Trendy haircuts for teenage girls

hairstyles for teenage girlsEvery teenager is watching
with your hair. Choosing haircuts for teenage girls is
difficult task. Experienced hairdressers and fashion
magazines with photos, while, of course, you need to take into account preferences
the girls themselves.

Selection rules

Hairstyles for teenage girls are chosen according to the appropriate
haircuts Some teenagers prefer short
haircuts. The advantages of this choice include easy care. However on
It is based on fewer options for different hairstyles Short
haircuts are not for all girls.

Teenage hairstyles based on long hair are presented in
more choices. If the braid or tails do not like, then
can do other weaving. Such teen hairstyles are always
Look neat and fashionable. Most often, girls prefer
spikelet or half hair. Such hairstyles for teens can
decorate with various hairpins and rubber bands.

Teen haircuts are selected based on the subject of the upcoming
celebrations. A basket made of braids and
shishechka. Teenage hairstyles will look original for
girls to the celebration with curls and curls.

Such fashionable haircuts will look good on medium hair too.
length, will not be a hindrance and bangs. Hair is stacked with a hair dryer.
and a special comb. In this case, the tips are processed mousse. On
such hair curls look original. Other hairstyles for
girls with medium hair length look at least original.
You can make a parting zigzag by fixing the front strands on the side with
using barrettes.

Experienced hairdressers recommend that adolescents give up
some adult haircuts and hairstyles that are characterized
numerous additional details. Hairstyles for teens need
choose such that they personify youth, emphasized
lightness and immediacy.

Practical advice

Teenage girls who are active in dancing,
It is recommended to do the following hairstyle:

  • initially comb hair well;
  • on the crown is going to tail;
  • the end is taken in hand and wrapped around the elastic;
  • at the same time it turns out with hair;
  • The resulting ball is secured with studs.

A more complicated option is the following hairstyle:

  • tail is done;
  • hair is passed through the gum;
  • small strands are wrapped around the elastic band.

holiday hairstyles for teenage girlsFestive trendy hairstyles are often
presented in the form of braids with interwoven ribbons of different colors.
To do this, you need to prepare gum, studs, stealth and three
ribbons of different colors. The length of each should not be less than 1 m.
Initially, you need to comb your hair well. Ahead is done
parting, starting from the crown and ending with the temples, in the form
triangle. It is secured with the help of barrettes and left on
some time. The hair on the back of the head is made in the form of a tail,
which is divided into three equal parts.

Two of them are fixed with hairpins. Tied to the third
ribbon, with the knot to hide under the hair. Spit trudging
together with the tape so that it is at the top. the end
fixed with a rubber band. Similarly, the rest of the two
parts. Next, the braids are stacked on the back of the head around the elastic band. First
It is made in the form of a flower and fixed with the help of hair clips. Ends
Ribbons can be tied with a bow.

To give the volume of the spit can be a little fluff. Original
hairstyles for girls with a large flower of braids will look,
swirled around the first part. You can make three flowers
fixing each of them with studs. For registration
hairstyles in front you need to take a small strand on top and start to weave
braid from the inside along with the side strands. Braided braid is gone
side and closes the parting.

If haircuts for girls imply bangs, then you need to immediately
weave pigtails. Otherwise, the pigtail of

Unusual “flagella”

To make this original hairstyle for teens, you need
collect hair on the back of the head. Next, the top is separated
small strands and curled in the form of flagella. To fix them
used gum. You can put your hair in several

  • parting is done;
  • on the right and on the left are taken strands of small width, which
    alternately twisted in different directions;
  • for their fixing are used stealth.

A more difficult option has 4 tracks. Initially required
wet hair, dividing them in the middle of the parting. Right and
on the left is divided once again into two parts. One strand stands out from
nose bridge to the middle of the eyebrow. The other is up to the outer end. Strands
you need to twist in turns rollers and fix the hairpins. Such
Teenage hairstyle for girls can be done at home.

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