Types of peeling acne

Cosmetology began to actively develop the last decade.
Among the significant achievements separately can be distinguished peeling from
acne. Many people often have questions about
expediency of the procedure. Is there a positive effect?
after face peeling? How often can you peel acne?
Answers to these and not only questions can be found below.


  • Chemical and mechanical peeling
  • Laser polishing: a brief description
  • Ultrasonic peeling

Chemical and mechanical peeling

Cosmetic peeling helps to restore optimal
the sebaceous glands, dry acne, clear pores from acne and
black dots. During such a cosmetic procedure
skin is saturated with natural collagen, which nourishes and improves
her condition. The procedure allows you to remove the cornified layer
epidermis. It is also necessary to note a significant effect in
improving skin condition and increasing blood circulation.

Chemical peels exfoliate and renew skin cells.
Retinoic peeling against acne. It significantly improves
skin condition. After the procedure, the facial skin begins
recover faster, and improves the sebaceous glands.
Greasy plugs are gradually removed, and the pores become clean.
A person can rejuvenate after a session. Retinoic
peeling and chemical peeling are the most popular among all
types of peeling.

These procedures are quite common. They
can be carried out exclusively in the cabin under the watchful eye
beautician. On the surface of the face becomes much less wrinkles,
brightens the overall tone of the face. Skin gains youthfulness and

Chemical peels can be carried out using crystals.
aluminum. They contribute to the normalization of skin tone and eliminate
keratinous particles of the epidermis.

Mechanical peeling can be both superficial and
deep. Within the framework of the surface method, various
types: borsazh, gommage and use of various scrubs.

Gommazh – a procedure in which cleansing is accompanied
using a variety of plant enzymes. The mask is applied on
skin and comes to complete drying. Then it is removed, and together with
the pimples dry out and start to fade.

Throwing a beneficial effect on the condition of the face. This procedure
It is carried out using a special brush. If a person has
low pain threshold, then this procedure is not suitable for him. If a
skin is oily, the procedure is recommended to be repeated once a week, and
if normal – then once in 1 month.

Laser polishing: a brief description

Laser polishing has a feasible effect on any skin
inflammatory processes.

Laser Resurfacing Procedure

As a result of exposure to laser radiation
stimulates the synthesis of new collagen in the dermis, due to which
there is a face skin tightening.

This procedure is the most popular in all cosmetic
salons. The skin of the face, even after 1 dose, rejuvenates, it
becomes soft and velvety. The laser affects various
imperfections of the face, ranging from age spots and ending

The session can be carried out no more than 3 times a month. The procedure itself is not
will take a lot of time. It lasts no more than 30 minutes. results
noticeable after the first use.

A small swelling may appear on the skin after taking it, but this does not
need to be afraid. This procedure also has a number of contraindications.
related to pregnant women, epileptics and people suffering from
diabetes mellitus.

Ultrasonic peeling

Ultrasonic Peeling

Peeling is based on careful and careful removal.
upper layer of the epidermis. Nothing terrible and painful
ultrasonic peeling of the face does not constitute.

Ultrasonic peeling is less traumatic. For the most part
parts it suits those patients who have excessively dry skin. is he
promotes complex skin cleansing and overall recovery
blood circulation.

It can also have several levels of purification: deep,
superficial and median. Deep cleaning is the most
complex and should be made only in a hospital.
Ultrasonic peeling is performed only in very rare cases.
when there are special prescriptions for it.

Before choosing the type of procedure, you must first carry out
diagnose your face with a dermatologist who can install
skin type and assign the necessary cleansing.

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