Types of perm and effective care after procedures

You have decided to change your image, do not waste time on
styling and do a perm hair? Of course, your curls
around the clock will look spectacular, but do not forget that
even the most expensive and gentle “chemistry” adversely affects
condition of hair and changes its structure.

curly hair Hair restoration after chemical
Curling involves intense regular care.

Ways perm

The content of the article:

  • Ways perm
  • Carving or gentle chemistry
  • What is cysteine ​​care?
  • Hair restoration after ironing
  • Transfer “about the most important” Care after chemical perm

Today there are several ways to chemical
waving. Depending on your preferences, type and condition
hair, you can choose the most gentle type of styling: types of perm

  • For healthy, hassle-free hair, normal chemistry will do.
    acid base;
  • Alkaline chemical, more gentle curling;
  • Carving – easy basal curling. Suitable for all types
    hair, except very thick and dense.

Classic permanent:

Make your hair permanent or classic.
perm. Apply two types of “chemistry”:

  • Alkaline – the most gentle. Its main drawback is short
    fixation period (up to three months). Curl will not hold on
    thick thick hair.
  • Acid perm. The hairstyle is performed using the makeup on
    acid base, which allows you to get a tight curl with
    enhanced fixation. However, the aggressive components used
    composition significantly harm the hair structure. Often, after
    chemical styling requires enhanced hair

Hair restoration after classical chemical

In your set of hair care products should appear
moisturizing masks, balms, oils:

  • Purchase special tools and complexes for recovery
    hair after chemistry, such as a cosmetic care series
    the hair of the Italian company Natura House “PBX + provitamin B5”,
    composition of which includes valuable components: royal jelly, extract
    boxwood, provitamin B5, honey and pumpkin seed oil;
  • After each hair wash, apply repair agents with
    proteins (balms, conditioners, sprays);
  • For styling and styling hairstyle use foam and sprays for
    hair care with a healing effect.

Note! Experts advise choosing
caring and restoring products of the same manufacturer.
Complementing each other, they work more
effectively.To perm looked
luxurious, and curls and curls retain elasticity, it is very important
condition of hair tips. Therefore, before curling them necessary
cut off

But no one will argue that the best, easiest and most inexpensive
hair care after chemistry – homemade masks without synthetic
components. Here are some recipes:

Mask with vodka

aloe mask

  • 1 yolk;
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice or aloe;
  • 20 grams of vodka.

Rub into the hair roots. After half an hour, rinse with shampoo and
rinse with acidified water.

Castor oil mask

Castor oil

  • Castor oil;
  • Honey;
  • Onion juice.

Mix the ingredients in equal proportions and apply on hair.
After 40 minutes, rinse with a decoction of chamomile and then clean
water The procedure must be repeated several times a week and hair
will gain elasticity and shine.

After applying any mask, you need to wear a bath hat and
wrap your head with a towel.

Important! For a sustainable healing effect
you need to carry out at least 10 caring procedures.

Carving or gentle chemistry

The method was proposed by Schwarzkopf. Carving
or easy “chemistry” – the long-term gentle chemical wave,
giving the hair root volume. Depending on the type and
hair structure it lasts 1 – 2 months. To create a hairstyle
used sparing chemical compounds that injure
curls to a much lesser extent than with conventional “chemistry”.

Photo. Examples of carving (can be increased)

The main feature of carving is that, if desired, hair
can be straightened with heat sprays and serums,
irons, as well as a hair dryer with a round brush.

Hair care after carving

Any exposure to chemicals has a negative effect.
effect on hair structure. On this basis, even so gentle
styling is recommended no more than once every three or four
of the month.

curly hair

Caring for “carving” hair is quite simple. For
It’s enough to follow general guidelines and use
care products (shampoos, balsams, masks), appropriate
condition of hair and their type.

General recommendations and methods of home hair care

  1. After any perming procedure, do not wash your hair in
    for several days. The composition should be fixed in the hair.

  2. Try to comb your hair less often and only comb with
    natural bristles or rare teeth.

  3. Important! Do not use a hairdryer. Hair should dry
    in a natural way.

What is cysteine ​​care?

Cysteine ​​hair restoration is new
a word in restorative hair care. If your hair
permanently stained or suffered as a result
perm, cysting is an ideal procedure to ensure
to return the head of hair vitality, elasticity and density.
Cysteine ​​is also relevant for those who are dissatisfied with excessively curly
hair The procedure does not straighten curls, but reduces the volume
curls, giving the hair a noble look.

cysteine ​​recovery

Cysteine ​​- a replaceable amino acid is part of the protein
(keratin), improves the structure of nails, skin and hair. With the passage
time, the amino acid content in the hair decreases, which leads
to a decrease in their density. Unlike straightening
(keratinization), cysteine ​​treatment nourishes the hair from the inside, which
makes them denser, shinier and obedient. In the salons
offer cysteine ​​treatment with flawless cosmetics amazon
Series (Amazon Series) and Remedy (Remedy). Cosmetics can also
use and at home, and the effect of the procedure
observed immediately after washing the head. To replenish amino acids
in the body you need to eat foods with high
protein content. Daily intake of cysteine
is 1.8 g

Table of protein and cysteine ​​content in 100 g
Product name Protein content Cysteine ​​content
Milk 3.7% fat 3, 29 g 30 – 32 mg
Unrefined rice 7.9 g 95 mg
Walnuts 15.2 g 210 mg
Salmon fillets 20.42 220 mg
Chicken fillet 21.5 230 mg
Chicken egg 12.56 270 mg
Peas 24.5 375

Benefits of Cysteine ​​Based Cosmetics

  • Easy and pleasant home care;
  • Gentle and persistent odor of all care products;
  • Important! Shampoos, masks, balms do not contain
    parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde !;
  • Consists only of natural ingredients;
  • Protects hair from sun, sea water and negative
    environmental factors.

Hair restoration after ironing

Women’s preferences change as spring weather. Someone
makes expensive curls, and many are not happy with curls and
apply various hairdressing tools to create
perfectly smooth hair. Straighteners or straighteners help quickly and
Easy to make a new hairstyle. But frequent use of the tool
causes curls to become brittle, dull and

Bad hair needs to be restored and will be useful here.
methods and methods presented earlier in the article: good cosmetics
for home hair care, homemade masks and gentle drying methods
and styling. There are a huge number of masks based on
are natural oils (castor, sea buckthorn, germ oil
wheat), honey, decoctions of herbs. We present to your attention
original home lamination method for hair restoration
after ironing:

  • 30 g of gelatin pour two tablespoons of warm water and
    leave for half an hour for swelling;
  • After swelling, dissolve the composition in a water bath or in
    microwave and add 50 g of hair balm;
  • Apply the mask to washed wet hair under cellophane and
    towel for 40 – 50 minutes;

Repeat the procedure weekly, and the hair will become dense,
shiny and healthy.

Transfer “about the most important” Care after chemical perm

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