attention to themselves
the show of Monique Lhuillier (where the nails responded to the eye makeup), then
how tibi focused on trend negative space with pastels
by the edges.

Manicure trends spring-summer

What makeup, such and nails

One of the most intriguing trends of spring manicure for the whole year and
in particular, this spring season is full compliance
makeup with eyes and lips with a manicure nails. This is something like
matching bags, shoes and clothes. The combination of nails and eye makeup
with thick green lines you could see at Monique Lhuillier,
silver glitter on the nails and eyes and the combination of long oval
nails with burgundy polish and the same lipstick.

Manicure with sparkles

Glitter could be seen on the catwalks everywhere, so why
they do not add to the nails, especially if you want to do
suitable manicure for eye makeup. Decorated and shiny, radiant
like diamonds – everyone likes such nails. Take an example from
models Ashish, whose manicure with sparkles was very similar to fun
Easter eggs.

Manicure negative space

The trend of manicure negative space appeared in almost all
designer collections. Negative space is the opposite of design.
only a certain part of the nail is covered with colored varnish, and
the rest of the nail plate remains uncovered. In that
season negative space manifested a combination of neutral colors with
white or black, with bright or pastel.
Tibi, for example, connected two trends at once – French manicure.
with blue edges and negative space with the rest of the colorless nail.
Experiment with geometric shapes, lines and specks,
since they do Cushnie et Ochs, Ji Oh and Noon by Noor.

Striped manicure

Horizontal or vertical, metal or matte – on
Strip shows appeared wherever there was a place. Graphically and
minimalistic at the same time, striped manicure has become one of
manicure trends. For example, the 3.1 Phillip Lim models appeared on
podium with silver stripes on the nails, one with one thin,
others with two thin or one coarse stripe, whereas
the rest were nothing at all. Interesting idea how can
constantly wears a new and trendy manicure.

Manicure mosaic and yellow nails

The colors and the rainbow effect are one thing, and the colors and the mosaic are all
another trend. In Giamba, a mosaic on the nails appeared as
cracked skin, Vivienne Westwood has precious colors
combined with stripes, as well as reflective surfaces,
emphasize the intensity of the color, and in Issa the nails looked like
flickering sapphires.

Juicy yellow color has become one of the manicure trends seen on
fashion catwalks. What wears and with what to combine? Prabal
Gurung, for example, on each nail that created a different manicure in
white and yellow, and Daniel Silverstein was struck by the combination
yellow and silver.

Blue and matte nails

Looking at the flickering sapphires of Issa and the interpretation of royal blue
from Jenny Packham, you can confidently say that blue is the color
of the year. He appeared everywhere, here are the clothes of spring-summer collections, until
shoes and bags, makeup and nails now. Makeup and manicure is
exactly what should best fit the clothes, so
fashionistas should take care of the blueness stocks in their
cosmetic bags.

Do you like dark color on nails? And you are absolutely not
Does this brilliant and colorful luxury attract your nails? Then dark
Matte nails – this is the trend of manicure for you. And not necessarily
on every finger. Proenza Schouler, for example, has only 2-3 nails on
The hand was covered with matte varnish. Matte pale pink manicure
the colors, like in Ulla Johnson, were unexpected, however this spring
innocence is just fascinating.


An interesting trend that is already reflected in the make-up.
eye, nose, also on the nails, – this underlining on the bottom
cuticle lines. This wonderful reception was noticed in Naeem.
Khan, who used silver lines, and Jonathan Simkhai did not
he was ashamed to draw lines everywhere – and along the edge of the nail and on
cuticle, combining two trends – French manicure and lower

Red nails and chess manicure

Red is a powerful trend that appears on the lips,
and on nails, ranging from coral to dark cherry, from red
Apple to Bordeaux. In Chris Gelinas coral nails claim to
trend, while Zac Posen shows off luxurious red nails in
combined with blue stripes. Remember that red nails look
Stunningly combined with minimalist makeup, hair and

Geometric shapes moved slightly to the side, giving space
on the catwalks chess nails with a hint that this is one of
best manicures for spring and summer. You can make a light blue
checkerboard as it was at the Opening Ceremony, or
borrow plaid, checkers and stripes in libertine.

Textured and dark nails

One of the most common trends of spring-summer manicure is
textured nails, such as only the edges in French, as in
Nicholas K or Badgley’s whole textured surface
Mischka. In Tadashi Shoji, textured nails were shaped
feathers, at Rag & Bone – multi-colored glasses, in Lie Sangbong all
nails were dotted with dots, and in Nicole Miller – covered with splashes
paints. In a word, textured manicure is something that is very
far from ordinary and ordinary.

It may not be as common as you would like.
women of fashion, but a dark manicure does not leave lists of spring trends and
of the summer Not very often, however, dark nails appeared in all Weeks.
Fashion, and given the opportunity for girls to show their dark side,
staying on trend. Zang Toi offer to completely immerse
nails in the dark, while the Creatures of the Wind have connected the dark
manicure with a version of the negative space.

Be aware of fashion trends!


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