Unsuccessful highlighting – how to clean home conditions and professional salon procedures

Errors in highlighting for one reason or another may allow
even experienced masters. Moreover, those who are
decided on staining at home. From this article you
learn how to fix unsuccessful highlighting by professional and
folk methods.

Why it turns out and what cases are unsuccessful

The content of the article:

  • Why it turns out and what cases are unsuccessful
  • How to fix errors
  • How to remove highlighting at home
  • Professional salon procedures for getting rid of
  • How to care for hair after eliminating unsuccessful
  • Frequently asked Questions

Methods for correcting offensive hair dye errors will be
depend on the reasons that led to unsatisfactory

Different indent at the roots

“Correct” highlighting implies compliance with the same
margin from the scalp – about 7-9 mm. Differences in
indents are observed with the carelessness of the master and in the event that
if too much hair was put in one strand, making it difficult
their painting. Different indentation at the roots highlights

Another case is the appearance of individual stained spots at the roots.
This result is caused by the flow through the foil
a drug. This happens if the mixture is
too liquid or a strong oxidizing agent was chosen, which led to
swelling of the dye.

Strand sizes and widths

A common mistake is a failure to follow the strand pattern and
width. With classic highlighting, all strands should have
the same thickness according to the chosen technique – thin or wide.
It is also necessary to achieve equal intervals between
colored and “their” hair. Inexperienced master with
bad eye gauge does not always manage to withstand the specified parameters –
As a result, highlighting looks untidy.

Important! Re-highlighting can be done only
wider strands, focusing on the size of large dyed

Yellowness lightened areas

There are such reasons for the appearance of different yellowness on the hair

  • the composition on the hair survived less than the prescribed time;
  • a very strong oxidizing agent was chosen, which automatically
    had to reduce the exposure time of the drug;
  • the original shade of the hair was too dark, so the oxidant
    failed to completely destroy the resistant natural pigment.


Ammonia-free will help to correct yellowness or reddishness.
or organic dyes, tonics and shampoos with violet
pigments. Well overlap undesirable shade
dyes cold light colors.

How to fix errors

Even the most unfortunate highlighting is quite realistic to fix, but
without the use of high-quality coloring agents and washes
get along. That the unpleasant situation does not happen again, better
Seek help from an experienced master who will not allow
offensive misses.


Before resorting to radical ways and completely
paint over the unfortunate melirovka worth trying to fix
shortcomings. With different indentation from the roots will be enough
to smooth out the root zone, observing that set frequency and width
strands that were used on the bulk of the hair.

If the errors relate to the width of the set of strands, it is necessary
partially gloss out those that were narrower.
If the process is successful, then the output will be thick
highlighting with wide light curls.

The key point of this correction method is the right one.
selection of color. It should be exactly the same as on
the previous procedure, otherwise successful correction will not work.


Tinting tools do well with disguise
undesirable shades after highlighting – yellow and red.
Toning shampoos and balms contain purple pigment,
which is an antagonist of warm yellow color and excellent it
neutralizes. Toning

Lack of tonics – short-term effect. AT
Depending on the manufacturer, a beautiful shade will hold
from 1 to 4 weeks, after which the procedure will have to be repeated.


The most radical way to fix unsuccessful highlighting –
conduct a complete bleaching of hair. Oxides contained in
bleaching agents, completely eliminate both the “native” and
artificial shade, making hair color uniform.
The procedure is carried out with a bleaching powder or powder,
mixed with oxidizing agents of 3% or 6% concentration. Bleaching

Important! Discolour the curls can be no earlier than
2 weeks after highlighting, otherwise the hair will be hopeless

Sparing dyes

Paints that do not contain ammonia are called gentle.
aggressive components, traumatic strands. With their help, not
it is possible to change the hair color drastically
The iridescent shading of highlighting is quite real. Sparing dyes

Color must be selected from the same palette as painted
strands, preferably light and medium tones. Sparing
the paint will help smooth unsuccessful hairdressing experiments,
changing the original color by 1-2 tones.

Pastel coloring

When pastel coloring hair give extraordinary blond
shades – light blue, lavender, pale pink.
Individual strands painted in such tones will help to divert
attention from unsuccessful highlighting, creating a new image and style.
Pastel coloring

Here the main thing is to properly observe the technology.
preparation of the composition and proportions of the components. Main
Kohler must be mixed with a cream-activator and corrective
means. Remove excessive saturation of the shade will help
colorless corrector.


Unlike bleaching, monochrome staining
involves the use of shades darker than the original. With
It does not have to choose radical black colors. AT
depending on the “native” tone of the hair dark dark suit,
chestnut, chocolate, coffee, caramel, and nut palettes.
Brunettes can resort to natural dyes – such as
Basma Monochrome


Coloring is allowed on previously streaked hair.
– staining strands in slightly different, but close in range
shades. The technique will help create an extravagant image, and at the same
time will mask the failed highlighting. Advantage
coloring in that it will look good on both dark
so on the light strands. Coloring


Special chemical compositions intended for flushing,
penetrate the structure of the hair shafts and displace the dye. AT
As a result, hair color seems more uniform and inaccuracies
staining becomes less noticeable. As a rule, one
pigment rinsing procedure is not enough – depending on
color saturation may need from one to three sessions.

How to remove highlighting at home

At home, you can use almost all the described
above are hair color correction methods. If the choice fell on a full
elimination of highlighting, it is recommended to resort to the technique
decanter, more commonly known as washer.

Purchased remedies for removing paint

The most effective color converters recognized

  • Shampoo Color Off Estelle; Color Off
  • Hair Light Remake Color shampoo from Hair
    Company; Hair Light Remake Color
  • a series of shampoos Anti-Green from Cutrin;
    Anti-Green from Cutrin
  • Kapous hair remover. Kapous.

Lighten curls by a few tones and smooth out the results
Unsuccessful melirovki help such means:

  • lightening cream Eclair Clair Creme
    from L’Oreal; Eclair Clair Creme
  • Blell Colorianne Remove Shampoo
    Professional. Colorianne Remove shampoo from Brelil Professional

Important! Even professional washes and clarifiers.
turn out to be powerless before hair dyed with henna and basma.

Folk remedies

Recipes for washing and lightening the dye on the hair:

  • shampoo based on zinc plus 1 tsp. spoon of baking soda;
  • mask of honey and cinnamon in equal proportions;
  • mask of natural lemon juice;
  • kefir mask (0.5 l) with a spoon of olive oil, yolk and
    sea ​​salt;
  • regular shampoo with added ascorbic acid
    in powder (half a glass of shampoo to take 20 tablets).

folk remedies

Professional salon procedures for getting rid of

The best solution for failed staining is to contact the salon.
to a reputable hairdresser. Not only
professional tools, but also experience in color correction.

Radical correction

Lightening drug is applied only to the roots, special attention
giving to areas with large padding and spaces. Master must
save not only the frequency and width of the curls, but also the shade,
which was performed previous staining. It will help
preserve the clarity of the pattern and make the rotation of the order more
uniform. Besides the basal staining is not
affects the bulk of the hair, and therefore it is possible to avoid them
excessive injury. Radical Correction

Reverse highlighting

The technique allows you to gradually return to the “native” color, if
highlighting lost expressiveness or shade
unsuitable. When reverse highlighting hair turns dark
color with shades of natural blonde. The pigment is chosen very
carefully taking into account the “native” tone – the master compares it to
special scale. For the root zone is chosen more
light tone, and very bright areas are painted dark
shades. Hairstyle gets neat and natural
appearance, and growing roots become less visible.

Tip! Reverse highlighting recommended
owners of the hair of light brown palette.

Correction of yellow and other shades

Responsible for correcting unwanted shades in the cabin
master colorist. He will pick up the desired dye from the cold
palette, which will block the yellowness or redhead on the hair. Colorist
can offer professional tonic or organic paint
to soften the transitions between shades.

How to care for hair after eliminating unsuccessful

Even the most sparing techniques of neutralizing poor quality
staining harm the hair. Therefore, for their recovery and care
it is necessary:

  • use a special line of tools for
    colored or streaked strands;
  • apply nourishing masks 1-2 times
    a week;
  • periodically (depending on the fat content of the hair)
    used oil regenerating
  • use purple shampoos, balsams and
    tonics that allow you to save the noble light
  • protect your hair from sunlight, less
    use thermal devices for installation.

Hair Mask

Frequently asked Questions

The most frequent questions of our readers and our answers
эксперта: Мнение экспертаСветлана ПодгорнаяПарикмахер-визажист

Why after highlighting hair become red?

Ryzhina can appear after clarification very dark
hair, as well as due to violation of dyeing technique.
The same effect is given by poor quality or expired dyes, and
also bad tap water with high salt concentrations and

What to do if hair is burned with highlights?

Burned hair requires treatment. Overdried
mow, and most of the hairstyles restore home
masks and professional tools. Good results
give masks based on olive, banana, avocado, honey, coconut
oils. Excellent restore damaged curls
factory facilities with keratins.

Hair breaks after highlighting – what to do?

External causes of hair breakage are frequent washing of the head,
hair styling irons, hair dryers and curling. These procedures are thinning.
the hair shaft and destroy its protective layer. Besides
restoring procedures, the hair will have to protect from
actions of harmful external factors – ultraviolet and high

Why after highlighting hair fall out?

Hair loss – the result of aggressive dye effects
on the root zone and scalp. Resist growth strands help
special activators that rub into the hairy part

Why does gray hair appear after highlighting?

As a rule, pronounced gray hair is the result of aspiration.
become ashen blonde. Abuse of cold palette
leads to the fact that the hair becomes greenish-gray.
To neutralize the color will help wash or appeal to the master
to the salon.

Why badly comb hair after highlighting?

Any highlighting injures the hair cuticle, depriving it
smoothness – hence the problem with combing. To curls
become obedient and easier to fit, every shampoo follows
apply a balm and use a special spray for
giving smoothness and softness to the strands.

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