Types and varieties of dandruff on the hair

One of the most unpleasant problems that can happen to
hair is dandruff. It’s easy to lose self-confidence
because the constant “snow” on clothes and hair attracts too much

But dandruff is quite removable, you only need to figure out why
she appeared. And for this we shall understand in order. girl looking for dandruff

What does dandruff look like

The content of the article:

  • What does dandruff look like
  • Types of dandruff and treatment
  • The main causes of dandruff
  • Diagnosis and treatment of dandruff
  • Conclusion

Dandruff, or seborrhea – a disease caused by a fungus under
Malassezia Furfur. It occurs for a number of reasons, and in
In each case, you need to understand separately.

Externally, these scales, which are abundantly covered with hair and skin
head They come in different colors, shapes and thicknesses depending on
a certain type of disease. dandruff Do you have dandruff?

Dandruff under the microscope

If you look at the scalp under a microscope, then with seborrhea
markedly layering of detached cells, as well as the activity of the
fungus, and causing excess keratinized skin particles. Fine
This fungus is present, but does not bother the owner. But
some reasons can increase his activity, and that’s when
Dandruff occurs. IMPORTANT! When
the onset of symptoms of seborrhea is necessary to turn to
a doctor who will prescribe treatment. Self-medication
can only worsen the situation. dandruff under the microscope

Types of dandruff and treatment

There are several different types of dandruff. Each is different as
external manifestations and causes. And that means
treatment in this case must be appropriate.

Dry dandruff

In this form, flakes do not flake badly, they are white or gray.
colors, scalp itching severely and easily inflamed. Typical
dry hair and poor growth. It is with this form of seborrhea
most “snow” on clothes. On the scalp it can
scratching occurs, and hair falls out stronger.

This is caused by poor sebum production, poor performance
sebaceous glands. Skin and hair follicles do not get enough
moisturizing, therefore, excessive detachment of skin cells occurs.
Anything can cause this sebaceous gland dysfunction – and
stresses, and improper diet, and hormonal disorders.

IMPORTANT! Especially distinguished as causes
avitaminosis and genetic predisposition. Dry
dandruff is treated with both drug and folk
means. | Very effective therapy 10% sulfuric
ointment for ten to fourteen days. There are special
medicated shampoos precisely for getting rid of dry type.

Greasy dandruff

Here, on the contrary, so much sebum is secreted, that in
combination with enlarged pores leads to fatty
particles of dandruff, increased oily hair and sticking strands.

With this type of dandruff, there are two subspecies: liquid and thick.
When the liquid form appears greasy greyish yellow layers on
the scalp and hair, and the skin itself resembles a bumpy
orange peel. Often there is a blockage of the glands and the appearance
eels. greasy

With thick form, slightly different symptoms. Dandruff also
fat, yellowish, but the main feature is a large amount
eels (both black and white). Under unfavorable course
diseases they can lead to a variety of infections.
The causes are similar to dry seborrhea.

IMPORTANT! Sometimes when untreated, oily
seborrhea becomes dry and more difficult to treat. She is treated
combined Requires taking the drug inside
(vitamins, hormonal preparations), ointments and special
shampoos for oily seborrhea. Folk remedies also come on

Mixed dandruff

This kind of combination of symptoms and dry, and oily seborrhea.
For example, dandruff will be dry on the scalp, and oily dash on the eyebrows.
Or zones on the head will be divided by manifestations: dry on
parietal, oily on occipital part. IMPORTANT!
Such seborrhea is dangerous with alopecia, which

Among the causes are called as the predominance of the male hormone.
testosterone and increased secretion of the sebaceous glands due to
hormonal disorders (often occurs in adolescents and pregnant
women). But this form is more peculiar to men.

This type of dandruff is treated comprehensively. Important
find out the real reason, and not just remove the external manifestations.
The main method is to normalize the hormonal levels when
relief drugs. the girl is scratching her head


This is a special kind of the same fungus, which only appears on
hair, without touching the skin. However, it is considered non-contagious, in
difference from other types of seborrhea. Her hair is covered
a network of grains, sand, resembling nits. And the skin at the same time
itchy and red.

IMPORTANT! This type of dandruff is often found in

It is difficult to display, but not passed on to others.
to people. The reasons are more hormonal in nature. Being treated
she is like other types of seborrhea. tubular dandruff in the hair

Seborrheic dermatitis

When dry growths and scaly lesions appear on the skin
red lesions diagnose seborrheic dermatitis.
Characterized by severe itching, inflammation of the skin. Hair becomes
dry, dull, easily broken and split. Risk of infection
infection is high because of severe itching people
combing the skin.

This type is treated, as well as seborrhea as a whole, but at preservation of an itch
and redness should be tested for lichen or other
diseases. Seborrheic dermatitis

The main causes of dandruff

We list the main causes of this disease.

  1. Reduced immunity, as a result –
    reproduction of fungus on the surface of the skin.
  2. Dysfunction of the sebaceous glands.
  3. Violation of the protective functions of the skin.
  4. Strong stress.
  5. Eating Disorder – Wrong Diet Either
    strict diet.
  6. Hereditary predisposition
  7. Hormonal disorders.
  8. Sharp climate change.
  9. Acceptance of some drugs.
  10. Unsuitable shampoo and other care products.

sick girl

Often, seborrhea is not one, but several reasons.
Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor in order to
discover the true factors that caused the disease.

Diagnosis and treatment of dandruff

To cure dandruff, you need to visit
trichologist. He will conduct all the necessary tests and
tests that show what caused the problem. Very often by
the results of the testimony of a person are sent to other specialists,
because the reason may lie in any internal processes and

When all the necessary medical diagnostics and
the root of the problem has been established, treatment can be started. Exists
a lot of tools that can help in this situation. reception at the doctor of the trichologist


Both local remedies and medicines may be prescribed.
ingestion. First of all, there are therapeutic and prophylactic
shampoos They must contain the following substances:

  • ketoconazole – destroys the fungus, but can
    addictive, in addition there are ketoconazole shampoos;
  • salicylic acid – eliminates dandruff and
    prevents its new appearance;
  • bifonazol – destroys the fungus, and to him
    addiction does not occur;
  • tar and sulfur – peeled off, removed from the skin
    dead cells.

Only in this case from such a tool will
sense Accumulating in the skin, they gradually destroy as
fungus and its effects. It is more efficient to use them in
combined with masks and lotions, which also contain active

Moreover, internal causes are treated in accordance with
test readings. Regulated hormones,
vitamins and trace elements are taken.

IMPORTANT! It is also necessary to improve your diet,
change his regime and refrain from products provoking
excessive sebum secretion.

Folk remedies for dandruff

Popular methods are good as auxiliary.
It has long been noted that there are ways to relieve seborrhea symptoms in
home conditions.

For example, natural and essential oils remove annoying
scales, restore the balance of the sebaceous glands, moisturize
or remove the blockage pores, and some – and destroy the fungus. Their
can be used in combination with each other in masks, and
add to shampoo or head mask for hair.

Apple cider vinegar used as a mask also relieves symptoms.
seborrhea. It is especially good for oily seborrhea, as it dries
skin IMPORTANT! When using vinegar and essential
oils strictly monitor the exposure time, so as not to
get burned Folk remedies for dandruff

Medicinal herbs suitable for shampooing and rinsing.
hair after it. They are good both in the process of exacerbation of the disease,
so for prevention. For example, nettle, calendula, chamomile,
burdock root and St. John’s wort are able to help with dandruff. In conjunction with
oils their alcohol solutions will also be effective.

Sea salt dissolved in water in the ratio of 1 tablespoon
0.5 liters of water, applied as a mask to the roots of washed hair and
lasts 5-10 minutes. This method helps to destroy the fungus.
and relieve itching.

IMPORTANT! These methods work only in
complex treatment, otherwise you can start treatment

Treatments for the disease

Massage of the scalp helps very well – as when washing the head,
to get rid of excess scales and dry hair to
stimulate the flow of blood and lymph to the bulbs and skin.

A variety of physiotherapy procedures work well.
They are prescribed by the attending physician. These include:

  • ozone therapy – for drying and cleansing the skin;
  • mesotherapy – to improve immunity and restore nutrition
    skin cells;
  • laser therapy – destroys the fungus, relieves inflammation and
    irritation, improves blood circulation;
  • Darsonval procedures,
    Bioptron – destroy pathogenic bacteria, fungus.


They are especially effective in combination with medication.

Do not use dyeing and curling agents.
hair, as it only hurts them harder.

If possible, it is also worth giving up the hair dryer.
Another thing – vegetable dyes like henna and basma. They
additionally strengthen hair and nourish from the inside.

IMPORTANT! Clean the brushes and
comb, wash your hair in time, not giving hair much
get dirty.


So seborrhea is a disease that should be treated.
complex, depending on all the reasons for it.

You should not get involved in self-treatment, because of this situation
only get worse. But in the case of properly selected therapy with
by various means (both medical and folk) and
subsequent prevention, you can permanently remove dandruff.

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