Unexpected use of beer in the composition cosmetic masks

Not all people are aware of the benefits this can bring.
alcoholic beverage like beer, if used in masks
for hair. Meanwhile, it has long been used as
natural cosmetics. Women have long noticed that
heady drink has an excellent effect on the hairstyle, if applied
hair mask with beer.

Beer for hair How does foam help hair become
healthy, strong and thick? There is no secret here,
just look at the composition of the beer. Its main ingredients are:
malt, hops, brewer’s yeast. It is they who provide hair
essential trace elements such as phosphorus, copper, magnesium and
calcium, iron, potassium. As well as vitamins C and B. Hop contains
phytoestrogen – the hormone of youth. That is why beer masks
accelerate the growth of strands, restore their structure.

It is important to know!

  • It is better to take the natural unfiltered and unpasteurized.
    live fermentation beer. It will be of great benefit to the hair,
    heal their follicles.
  • Only continuous application will relieve dandruff, eliminate
    scalp irritation and split ends.
  • People with blond hair should not use dark beer,
    as it may stain.

There are a large number of a variety of masks with the addition of
of beer. For each case, they add a certain
ingredient. The most popular beer masks recipes are pretty
simple, preparing and applying them does not take much time, but
the effect will be noticeable after a couple of applications.

The most simple but effective recipes

The content of the article:

  • The most simple but effective recipes
  • + Video beer mask for hair


Sage with Beer Prepare a decoction of 2 tablespoons of sage
and the same number of nettle leaves. For this grass is poured
0.5 hot beer. Leave for an hour to insist. The resulting infusion
filter and rubbed into the head. This procedure should be carried out
daily at bedtime for a month.

To strengthen curls

Beer for hair Mix a glass of beer with a glass of warm
milk (cream), pour into the mass a spoonful of olive oil and one
yolk. Once again, mix everything thoroughly, distribute well.
by hair. The head is insulated with polyethylene, the mask is left for 40


Olive oil Mix a glass of beer and a spoon of almond,
(peach, olive) oil. This composition is carefully distributed
through the hair, paying special attention to the roots. Warm your head on
half an hour.

For growth

Nettle A liter of beer mixed with so much broth
nettle. This composition should be rinsed hair, then, not
drying up, wrap them with a towel, wait 30 minutes and rinse
hair running water.

Revitalizing mask

Beer with orangesMix the egg yolk, half the pulp
banana and apple, crushed in a blender, add a glass of beer
and orange juice. Everything is thoroughly mixed, applied to
head for 20 minutes. Warm with a towel.

For pomp hairstyles

Bread and Beer Rye bread crust (100 grams) soaked
half a liter of beer for two hours. When the bread gruel is ready, its
uniformly applied to the curls and put on the head of polyethylene
package. After half an hour you should remove the mask with warm water,
Rinse with a weak solution of apple vinegar.

From oily shine

Honey and Beer Honey will help to get rid. A spoonful of honey follows
stir in a glass of warm beer, add the yolk there, all
to stir thoroughly. Apply the solution on the hair, leave on 20
minutes, then rinse with warm water.

To repair damaged strands

Yolk and beer Mix 100 grams of beer, one yolk
eggs and a tablespoon of rum. The resulting mixture is applied evenly on
curls, after 20 minutes, wash off with water with a little addition of juice

You can also carry out a simple massage of the head with heated beer.
A glass of frothy drink is slightly heated to a comfortable temperature and
light massage movements rubbed into the hair roots. Leave on
15 minutes.

Beer mask for hair has the effect almost immediately. Strands
become obedient, fluffy, smooth and shiny.
Only to fix the result is better to use masks
with beer systematically. If you have time, it is better to do two
or three treatments per week.

And if there is no time, then you can use beer as an independent
means as a final rinsing procedure at each
washing head. However, with this approach, there may be a problem with
unpleasant smell of yeast from the hair. But on this occasion you can even
Do not worry, the smell disappears very quickly. In a pinch
You can also use the air conditioner.

Thus, the much-loved intoxicating frothy drink is
just a storehouse of all the necessary micronutrients and vitamins for
recovery, nutrition, moisturizing curls, giving them

+ Video beer mask for hair

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