Trendy haircuts for medium hair: trends 2017

The fashion of the trend of haircuts is influenced by the image of stars and catwalk
images. Fashion lawmakers – designers in 2017 dictate new
trends that allow you to see familiar in the new decision

Prada makes the season hit simple lines of caret, seeing in it
elegant chic. According to Miuccia Prada, one of the trends
modern fashion – simplicity.

hairstyles from prad

Trim the tips of the hair – this is not relevant, the shock should
hang down in the form of a magnificent fox tail.

Extended bob square is the most common choice.
celebrities, its futuristic shade it gained thanks
Jennifer Lawrence’s style in the sci-fi movie Passengers.

Actually looks like a combination of a clear form of the skull and lush mound,
which is achieved by shaving individual parts of the head. These and
other popular haircuts of 2017 for medium hair we
Consider: who will go on what hair look, features
performance and styling, in what color look better.

  • 1 foxtail
  • 2 Caret
  • 3 Extra long bob squares
  • 4 Cascade
  • 5 Shaved side with pattern
  • 6 Page
  • 7 Hairstyles for medium hair in the style of boho
  • 8 Stylish haircuts for women after 40 and 50
  • 9 What is the fashion for bangs?
    • 9.1 Long bangs
    • 9.2 Straight bangs
    • 9.3 Betty Bangs
    • 9.4 Layered Bangs
    • 9.5 with banging
  • 10 Styling Options
  • 11 How to choose a coloring for a haircut
    • 11.1 Multitoning
    • 11.2 Coloring for cascading haircuts
    • 11.3 Contouring
    • 11.4 Coloring elongated caret
    • 11.5 Oil staining

Fox’s tail

The foxtail most clearly appears on the curls or
highlighting. General negligence of strands in combination with the game
shades will harmonize with the oval shape of the tail, and
multi-level hairstyles will allow to emphasize the individual

hair fox tail

Medium hair trimming is done by shaping.
tips or using a two-layer graduation. Hairstyle will not be
look if the hair is thin. The purpose of the haircut is to emphasize
volume of lush hair


Kare – comfortable haircut to medium length. Trends of the year make
topical types of car such as graded
asymmetrical. Special chic hairstyle gives the choice of bangs.
The most interesting combination of the year with the square is the speed

According to Vogue, Kare – the most fashionable haircut in 2017, meaning
car with side parting in the style of female workers of the 30s. “Here it is, new
elegance “- Miuccia Prada.

short square with side parting

Extra long bob square

The bob is cut off according to the principle of short hair on the back of the head,
elongated in the front, in the process of reaching the contour of the occiput may
graduation can be used, the length difference can be as
smooth, imperceptible, and sharp, contrast.

extended bob

One of the features of the bob car in 2017 is negligence,
which is achieved by a slight wavy strands


Cascade (ladder) – hairstyle option where the hair falls
by steps. The advantages of a cascade for hair of medium length:

  • a variety of styling options;
  • face shape correction

Looks best on an oval face type, thin straight
hair adds volume, on curly its effect is not noticeable. Exist
different types of haircuts depending on the shape that is taken
basis: square, bob or pixie, as well as the presence of bangs.

haircut cascade

This season, the cascade is relevant due to the ability to create
negligence effect, curls are clipped around the control strands in
in the form of a “cap”, that is, the ladder begins to descend no lower
temporal line. With styling on the head, you can create
creative mess that will give naturalness and
ease of appearance.

Shaved side with pattern

Trendy haircuts for medium hair 2017 include hairstyles with
a shaven temple is a rather bold move. To suit this

  • wishing to emphasize their originality and
  • girls with a beautiful shape of a head and with regular features
  • rockers

These asymmetrical haircuts have a pronounced youth
character, they emphasize the owner’s sexuality and allow
draw attention to yourself. Shaving the temples in 2017
add shaved various shapes.

It can be shaved and painted as one temple or two. Not
all such hairstyle goes. She looks better on dark hair.
Haircut looks great with an interesting form of hair, to her
wavy, careless curls, highlighting and coloring are suitable.
The main rule – the main shock should not look boring and

These trendy hairstyles emphasize the bends of the neck, with them perfectly
look jewelry, bright makeup.

For home use: you can shave the temple
independently using trimmer on some typewriters
There are tips for modeling the picture.


Haircut Page does not go to all owners curly and thin
hair does not fit. Hairstyle in harmony with diamond and oval
face shape. This type of haircut is appreciated by the smoothness of the transition lines from
thick bangs to the shock of hair in the form of a cap.

haircut page

Perfectly even shape allows you to express the play of color, therefore
The hairstyle looks favorably with creative coloring. Underlines
facial contour, cheekbones, chin, eyes. She can safely do those
who boasts the beauty of the eyes, a clear oval.

Hairstyles for medium hair in the style of boho

The boho style is a bohemian style derived from the gypsy, his
features is the combination of ethnic motifs with modern
things, a combination of rough and delicate materials. Boho hairstyle
characterized by the following features:

  • romance,
  • naturalness
  • creativity.

How to achieve this on average hair length? For achievement
natural negligence can be used:

  • multitonal highlighting using shades of walnut,
    blond, wheat blonde;
  • braiding;
  • curling individual strands with an iron

boho hairstyles

Braided headbands are used as accessories.
artificial flowers. To cut hair in the style of boho need
use graduation and torn strands, as well as create a thick

Stylish haircuts for women after 40 and 50

Ladies over 40 may experience deterioration in hair quality:

  • Tarnished, rare, thin locks;
  • Gray hair;
  • Growth retardation

Average length may be the only available option, with
which hair looks good, long hair can look liquid, and
short haircuts do not all go.

Therefore, the haircut should have a beautiful shape that will distract from
disadvantages of hair texture, create additional volume
present staining that may be necessary due to
gray hair

Universal option for women in age – this is bob haircut:
multi-layered, asymmetrical, with a wave, as well as a cascade.

What fashion for bangs?

Bangs designed to draw attention to the eyes, adjust the shape
face and give the finishing touch to your hairstyle.

The stylists of 2017 deviate from a clear geometry, it is noticeable in
bangs. Main features bangs:

  • naturalness, carelessness;
  • smooth flow;
  • graduation, torn strands

Long bangs

Long bangs in 2017 should be:

  • asymmetrical
  • oblique
  • torn
  • stepped


It is good, when in bangs the basic shades are well looked through
staining. The general direction of laying – long bangs should
merge with the bulk of the hair, not separating from it.

Straight bangs

Straight bangs to achieve fashionable relevance should be
added to the sides with longer strands.

Bangs betty

Bang Betty Page gets a special chic with wavy, torn
strands, but it is worth remembering about natural colors. Clear
bangs geometry must be combined with careless laying and
natural beauty.


Layered bangs

Layered long bangs have strands of different lengths, short
shorn in several layers and stacked by shaping
the bottom layer and with the help of a pile on the upper to create

Bangs with thinning

Filirovka is a type of cutting a bang with thinning scissors,
which allows at the expense of thinning the tips to achieve the necessary
forms when laying. The bangs look light and airy.

Styling options

  1. On straight hair to achieve stylish negligence can be woven
    pigtails and creating a slight waviness of individual curls with
    special spray. piling with pigtail
  2. The fashion includes super straight hair, ironed.
  3. straight hair cut hair
  4. All kinds of styling are popular for creating an effect.
    stylish carelessness.

styling with fashionable negligence

How to choose the coloring to cut

The choice of coloring can also be dictated by fashion. In that
season, the tendency to naturalness and simplicity has to choose
natural shades of light brown, caramel, sandy, warm

In this video, an expert talks about fashion trends in

Gone is the use of contrast between strands, color
should smoothly flow from one shade to another. The following
Modern technology will help achieve this effect.


Multitoning is the type of coloring where it is chosen
2-4 tones, one of which is several tones lighter than natural,
and the second, on the contrary, is darker.

This achieves the flow of tones from one to
another, the smaller the step between the shades, the smoother
overflow Now it is a very fashionable coloring option for
achieve natural harmony.

Coloring for cascading haircuts

Fashionable trends in coloring on cascades have several

  • Baby Light – copies the principle on which fade in the sun
    hair in girls.
  • Wine shades in trend (play of plum, eggplant,
    cherry shades and cocoa).
  • Brunettes choose delicious ones to get closer to naturalness.
    chocolate shades.
  • Fashionable micro-strand coloring, accurate filigree work
    barber allows you to get a very structured look
  • Coloring in the form of a pattern. The procedure is very delicate and
    expensive, but gives an elegant result.

fashionable coloring


Hair contouring is done with light strands and dark
tones. This is a technique designed to correct the shape of the face.
bright highlights are placed in certain places of the head to
visually change the perception of the face.

Kinds of contouring:

  • Flash Light;
  • strobe – a way to create the impression of brilliance;
  • melting technique can give facial features tenderness and

Color staining elongated caret

Dyed square on medium hairLong caret can
look favorably due to color.

Fashionable shades:

  • caramel, cognac, chocolate shades for brunettes;
  • fair-haired go nude colors;
  • the most fashionable blond shade is pearl;
  • the red colors of this season should be dark;
  • ashy shades can be introduced in highlighting or
    coloring that will give your hair a clear, stylish
  • One of the current shades is strawberry blond.

Oil staining

One of the novelties of 2017 is the use of
coloring oils.

Oil dyeing that gives shine to silk and beautiful colors
divorce, resembling a gasoline stain, looks very

Now on the hair can be achieved overflow of colors.

At the same time, the novelty does not spoil, but according to the promises of the manufacturer
restores hair, its use does not require
pre clarification. For home use oil
can be purchased online.

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