Trendy haircuts or creative fashion

fashion haircut photoEach
modern woman considers the topic of haircut relevant. According to
experts, you just have to competently choose a woman’s style and
fashionable haircut, how it truly transforms. Nice haircut
helps a woman lose a few years. Let’s turn to
world fashion and determine what kind of haircuts in fashion in 2016. BUT
do you know about the recent Paris fashion week in which
Did many hundreds of world stars take part? But they
walked along the runway and showed exquisite along with the outfits
trendy haircuts …

Fashionable youth haircuts 2016

Fashionable women's haircuts 2011 photoLet’s highlight a few trendy
trends. As for the youth haircuts, then prevail
desires to conquer, attract attention, seduce. New york
Fashion Week shows that at the age of 16-25 years healthy fashion
hair, alluring luxury, and haircut – a kind of framing
this wealth, aimed at enhancing the enchanting magic of hair. But,
It should be noted that for lovers of short haircuts, fashionable
lawmakers were quick to propose a number of new original

Fashion haircuts photosNote that
many Hollywood stars choose trendy youth haircuts 2016
of the year. They become owners of short and short haircuts.
These are famous personalities such as: Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes,
Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone and many others. On the advice of stylists,
Fashionable haircut in 2016 will be, above all,
creative haircut done!

creative haircut photo AT
this year, the skillful chaos that gave the image found approval
coquetry and childish immediacy. Will it be fashionable
bangs? Yes Yes Yes Yes. And this is best demonstrated.
Carolina Trentini. At the New York fashion show, she went to the fashion show with
super long bangs I would like to give a list of the most trending
youth haircuts this season:

bob haircut photo
1. Haircut Bob

For years not out of fashion, Bob’s haircut is gaining momentum again.
But this time the classic gives way to creative options.
execution. Mostly this happens by highlighting
asymmetrically trimmed bangs and strands of hair of different sizes.

haircut pot photo2. Haircut “Pot”

Having been in fashion week, many wonder if this
Is the haircut in fashion again? This fact was confirmed by the famous supermodel
Irina Lazaryan, who offered to wear women on TV screens
fashionable haircut pot. Stylists notice some naivety and
femininity in this haircut.

haircut photo3. Haircut Kare

This year, fashion has preferred haircut – Kare average
lengths (semi-long care). If you want to keep up with the times,
pay attention to this option.

haircut hedgehog photo4. Haircut “Hedgehog”

Haircut is beautiful in its exotic and extreme. But
it is worth remembering that if you have a lush face, then it is not your

Fashionable women’s haircuts for long hair

Fashionable women's haircuts photoLong hair is gorgeous
decoration of any girl. If Mother Nature has endowed you with this
wealth, do not neglect such a generous gift, do not carry
short haircuts. This is at least not reasonable! Trendy haircuts on
long hair – this is the choice of girls with a good sense of style.
The world’s leading hair stylists offer a range of haircuts,
occupying the top positions in 2016. Here are some of them:

1. Long bangs and waterfall curly strands

It is rightly noticed that this season is a season of long thick bangs. AT
any haircut, it is now almost a mandatory attribute. Besides
curly curls, she looks gorgeous on the face of the owners
smooth, smooth hair.

2. Flowing curls and curls,

Large and small, resilient or loose, they are wonderful in close
symbiosis with a haircut “Cascade”. Curl tresses at the ends of the hair and
part and get another option from the set
cascade variations.

3. “Ladder with lengthening.” Hairy

This season will return to the hairstyle haircuts with hair.
Stylists welcome any of their options. Based on the ladder with
lengthening due to scaling gives volume to the root zone

4. Asymmetric haircut “Double

You are bored with routine, experiment with the length of the strands in
faces. Stylish asymmetric haircut for long hair – what
you need this season. Creating a double hairstyle, you
you will get hair, shortly trimmed in front. With this behind
their length will be fully preserved. Based on this haircut you can
make hundreds of different layouts.

Fashionable men’s haircuts

fashionable muzhksky hairstylesI hurry
offer you examples of fashionable men’s haircuts for the 2016 season. (on
основе английских и испанских технологий: Toni&Guy, American
Crew, Vidal Sassoon, LLongueras).

What could be faster than changing men’s haircuts in
2016 season? This process is as rapid as change.
in women’s haircuts.

male haircutsQuickly share everything
haircuts in three main areas: short haircuts, haircuts on
medium hair and haircuts for long hair. Favorites in this
The season became fashionable men’s haircuts for short hair. In fashion
brutality. 70% of men prefer this particular category.
Their choice becomes clear by criteria such as business style,
masculinity, sportiness and minimalism in hair care.

Some men tend to avoid medium length haircuts.
hair. Some are not sure that this haircut will fit their
structure of the hair, many do not want to spend extra time on
everyday care.

Classic haircut of a successful businessman

This season will look superb fashionable low-key haircut
coupled with well laid on the side bangs. The main criteria here
are the minimalism of the application of styling products, restraint and

Professional style worker creative sphere

men's haircut photoPeople like that
Occupations often attend various events. On each of them
you need to look different, but, nevertheless, restrained and
elegantly. Here in the fashion shortly cut hair behind and
sides. Plus a bit of lengthening on the bangs, which, thanks to such
length, amenable to any styling:

  • Loose bangs
  • Slightly ruffled bangs
  • Bang licked back and sideways.

Fashionable men’s haircut in the style of “Retro”

male haircut retro photoWant to be in trend of squeaking this
season, retro style? Then choose your idol in Hollywood
hero of the 50s. Determine whether you are going long, licked
back fringe paired with a short haircut? If yes, then with the head
Immerse yourself in this style of edvis presley.

Men’s haircut in the style of “Cock”

male haircut cook photoCreatively stylize the theme of coca – in
the main task of famous hairdressers. Execution haircut with regard to
trends of the 50s, where in the foreground a large amount of hair type
Coca hanging over the forehead is truly the work of a master. Also in
this season at the peak of popularity chaotically laid strands
interspersed with crisp wide strands.

“Rearing fringe”

rearing bang photoStill
one fashionable creative styling, fashionable in the 2016 season
are examples with a standing bang formed from rebellious
up strands, of course, with the help of styling products (foam,
mousses, varnish, styling).

Asymmetry in male haircuts with bangs

asymmetric male haircut photoIn the season of 2016. Effectively.
looks like a short asymmetry in haircuts with bang hanging on
male face. It gives the advantage of a smooth and long bangs,
which can hang over one eye. This kind of haircut will go
thin, elongated and oval faces. Want to give the image
drama – forward to the salon for this haircut! Just remember
that it must be graphically accurate.

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