Universal hairstyle – a basket of hair

basket of hairPopularity
weaving braids is gaining new momentum. Girls strive
look unusual with taste. And often the big role is not played
Makeup and accessories for clothes, and hairstyle. Earlier hairstyle
was associated with a holiday or a wedding celebration, and in
There are few options for everyday hair styling –
collect or dissolve. Today you can add your image
original hairstyle. And it is not necessary for this to refer to
to the master. Now on the net you can find lessons and how to weave a basket from
hair, and like a French one, but like a cone with fish

Who is suitable?

When choosing a hairstyle, it is desirable to take into account several facts.
First, for whom the spit is intended. Hair decoration for
girls is somewhat different from adult options. Usually,
hairstyles more tightly and tightly braided and mostly designed
collect all the hair, such as hairstyle “basket”. Baby
braids often have bizarre forms, consist of one type
weaving, while in weaving for girls is used
several methods.

Weaving braids for girls will have more diverse
forms. Hairstyle can be both tight and loose. Convenience
stands in the background, the main thing – it is feminine and smooth lines.
Hairstyle with different weaves should be complementary to the image and
emphasize feminine beauty.

When to wear?

Braid a basket of hair, or make it weave
left most of the hair loose – a choice that should
based on which image you need to create. Should also
take into account the features of the dress, what accessories will be used.
Free and easy styling fits the evening out and
romantic setting, and tight braided braid – for classes
sports, for example, or outdoor recreation.

There are also universal hairstyles that are simple
frauds can be transformed beyond recognition. Some strands
you can stretch, and you can tighten it up, you can do it over and over
inward – any weaving is amenable to change.

One of these universal hairstyles is weaving.
baskets. This type of scythe will suit both young girls and young
to girls. Such styling can be done under a light dress, and under
evening dress, it will be appropriate for everyday life.

The scythe around the head with tightly tightened strands looks very
neat and has a well-groomed look. But in order to
weaving has ceased to be everyday to give a basket
zest, you can use a variety of jewelry. You can refresh
weaving a ribbon into a braid or adding a pair of bright studs with
various decorative elements – butterflies, flowers.

How to weave?

basket of hair

Before weaving a basket of hair, you must
prepare the following tools: massage brush, gum and
invisible with studs for decoration.

In order to braid any braid, you need to make hair
obedient so that they do not strive to fall out of hand. Therefore it is better
Moisten them with a spray or plain water. Before weaving
need to carefully comb the hair. Well, if the hair is medium
length or below the shoulders.

The classic version is woven this way: hair is separated
into two identical parts with a vertical parting. Start weaving
should be from one of the parts, while the second should be thrown over the shoulder or
secure with a rubber band so that the part will not be twisted.

Braid ordinary braid, secured with an elastic band. Also on
next side. Now each needs to be attached to the base.
opposite pigtails with hairpins and invisible. Classic
the basket is ready.

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