Trendy garrison for short hair: options for bold and stylish, 19 photos

One of the popular options for short and very short hair
– haircut garcon. This playful and easy-to-care hairstyle
young, emphasizes beautiful facial features. Based on it
You can do a lot of styling, from casual careless to
exquisite evening.

  • 1 Garson: who will suit him
  • 2 Haircut Options
    • 2.1 Classic Garcon
    • 2.2 Ultrashort haircut
    • 2.3 Long Hairstyle
    • 2.4 voluminous bangs
  • 3 Styling Options

Garson: who will suit him

Photo 165The essence of the haircut is simple and laid down in the title.
Popular “under the boy” means milled strands,
forming a neat little head.

Most options include bangs, it can be
thick or voluminous, torn, trimmed along the scythe and combed
on the side.

Garson is performed on hair of different lengths, strands can
to reach the lower jaw or the middle of the ears
combined options.

Hair does not require perfect workmanship from a hairdresser, she
able to adjust the shape of the head, emphasize or
mask the features of the face.

Garson is most often chosen by young girls with fragile
miniature figure. Haircut adds dynamism to them
mobility, emphasizes youth and grace. However, this does not mean
that for older women, styling will not work.

Ladies of elegant age may well try it on. Right
selected length and experiments with bangs will help you lose a dozen
years, make the image stylish and modern.

Based on the basic haircut, you can make a variety of styling, widely
using styling tools and hair accessories.

The boy’s hairstyle is perfect

  • owners of straight or wavy hair;
  • slender girls of small stature;
  • women who do not want to spend hours daily styling;
  • owners of oval, triangular, heart-shaped faces;
  • Anyone who likes to experiment with styling and does not have
    opportunities to frequent a hairdresser.

Photo 166Despite the relevance, simplicity and
versatility, hairstyle is not suitable for all women.

It is unlikely to decorate too full of ladies with a voluminous lower part.

Not suitable for laying and girls with a disproportionately small

Smooth short strands only underline this flaw.

Haircut Garson for short hair does not look too nice
on girls with a heavy square or rectangular face.
Hair ending near the ears and tight-fitting head,
will draw attention to the heavy lower jaw and will deprive the appearance

To always look stylish hair, have
adjust it at least 1 time in 30-40 days. Much
depends on the speed of hair growth. Slightly lengthened strands not
spoil the drawing, but overgrown bangs, whiskey or hair on
the back of your head will look sloppy.

Here are some more examples of haircut garcon for short hair, photo:

Photo 167 Photo 168

Haircut options

Before you decide on a hairstyle, you should carefully evaluate
reflected in the mirror. Consultation with a stylist will not hurt
or view fashion magazines. Garson is popular among
models and actresses, which makes it easy to find an example for
imitations with a similar oval face and body type.

Particularly attentive is to be girls with a round face or
overly plump cheeks. The right haircut can
hide this flaw by visually narrowing the cheekbones and lengthening

Classic Garcon

Universal version, especially beloved by young girls. Strands
cut their hair short, bangs and nape volume with the help of
filigreeing. Whiskey slightly lengthened.

Photo 169 This haircut slightly pulls the face and emphasizes
beautiful lip line. On its basis, you can create a variety of
hairstyles, from grunge to emphatically elegant.

Short haircut

Requires fairly thick straight hair. Short bangs
trimmed in the form of a symmetrical arc with a slight bend and
underlines the brow line.

Photo 170 Suitable for owners of a perfectly oval or
slightly elongated face with elegant chin, visually lengthens
the neck. A generous portion will help keep your hair in order.
modeling gel medium fixation.

Long hairstyle

A good option for girls who first decided on a short
haircut. Strands on the back of the head and temples can reach the bottom
jaws, shorter at the crown.

Photo 171 Best of all it looks like a combination of volumetric top with
uneven ragged strands at the bottom. Hairstyle allows
emphasize beautiful eyes and is able to hide not too thick
hair, giving them the missing pomp.

Volume bangs

Thick fluffy bangs change the proportions of the face, making the image stylish
and mysterious. The hairstyle will suit the owners of thick tight

The required volume is achieved by thinning and requires special
craftsmanship from a stylist. Bangs can be straight or slightly
bevelled, constituting original contrast with minimal length
yarn on the back of the head.

And in this video shows a technique of similar haircut with
long bangs:

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Styling options

Girls who decide to cut a garcon should get
various styling products. With their help for a few
minutes, you can modify the hairstyle, giving it volume or
perfect smoothness.

Classic haircut is easy to lay in a deliberate mess.
Easy fixing foam will help. Tennis Ball Size
put on the entire length of the hair, and then pull your fingers strands in
right direction. To tips defiantly stuck in different directions,
they are further treated with liquid wax. From using varnish
can refuse.

Photo 172 Make a stylish evening styling will help liquid
gel. It is applied to the comb, strands are combed through the side parting
so that the bangs were slightly raised. Hair at the temple can be
Decorate with a hairpin with a large artificial flower.

Tired of short curls? On the basis of a haircut, you can create
Original evening hairstyle. Strands smoothly combed
back and fixed with gel. On the back of the head a hairpin is pinned in the form
bundle or spit. You can replace it with a rolled up scarf.

A good addition to the haircut will be the right one.
makeup. Hairstyle under the boy requires emphasized
feminine lines.

Lips can be emphasized with bright lipstick or fruit gloss,
eyes make out in style smokey. Color arrows look beautiful too.
or lush artificial eyelashes.

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