Ultrasonic face peeling – effective and demanded salon skin cleaning


If you need an effective, painless and practical
instant skin cleaning, ultrasound facial peeling – that salon
the procedure that you need. Be sure to use it to
get rid of black spots and blackheads, swelling and rashes. Everything
Features of hardware peeling – here.


  • The effectiveness of the procedure
  • Indications for ultrasound peeling
  • Contraindications for cleansing the face with ultrasound
  • How is the procedure
  • Side Effects of Ultrasonic Facial Peeling

Ultrasound is a physical phenomenon that represents
sound waves. Their frequency is much higher than that
catch the human ear – for 20,000 hertz. It is often called
the greatest discovery of mankind, which is widely used in
many industries and sciences, particularly in medicine and
cosmetology. Perhaps, there is no such beauty salon, in which price list
does not appear ultrasonic facial peels. It is gentle, even gentle
way to clean the skin. Without destroying living cells and healthy tissues,
performs many additional functions: removes toxins,
rejuvenates, gives elasticity, improves color, cares. but
there are those who do not trust the novelties of modern hardware
cosmetology and is constantly looking for some kind of trick in this salon
procedure. Therefore, it is better to immediately debunk all the myths and reveal it.
small and big secrets.

What is ultrasonic face peeling

The effectiveness of the procedure

Going to the salon for this procedure, you should understand that
ultrasonic face peeling – surface cleaning,
and it is based on vibrations from ultrasonic waves. It is they who are so
affect the skin, that molecular bonds are broken in the cells.
The upper layer of the epidermis is loosened in this way and actively
peels off. Many clinical and laboratory tests
Proved the effectiveness of ultrasound peeling. After it, the skin is transformed into

  • becomes soft, velvety, tender, after all rough rough
    the top layer is removed;
  • improves color, becomes natural and smooth;
  • the texture and relief is smoothed;
  • cleaned of dirt, greasy deposits, toxins and other
    harmful substances pores;
  • improves breathing in the cells;
  • normal nutrition is provided;
  • faster delivery of oxygen to the tissues;
  • exchange processes are accelerated;
  • skin cells are updated;
  • enlarged pores narrow;
  • stimulates the production of collagen responsible for youth
    (elasticity and elasticity) of the epidermis;
  • wrinkles are smoothed.

So high efficiency ultrasound
face peeling due to the fact that it is not only high-quality cleaning
skin, but also massage by the waves produced by a special
equipment. After all, this procedure is innovative.
development of hardware cosmetology, widely used for
eliminate defects in appearance. However, deciding on ultrasound peeling,
you need to first consult with a beautician (or
a dermatologist), whether ultrasound is contraindicated to you.

Through the pages of history. French scientist
Colladon in 1826 for the first time determined the speed of sound under water.
This discovery marked the beginning of modern ultrasound

The effectiveness of ultrasonic facial peeling

What other types of peeling salons offer:

What do you know about facial rejuvenation that many

Indications for ultrasound peeling

Before the procedure, the skin should be examined by a beautician in order to
find out finally whether you need such cleaning at all. After all
many women initially find in themselves non-existent flaws and
they want to eliminate them by all means. And someone goes to the salon
just because all the girlfriends have long tried
ultrasound on yourself. So do in no way impossible. After all, there is
special indications for ultrasonic face peeling,
which must be observed:

  • a large number of black dots;
  • enlarged pores;
  • dark spots;
  • oily skin;
  • persistent inflammation, acne, acne;
  • peeling;
  • signs of aging, age-related changes;
  • thin skin, sensitive to other types of peeling;
  • photo aging;
  • wrinkles;
  • unhealthy, dull complexion.

Only if you follow all these indications, ultrasonic peeling
the skin of your face will have the effect you expect from it without
unpleasant consequences and complications. If your problem is not specified
in this list, consult a beautician to suggest
you other salon procedures. Alternatives in hardware
Cosmetology is always there. But it must also be remembered
contraindications for such cleansing.

The secret of exposure. In the created
The ultrasonic field has significant acoustic currents.
Thanks to them, when these waves affect the skin
all sorts of specific effects: medical, physical,
chemical, biological.

Special indications for ultrasonic facial peeling

Contraindications for cleansing the face with ultrasound

Numerous contraindications for
ultrasonic face peels do not allow many to enjoy
action of this salon procedure. Their list is so impressive because
that ultrasound is a physical phenomenon not yet fully understood. Not
scientific evidence on the further effects of such cleansing on health
person Therefore, all that experts doubt, horrible
to this list:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • oncology;
  • hypertension;
  • pustular rash;
  • irritation;
  • presence of pacemaker, intrauterine device;
  • any aggravated disease;
  • problems with the nervous system, mental disorder,
  • trigeminal neuralgia, facial nerve palsy;
  • infectious diseases;
  • endocrine system pathologies;
  • recent deep or medium chemical peels (if after
    these procedures took no more than 3 months);
  • newly sewn gold threads;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • sinusitis, sinusitis;
  • chronic dermatitis, psoriasis and many other serious skin
    diseases requiring long-term treatment;
  • kidney stones, gallbladder;
  • kuperoz.

If you have one of these diagnoses, if you –
pregnant or lactating if you have recently been to a cosmetologist for another
ultrasound facial peeling procedure
do. Ignore these contraindications
recommended. Otherwise, you will have to get rid of
effects and complications. If the beautician has allowed you this type
cleaning, it remains only to find out what awaits you in the chair

Curious fact. Ultrasound does not catch
human ear, so this salon procedure does not create
no discomfort for hearing.

When you can not do ultrasonic facial peeling

How is the procedure

During the procedure, an ultrasound machine will operate.
face peeling that produces high-intensity waves,
affecting the skin, refreshing and rejuvenating it. Some moments
during the procedure determined by the beautician depending on
individual characteristics of the patient, equipment and his
own skills and experience. If you preview the videos in advance,
how such ultrasonic cleansing is done, the procedure itself will be
not so scary. After all, the approximate scheme of carrying out is one for

Preparation stage

  1. Makeup removal – dirt and makeup residues are removed with
    special cleansing lotion.
  2. Cleansing – if the pores are very dirty, skin
    additionally treated with scrub, exfoliant or gommage (in
    depending on the type of epidermis). This allows the scales to be raised.
    keratinous layer, and then the ultrasound can penetrate the large
    the depth.
  3. Moisturizing is a necessary stage of such peeling. Skin covering
    Faces are treated with either a special gel or mineral water.
    This is due to the fact that the cleaning properties of ultrasound show
    yourself exclusively using the aquatic environment.

Cleaning stage

  1. Special nozzle in the form of an ultrasonic scrubber blade
    (apparatus) is applied to the face.
  2. A beautician on the massage lines slowly leads her. Patient in
    this time only feels the vibration of the apparatus, and even then not always, but
    only where the area to be treated is near the bone
    (this may be on the forehead or cheekbones).
  3. Paraorbital area (around the eyes) and the area near the lips
    ultrasonic peeling is not exposed, as it is very

Final stage

  1. To soothe the skin that has just suffered such
    stress, as well as consolidate the result, the beautician is usually
    makes a light massage.
  2. Then apply a moisturizing mask from the professional series.
  3. After that, the face is treated with a cream corresponding to the type.

These three stages of ultrasound facial peeling last about
half an hour. Results you will notice the very next day, but
you should not stop there: to prolong the effect,
cleaning is desirable to repeat after a couple of weeks. And during this time you need
help the skin recover from stress.

Stage of rehabilitation

Many for some reason ignore the skin care after ultrasound
peeling. But the recovery period will depend on
largely the results of the whole procedure. So keep in mind that in
For a week after such a face cleansing

  • use cosmetics;
  • clean and peel facial skin by any means;
  • expose the epidermis to ultraviolet light, high
    temperatures – this prohibition means that you can not sunbathe and walk in
    saunas, baths, solariums, to the beaches;
  • take medications.

If the contraindications for ultrasonic peeling were not
violated if the rules of skin care during the recovery period
were observed in accuracy, the results will only please.
Complications and side effects should not be afraid. Problems usually
begin with those who are not too serious about recommendations

Debunk the myths. Some salons
dare to assert in advertising that ultrasonic peeling
removes pigment spots on the face. Actually all he can
to provide in this direction is an easy whitening effect,
but no more than that.


Side Effects of Ultrasonic Facial Peeling

In rare cases, side effects occur.
after ultrasound facial peeling due to individual
features of the patient’s body, failure to follow the rules of care
skin during the rehabilitation period and even unprofessionalism or
beautician error. One way or another, but among the complications more often
the rest are diagnosed with the following unpleasant consequences:

  • swelling of the face in the field of ultrasound treatment;
  • severe redness that does not pass for a long time;
  • peeling, accompanied by painful sensations and
  • excessive dryness up to the formation of microcracks or
    on the contrary – enhanced production of subcutaneous fat;
  • pain when touched where it was held

Many women do not consciously go for this procedure.
after reading about the complications after ultrasound
face peeling. They do not know or simply do not want to understand that such
consequences – a very rare case. Moreover, to avoid the risk of their
occurrence is quite possible, if competently approach the choice
salon and beautician.

Keep in mind. Beauticians recommend
do ultrasonic facial peels in winter or at least in early spring.
This is the optimal time for the treated skin to not
subjected to ultraviolet radiation, – otherwise side effects
not escape.

Ultrasonic face peeling – one of the most effective salons
procedures providing high-quality cleaning of the skin.
Painless, not traumatic, not time consuming, by
compared with other services – even budget. Therefore not worth it
deny yourself the pleasure of experiencing its amazing effect on
to myself. Rejuvenation, toning, freshness, elimination of rashes
any kind of lightening and pigmentation you are guaranteed.

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