Trendy and elegant asymmetrical haircuts on short hair

Recently, it has become increasingly popular.
asymmetrical haircuts. They make the image more interesting
elegant and even turn down the age.

Fashionable hairstyles

Stylists offer fashionable options that will suit many
women who want to look attractive. Asymmetrical haircuts
for short hair in harmony with any style
you just need to choose the appropriate option.

  • 1 Short female haircuts with asymmetry
    • 1.1 Tomboy
    • 1.2 Pixie
    • 1.3 Bob
    • 1.4 Graduated asymmetry
    • 1.5 Caret with lengthening and asymmetry
  • 2 The advantage of short haircuts
  • 3 Possible disadvantages
  • 4 Who is suitable for short asymmetrical haircuts
  • 5 Focus on bangs
    • 5.1 Short Diagonal Asymmetric Bangs
    • 5.2 Haircuts with diagonal milled bangs
    • 5.3 Asymmetric long bangs
  • 6 What is the best way to cut thin hair?
  • 7 What hairstyle with asymmetry will fit curly hair
  • 8 Asymmetrical haircuts for short hair for full
    of women

Short female haircuts with asymmetry

Women like to experiment with her hair, because it is she
emphasizes the dignity of appearance. Asymmetry is always
attracts attention, looks outside the box. Even for
short hair there are different types of hairstyles.


Successful and courageous option, which is based on everything
famous “bob”. Strands are cut at different levels,
to get an uneven cascade.

Haircuts with asymmetry

The hair will take on a slightly sloppy look, thanks to which
a woman will look bold and young. One more
The name of the package is “tomboy”, and this characterizes it perfectly.

Important! To achieve a more extravagant look,
You can use the coloring.


A characteristic feature is an elongated bang laid on
one side. The temple strands greatly shortened, and the back of the head
slightly raised.

The bangs smooth out the imperfections of the exterior: round face shape,
wide forehead, large cheekbones. This hairstyle will suit any color
hair: both natural and unnatural.

Hairstyle in a long bang


Many stars choose short haircuts with asymmetry, while
it is the “bob” that enjoys special popularity. Option
fits almost all women, while hair will succeed
different lay.

There are several types of bean:

  1. With a long bang. It is selected by type of person and can
    reach almost to the chin.
  2. With lengthening on a leg. Hair cut in shape
  3. With lengthening and obvious asymmetry. Strands have different lengths and
    looks like graduation.
  4. With graduation. You can achieve additional volume and
    get rid of split ends. Graduation
    done along the entire length.

Popular haircut

Bob – a good option for women who have too
small or, on the contrary, long neck, present
lop ear In addition, thanks to the haircut will be able to hide
big cheekbones.

Graduated Asymmetry

The advantage of styling is that it makes hair lighter.
and by air. Hairstyle looks at ease, even slightly

Graduated asymmetry is suitable for any age
appearance and oval face. It is recommended to choose an unusual color.
hair in order to achieve a memorable external
kind of.

Kare with lengthening and asymmetry

Incredibly beautiful hairstyle that is great for young
to women. Kare performed with a change in the level of hair.
On the one hand, they are shorter, and on the other –

Car with lengthening

If desired, you can make oblique fringe or even do without
her As for the shade, it is better to choose natural
colors, as the hair looks unusual.

Attention! Several front strands can be dyed
in a lighter shade to achieve a rejuvenating effect.

The advantage of short haircuts

Asymmetrical haircut for short hair is a bold decision,
Therefore, it is important for women to think carefully before going to the hairdresser.
It is recommended to get acquainted with the advantages
hairstyles to make it easier to decide.


  1. You can emphasize certain advantages of appearance. For example,
    asymmetry can distinguish lips, ears, or a graceful neck.
  2. This haircut is difficult to spoil, so with her
    cope even inept hairdresser.
  3. Non-standard hairstyle attracts enthusiastic to the girl
    glances. To surprise others, you can additionally paint
    hair in an unusual color and also perform a perm
    or graduation.
  4. Asymmetrical haircut easier to lay. No need to use
    invisible or gum, as well as a long time to achieve a neat

Short haircuts

It is recommended that you read the photo to make it easier
pick the perfect hairstyle. Worth it
consult with an experienced hairdresser, as he will help you choose
the most winning option.

Possible disadvantages

Of course, non-standard hair has its own
cons, which also can not be forgotten. If they are women
Do not confuse, then we can safely agree to the experiment.

The disadvantages include:

  1. Appearance may become less feminine. Of course, not always
    appearance becomes more stringent. Many girls are very
    go sloppy hairstyles, while they emphasize
    femininity and tenderness.
  2. Strands have a long time to grow. If a woman and so wears
    short haircuts, then this should not confuse.
  3. We have to regularly visit the hairdresser. If not long
    hair cut, then the contours of hair will be washed away, which is why
    appearance will be sloppy.

Haircuts asymmetry has long been the first
among popular hairstyles. At least once in a lifetime a girl should
Decide to experiment and try a new image.

Who is suitable short asymmetrical haircuts

New Image

Similar hairstyles are suitable for many girls, as there are
different types of haircuts. At the same time, it is possible to single out those women who
definitely worth the experiment.

Who is suitable asymmetry:

  1. Girls with clear skin. Short hair emphasizes the face and
    on that, if there are flaws on it, it will strike the eye.
  2. Girls with a clear oval face. Hairstyle will focus
    on the dignity of appearance, so short strands will
    look great
  3. Girls with a little nose. They are great non-standard
  4. Girls with not very symmetrical or irregular features
    can also benefit from a similar haircut, depends on
    creativity master hairdresser.

Other women can also create a new image, but only
Care should be taken when choosing haircuts.

This video shows how an asymmetrical haircut is cut at
short hair

Focus on bangs

Bangs goes to many women, you just need to pick
the best variety. In the case of short hair
We can recommend the following types.

Short diagonal asymmetric fringe

It is located within the forehead and visually lengthens
face. Explicit asymmetry is suitable for thick and dark
strands. The image is easy and easy.

Diagonal silhouette is recommended to combine with “square” and
“bob”, as well as ultra-short haircut “pixie”.

Haircuts with diagonal milled bangs

A good option for those of the fair sex
who want to look stylish and feminine. Bang should
start from the top of your head and get to your chin, while
It can be combined with a bob and bob haircut.

Haircuts with bangs

In this case, the hairstyle will look as much as possible.
attractive and make the image more feminine.

Asymmetrical long bangs

Short hair with asymmetrical bangs always looks
outside the box. It makes hair bulky and attracts enthusiastic.
glances. Long bang with asymmetry suitable for all
haircuts. The main thing is to choose its optimal length in
depending on facial features.

This video shows a short bob haircut with asymmetry and
the way to do it.

How best to cut thin hair

If strands are exhausted and dry, then you need to pick
hairstyles, visually adding volume. For example, you can
make a “pixie” or asymmetrical quads.

Important! Uneven strands will create additional
volume, and from this the woman will benefit.

What hairstyle with asymmetry fit curly hair

If the hair is curled, then this is not a problem for short haircuts.
On the contrary, the female hairstyle with curls looks elegant and
modern. You can try to make a shortened
caret and even add a bang.

In addition, the option “pixie” and even a haircut “cap” will do.
Waves add femininity, and the image will look
incredibly fashionable.

Hairstyle for curly hair

Asymmetrical short haircuts for obese women

Overweight is not a hindrance to an attractive exterior.
kind of. You can make a graduated bean or the standard form
haircuts with elongated front strands.

A cropped four of a kind is also a great option, as it will make the face
more slender and refresh image. Even the “pixie” fits full
women, the main thing that was asymmetric

It is recommended to consult with your hairdresser in order
to find the best option for the lush beauty.

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