Unruly curls: the secrets of care and styling

hairstyles for unruly hairUnruly hair
deliver a lot of trouble to their mistress. For laying such curls
have to spend twice as much time, and the result keeps from
force a few hours. How to care for naughty
hair, how to put them in hair – we will tell you about it in
our article.

Proper care for naughty hair

To begin with, there are three types of hair: Asian,
European and African. Each of these types has its own
features and secrets of proper care. In order to appearance
Hair pleased you every day, it is very important to properly care for
them, given the type to which they belong.

  • European type. Hair of this type is soft and thin, easiest of all
    amenable to stacking. When washing, be sure to use light shampoos.
    and air conditioning, while washing them out well. If you have long
    naughty curls, use and tools for easy
    scratching to avoid tangling.
  • Asian type. Hair straight and hard, have a good volume.
    Very poorly amenable to any styling. Choosing detergents,
    Give preference to mild shampoos and conditioners, also
    Different nourishing masks are good for this type of hair. Not
    be lazy to rinse naughty hair after washing with water,
    diluted with apple vinegar 1: 1, which softens the hard
    tap water.
  • African type. It is curly hair, fragile. They are bad too
    amenable to laying, stick out in all directions. Curls are usually dry,
    so choose shampoos and balsams for dry hair or specially
    designed for wavy curls. Do not forget to put 1 time in
    week nutritional mask. It can be either industrial
    means, or cooked at home.

Such a careful and individual approach is the first step to
to make the curls more obedient.

How to pack naughty hair?

Putting curls in hairstyles is also necessary, given the type, to
to which they refer. Often, non-compliance with this rule and
is the reason that the styling does not hold. Try
apply our recommendations and you will immediately see the difference.

European type

The main thing is that all styling products should be light. Lungs
mousses, foams fit perfectly. Choose easy and
medium fixation. Pay attention to the instructions on the package that
the tool does not make the hair heavier – this is exactly what thin is afraid of

Often, thin hair lacks volume, so start styling.
just from that. Use a hair dryer, but avoid very high
temperatures. Always dry and blow dry.
air – then the installation will be long-term. A great option –
wind curls curlers (better than usual), and the result
fix varnish.

Asian type

Asian stylingFor laying you need
use curling iron, tongs, iron. On funds such as curlers and
hair dryer, do not even waste time, because this installation will not
stick on heavy hair. Do not be afraid to spoil the hair:
first, modern styling tools have become more
sparing, and, secondly, use thermal protection that will protect
hair from high temperatures. As for styling products,
Avoid those that contain alcohol. Besides,
apply fixing agent in minimum quantities, otherwise
you risk getting the opposite effect.

African type

You can leave curls as they are, or you can straighten them
using ironing. Do not forget to use thermal protection. Besides
Moreover, it is not worth doing such styling often – yet this is not very
useful for hair. Choosing the iron, stop your choice only on
tool with tourmaline or ceramic coating is
the most benign options. Styling tools should be
light, better with a note that they do not weigh down the hair.
The best texture – mousse medium fixation.

Hairstyles for unruly hair

You have learned how to properly care and style your curls,
considering their type. Now it’s time to get acquainted with the secrets of successful
hairstyles for unruly hair. Not many secrets, but they
make life easier for you if you know and apply them

  • “creative mess.” You have unruly hair? Underline them
    Individuality – create a “creative mess” on your head. it
    much easier than going against nature. Wash your hair and apply
    on them, while they are still wet. Using a diffuser, create
    this very mess, sprinkle a little varnish – and hairstyle option,
    as in the photo, ready in 10 minutes;
  • tail.Konsky tail – perfect hairstyle if you need
    quickly get together and rush off on business. However, this hairstyle, according to
    The opinion of men is considered the sexiest. If you have hair
    curl, do not try to tame them, because now is very much in vogue
    such a casual image;
  • braids. Now various braids are very popular – from classic to
    the most unusual options. You can make a neat tight braid,
    but you can, on the contrary, form disheveled. Hair asian
    Type can be slightly smear wax, to hair lay in a pigtail
    more neatly, but for European-type hair just more
    A fishtail spit will do.

It is worth noting that the girls are very lucky that the braids entered again
in fashion, because with their help you can change the images at least every day,
creating on the head all new and new stylish hairstyles.

Haircuts for unruly hair

If you have long or medium hair, do not in any way
shear them! The fact is that whatever they are naughty,
if they are short, styling will be even more difficult. In case of
recalcitrant hair can be given two tips on what to do

  • do not cut hair short;
  • do not cut the bangs, otherwise you will suffer.

And now consider the options for haircuts that will suit girls
with naughty hair:

  • “wild haircuts”, or soupe sauvage.A very good option, where
    hair is not given a clear form. This is asymmetrical haircuts on
    average length of hair, during the creation of which the method is used
    filleting ends. This haircut gets great reviews from girls,
    who made it;
  • haircut-ladder. The length at the crown is shortened, gradually
    it is extended, smoothly passing to the main length of hair. Externally
    like a ladder. Good for Asian-type hair.
    It looks spectacular, visually the hair seems very voluminous in
    roots. But this haircut requires careful styling;
  • retro haircuts. It is difficult to find a better option for hair
    African type. The haircut is performed by a smooth transition.
    strands around the face from one layer to another. It is very soft
    haircut, stacked large curls that fall from
  • asymmetrical haircuts. Haircuts suggest a sharp contrast
    lengths are highlighted by individual strands. Plus the fact that these haircuts give
    space for fantasy. Laying them down is also easy with
    ironing, curling, hair dryer and styling products.

We hope that our proposed hairstyles and haircuts for
naughty curls help you find the most suitable option
for myself.

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