Types of men’s haircuts – from antiquity to ours days

The fashion for men’s haircuts and styling is as changeable as
female Hairdressing trends for the stronger sex are undergoing
changes over the centuries.

modern haircut

The length of the hair, the way to wear them, the means to give them
spectacular view – each era comes up with more and more

  • 1 How did male hairstyles vary according to ages
  • 2 Types of haircuts for men
    • 2.1 Model and simple haircuts
    • 2.2 Simple
    • 2.3 Model
    • 2.4 Basic
    • 2.5 Combined
  • 3 Types of haircuts by technique
  • 4 Types of men’s haircuts in length
  • 5 Men’s Haircuts by Style
    • 5.1 Sport haircuts
    • 5.2 Boxing and boxing
    • 5.3 Playground
    • 5.4 On bald
    • 5.5 Beaver
    • 5.6 Military
  • 6 Classic versions of men’s haircuts
    • 6.1 Canadian
    • 6.2 British
    • 6.3 Caesar
    • 6.4 Hitler youth
    • 6.5 Princeton
    • 6.6 Tennis
  • 7 Creative haircuts
    • 7.1 Grunge style
    • 7.2 Hairstyles in a romantic style
    • 7.3 Voyage
    • 7.4 Sagittarius
    • 7.5 Retro
    • 7.6 Shaved sides
    • 7.7 With a tail
    • 7.8 Asymmetry
  • 8 How to choose the right haircut

How did male hairstyles change by epoch

In ancient times, primitive man little attention
Has given its hair. Long, uncombed hairs
—That’s the look of the then man.

The ancient Egyptians loved to cut their shoulders and evenly. Their haircuts are so
and called – “geometric”.

In ancient times, men were fashionable to shave their heads on bald or
short hair cut.

antique hairstyles

Ancient male Slavs loved long strands, adorned forehead

The American Indians, except for long hair, the head was decorated
feathers and beautiful weaving.


The Chinese shaved the frontal zone of the head, and left it behind.
length, plaiting thin braids.

In African tribes to this day they love weaving, decorating
small braids the entire surface of the head.

In the Middle Ages in some countries, for example, in France
shaved his head off criminals and troublemakers. In Europe in the era
Renaissance men loved elongated hairstyles.

hairstyles revival

In the 17th century, the French king-sun Louis introduced the magnificent

men's hairstyles of the 17th century

In the XVIII-XIX centuries, hair on the head of representatives
strong sex gradually lost its pretentiousness, haircuts
shorter, in the course were laying tools (diamond and
etc.) Handsome men always wanted to be.

Today, men’s hairdressing not less
inventive than in antiquity. Gradually from the gallant
gentlemen of the early twentieth century, it leads us to a neat and
clear haircuts of the 40s, elongated, combed back bangs 50s-60s,
long-haired hippies of the 70s (symbol of freedom), “shaggy manes”
non-formals of the 80s-90s, and a wide variety of shapes and haircuts
the beginning of the twenty-first century.


Types of haircuts for men

If you classify types of hairstyles, they differ in style,
technique, length and some other parameters. Will tell
more about this.

Model and simple haircuts

There are definitions in the world of stylists and hairdressers – simple
and model haircut. Only a professional can choose for you.
hairstyle ideally coming from the shape of the head, the type of hair, their
structures and even colors.


Usually such a concept characterizes the simplest manipulations.
master to give a man an updated look. Hair cut
by strand by strand. The length is almost the same (not
very short).


Model can be considered any haircut, which uses fantasy
and creativity barber. It is done using various
technician – shaving of some area, remaining length, asymmetry,
lengthening and the like.

model haircut

Depending on the model chosen, you can create any image –
glamorous, bold, businesslike, extravagant, etc.


This definition is used by professionals when based on
Basic haircuts can make the client any other. Unlike
classic version, the hair in this case is correct
edging, and carelessness in laying is missing.


As the name implies, this option successfully combines
basic and model types of haircuts for men. Under the master’s hands
tools literally “burn”, forming an interesting, expressive

Types of haircuts on the technique of execution

Stylists share haircuts according to the technique by which they
are performed:

  • multilayer graduated – length gradually
    increases at any of the sites;
  • asymmetrical cascading (length does not matter, hair, as it were
    layered on each other cascade).

Types of male haircuts in length

Today, men tend to change the length of their hair,
depending on mood and lifestyle. Stylists divide men
hairstyles on:

  • Short
  • short haircuts

  • Average.
  • medium hair

  • Long

long hair Interestingly, even the same haircut
can be performed by the master with regard to length. That is, Canadian,
for example, it can be made in a more extended version. Or hairstyle
“tail” can be both on the hair of medium length, and very

Men’s haircuts by style

To make it easier to choose which hairstyle to order the master,
look what style haircut belongs to.

Tip! Consider not only your lifestyle, but also
the condition of the hair, and the nature, and the ability to do daily
its appearance (some hairstyles require daily careful

Sport haircuts

Fashion on them entered the athletes. It is usually shortened
options, top slightly longer. Here are the names of men
hairstyles exist.

sports men's haircuts photo

Boxing and semi boxing

This option is suitable for many men only if you do not have
no flaws in the shape of the skull. The haircut is short
the upper part is slightly lengthened.


The difference between the halfbox is that in the area of ​​the crown, they are left more than

Attention! This technique can mask those
the flaws of the uneven head shape, so this view is perfect
for almost all males.


This haircut informs others about the charismatic toughness of its
owner due to the rigor of the form. Not everyone knows what’s different
it is called “caret”. Characterized by flat horizontal
a cut of a head of hair.


On bald

In another way – haircut “under zero”. Looks pretty impressive and
stylishly. Unfortunately, such a bright haircut is not for everyone


Irregular shape of the skull, hard and thick hair, like
dermatological diseases and skin defects will only spoil


The haircut was nicknamed so because of the similarity with a funny animal. But she
elegant and simple at the same time, and at the same time universal.


Its essence is that on the back of the head and the crown
hair flared, almost translucent. Therefore they are easy
put upright, which looks fresh and stylish.

Important! Hair must be tight and thick
because soft and thin curls will not be able to give an effect when they
upside down.


Army hairstyle gives courage to its owner,
brutality, some deliberate rudeness. Vegetation on the head
shave almost bald, leaving only a small part on the back of the head and
top of the head.


Military mowing can be done with a bias in the “box” or
half box, you can completely shave the whiskey.

Classic versions of men’s haircuts

If the sports theme is not close, and you are conservative by nature,
Look at classic hairstyles. They are also a lot, and stylists
achieved true art in terms of giving
unique image.


One of the most famous haircuts. Characterized by harmonious
a combination of long curls in the fronto-parietal zone and shortened
in the occipital-temporal.

This allows you to lay it always in different ways: carelessly,
evening, retro, avant-garde, elegant, etc. Read more
About the features of this haircut read: All about the popular male
Canadian hair cut


It is based on the British spirit, and this
means recklessness, rebellion and inducing

So you do not confuse her in the “Canadian”, look closely:
“British” делается на среднюю длину. Front of the hair looks
quite long, but the back of the head barber leaves very


In fact, it turns out bangs, it can be combed back, but you can
lay on its side, with or without parting.


So called hairstyle with straight short bangs. AT
This is how the ancients looked like our contemporaries.
Romans of noble blood.


It will successfully look on straight hair, because curls and
the waves will only spoil the geometry.

Tip! Use it to hide the bumpy or
ugly, with protuberances, forehead.

Hitler youth

Her other name is haircut “under the fritz”. As in the previous one
hairstyle hair on the back of the head and temples short, but the top
different length, which or combed back, or laid on

Hitler Youth


Princeton University students have cut their hair just like this:
at the top, the hair had a length of 2.5-5 centimeters, and closer to the ears and
the length of the occiput gradually fades away.



Almost basic haircut for several options.
Классический “tennis” —это практически “под ноль” на затылке
and temples, but at the top everything is cut very short.


Has varieties according to degree of vystriganiya and left

  • beaver (at the top of the hair is very long, they can be styled
  • hedgehog (here they are even longer, so that when laying they stick out like needles
    have a hedgehog).
  • square (vegetation of about 1-2 centimeters in all zones
    head, forms almost square).
  • youth tennis (hairdresser leaves length at the top to
    it was possible to make the original styling).

Creative haircuts

Here are some more stylistic trends for those who do not
likes to be like others.

Grunge style

The wizard leaves quite long hair at the top of the head.
Challenge all the rules, bold and bright haircut. This rag and
deliberate negligence is achieved by proper installation
(hair dryer + pile).

grunge style

Romantic hairstyles

There are also a lot of them; any romantic will find something of his own.



In another way – the “cap”. Distinctive feature – volume in
crown, length gradually fades away.



Whiskey is short, the ear is open, hair is laid on a high oblique
parting. Bright asymmetry.



Laying like Elvis Presley – laid in Kok volumetric eddies.
Hairstyles 50s again come into vogue.


Shaved sides

Haircut speaks for itself. On the sides of the head vegetation
shaved almost “under zero”.


With a tail

A man of different length collects hair into a ponytail. Depending on
how it looks “before”, a variety of variations are obtained.

with a tail


Hair barber cuts unevenly, on one side of the head
they are longer, you can make a diagonal bang. Or torn that too
rather bold and avant-garde.


How to choose the right haircut

Choosing the right hairstyle, considering the shape of the face, correctness
skull, hair structure, your own lifestyle, daily desire
pay attention to your hair, you can hide flaws and
underline your merits.

The classic version of the selection of haircuts – is primarily
face shape determination.

Square face shape for a man — not
a flaw. This form will suit most haircuts, as
ultramodern, such as “fade” and “undercut”, as well as classic
options like “beaver” and “tennis.”

Chubby men, it is desirable to cut hair like that
so that there is a volume on top of the head (face in this way
visually expired), but on the sides should be almost
shaved. “Caret”, “Canadian”, “British” – ideal options for
this type.

Men with a rectangular shape are required
carefully select a haircut, so as not to stretch the face even more, but
balance the geometry. Do not cut the sides too short, do not
lay long eddies on the crown, upside down or sideways.

Wide face and cheekbones, pointed chin –
it is heart-shaped. Very short haircuts are only underlined.
the width of the forehead and the narrowness of the chin. But long hair or medium
the lengths are perfect for you, it will soften the image.

The oval face is the perfect shape.
Virtually any hairstyle will allow you to express your
individuality. Is that too long curls can make
your face is more round. Geometric haircuts and volume top
will give masculinity and brutality appearance.

choice by type of person

Naturally, the selection of hairstyle can not be ignored and texture
hair, their type. Wavy and curly goes the length, but the hard will
difficult to lay, for example, in the “underrun” and “voyage.”

Thin and straight look good in classic versions.

Some helpful tips in this video:

To look 100%, you should not be afraid to experiment –
the game is worth the candle.

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