Use almond oil mask for hair

Almond oil hair mask is very
A powerful tool that stimulates, restores, heals and
helps to accelerate the growth of curls.

If you want to have beautiful, sparkling, long and
life-soaked hair, then you will come to the rescue
almond oil. He is considered one of the symbols of wealth and
wealth, which in the past was sacrificed to the gods. Them
enjoyed by such great women as Cleopatra and wife
Napoleon, who lubricated the body and hair, which helped
im be charming Nowadays, oil is used in various
masked, which are often prepared at home
on their own. And there are many recipes that take into account
hair type and condition. If you are interested, then we will talk
about almond oil and give a few examples of manufacturing


  • Oil properties
  • Application for hair growth
  • Application of oil for different types of hair

Oil properties

This universal oil is considered a good cosmetic.
drug used for medical purposes. You can also
use as a food additive in various dishes, because he
very interesting and unusual taste.

maska ​​s mindalem

It is worth buying high-quality oil. Spare no money if you
you want to get a positive effect, because the miser pays twice.
Buy this oil can be in the pharmacy or order in
online store, they are many in our time. Parcel wait long
It does not have to, it will be delivered to you in the shortest time in about 2
of the day As for the cost of the miracle ingredient, so it is low, for
50 ml on average you pay from 100 to 250 rubles.

To ensure that the almond oil is not lost and does not lose its
medicinal properties, it should be stored in a dark and cold
place Shelf life is exactly one year since opening.
bubble, so try to use it during this time,
Otherwise, the oil will not retain useful and medicinal
properties and, therefore, you do not get the expected result.

Everyone who used this hair restoration product
unanimously concluded that it is very effective. Girls,
who used this oil for treatment, are also very satisfied and
argue that it is absolutely harmless and contribute
deterioration of the hair can not. Also it is good
treatment for hair dyeing and is considered a substitute

However, it is worth being careful when using this.
ingredient, because of the oily base it is difficult enough
derived from clothes and can color it.

Application for hair growth

An agonizing problem for girls is slow growth.
hair and hair loss. It may be caused by pregnancy and
recovery after her woman’s body, hormonal surges,
nervous breakdowns, as well as the use of potent drugs.

Most girls and men suffering from falling out and
slow hair growth will help almond oil.

If daily use it as a mask or supplement in
shampoo, you can completely get rid of all accumulated over the years
hair problems.

The simplest ways to use this oil are daily
massaging in the hair roots, this should be done
before every wash. Massage movements will be able to enhance
stimulation of blood, which, in turn, will allow faster to enter
nutrients in the hair roots and increase their growth. Besides
This method can add shine, elasticity to curls and reduce
their loss.

Almond oil is a hair softener
your head, because if they are soft, respectively, combing them
It will be painless and easy. If you create a favorable environment
for scratching them, the dropout is significantly reduced. But worth
take into account some of the nuances in the use of this component, they
are different hair types.

Application of oil for different types of hair

In the case of the fat type, it is worthwhile to independently monitor the amount
applied funds. It also depends on the length of your hair. If a
you will use it moderately, then it will not give special
fat your strands. With a large length will be enough
use 2-3 teaspoons with oil, this will get
the desired effect. This should be done as follows: apply
before washing the almond oil on the hair and rub it massaging
movements in the roots, smoothly moving to the very bottom. You greatly
will facilitate the procedure of wetting the hair, because in wet curls with
it is easy to rub oil. And evenly distribute it along
the comb will help you with the whole length.

Leave the applied oil for about 20-40 minutes after
it is necessary to wash the curls with shampoo. To receive
An effective result is to carry out this procedure 2-3 times a day.
a week

For dry-type curls, the usage principle is similar with
previous. Only need to use the oil after washing. If a
This method does not suit you, then you should wash your hair again. BUT
repeat the procedure should be 2-3 times a week. To receive
the desired result to carry out these procedures is recommended
throughout 1 month. After which it will be possible to reduce the amount
procedures up to 3 or 4 times a month.

Below are a few masks that can be easily
cook at home:

  1. Prepare 2 cups of slightly warmed water, 1 spoon of powdered
    mustard, 50 g of kefir, egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of oil from
    almond All components need to be mixed and applied to the hair roots,
    after wrap the package and warm towel. Wash off when will pass 20
  2. Beat the egg whites until foaming, add a few
    drops of oil and apply on the head. Wash off after 15 minutes.
  3. Aloe leaves turn to mush and add almond oil,
    apply a mask and wash off after 20 minutes. Aloe has
    antibacterial and healing properties.

Now you know how to properly care for your hair.
Lush and beautiful hair is the key to beauty and confidence in
to myself.

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