Use nettle to treat hair: useful plant properties recipes

Nettle can be used at any time of the year, not only in
natural form, but also dried. She prepares herself,
or purchased in a specialty store. So what is the treatment
nettle hair is available to almost everyone. Our body for a long time
It’s time to switch to natural care products. Summer and spring –
Great time for this, because all the necessary components are
at our fingertips.


Vitamins in the nettle and their effects

The content of the article:

  • Vitamins in the nettle and their effects
  • How to be with oily hair?
  • How to strengthen hair?
  • What to do to get rid of dandruff?
  • What other compounds can be prepared at home?
  • Preparation of masks for hair
  • What can be mixed with nettles, what other herbs will bring
Vitamin name Beneficial features
Phytoncides Protect people from exposure to harmful
microorganisms, stimulate vital activity. Antibacterial and
cleansing action.
Magnesium Gives hair volume, elasticity. If the vitamin in the body
not enough hair can fall out.
Calcium Increases the body’s defenses, resistance to stress.
If there is not enough calcium in the body, the hair will fall out.
Potassium Maintaining a constant composition of the intercellular and cellular
fluid. Maintain balance in the body and metabolism. With his
deficient cells do not function normally. As a result
there are negative reactions, including problems with
K Necessary for the normal functioning of the body and its
B2 Prevent hair loss
C Improves hair nutrition, blood supply to the scalp

How to be with oily hair?

This problem is easy to handle;
special hair mask. The procedure is as follows:

  1. We collect fresh nettles, in a blender we grind a glass

  2. Inside the gruel is formed, it must be thrown out.

  3. Mix with a teaspoon of salt

nettleAfter that you get a solution that
must be rubbed into the hair roots. For half an hour, the head should be closed in
warm scarf. Flush with abundant water. Once a week
you must use this recipe for treating hair with nettle on
over two months. Nettle can be dry if fresh
not at all. In this case, only a third of the glass is used.

How to strengthen hair?

  1. Take dry nettle, one tablespoon

  2. To the plant is added dry burdock root, in the same

  3. Next, turn on the blender and grind until it turns out

  4. After that, pour all the boiling water, one cup will

  5. Infuse the mixture for forty minutes

  6. Next, filter. The volume of the finished broth should be 200
    milliliters, if necessary, add more liquid

  7. This decoction should be used after the head

The procedure itself is done three months once a week. nettle

What to do to get rid of dandruff?

The following ingredients will be needed, they must be prepared according to
one teaspoon with a slide.

  • Hop cones
  • Burdock roots
  • Dry nettle

Preparation Procedure:

  1. Mix the ingredients, add boiling water, one glass

  2. Let us brew for an hour, wrapped in a towel

  3. This is followed by all the filter, bringing to the original volume –
    200 ml

  4. You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, it enhances
    firming effect

  5. After washing the hair, be sure to rinse

The procedure is performed for three months once a day.
a week

An infusion of this plant will help to resolve the issue related to
increased hair loss. In this case, nettle for treating
hair, a quarter cup of its leaves, filled with boiling water, is taken
two glasses. Infused decoction hour. Hair will not only
strengthened, but also clarified, if you add a dry chamomile in one

What other compounds can be prepared at home?

Hair growth is accelerated by using nettle oil;
helps to strengthen the structure of the entire hair. This composition is very simple
cook at home.

  1. Scroll in a blender, a third cup of nettle leaves

  2. With a small glass of olive oil pour the whole mixture,
    which we got

  3. We wait ten days until the composition infuses

  4. Strain

  5. For storage, pour into any dark bottle or bottle,
    put in the fridge

A small amount of oil must be rubbed into the scalp.
before washing it completely. Wash off with plenty of water
only a quarter of an hour. For better results, you can add
lemon juice, quite a bit.

Many people complain that they can not achieve the desired
result. In most cases, this is because the course of treatment
interrupted, does not take a lot of time. Because the plant
and does not bring maximum benefit. This can be corrected if you follow
all requirements and guidelines. If to prepare solutions
from fresh shoots, the rinsing efficiency of the hair will increase.
Fresh shoots are called those that still did not have time to mature.

Preparation of masks for hair

Hair masks with this plant can be very helpful.

  • For example, you can take nettle leaves, skip them through
    meat grinder.
  • It turns out half a cup in the form of gruel, is added to it sea
    salt, one teaspoon

The composition is applied to the hair after all carefully
stir. It is necessary to carefully rub it into the scalp. In such
Mask head must be kept for about 30 minutes.

nettle If you need to strengthen the hair,
already used other ingredients.

  • nettle mask for hairOne yolk
  • Three teaspoons colorless henna
  • Half a cup of nettle leaves, dry

In addition, the juice obtained from fresh
nettle. It promotes rapid growth, strengthens the entire structure.
First, the leaves of the plant must be well washed and dried. After
of this – everything is scrolled using a meat grinder. In order to
squeeze the juice, help yourself with gauze. It must be rubbed into the roots.
hair, the head is kept in this state for several hours.

What can be mixed with nettles, what other herbs will bring

It is possible to restore and treat hair not only with the help
nettle, but also other herbs, adding to it in different quantities. Here is
just some of them:

  • Mint
  • Hypericum
  • Burdock root
  • Plantain

herbs for hair treatmentAll five herbs make up a healing
number five. They can be mixed, just bay defended cold
water, then bring to a boil in the same water bath. Infusion
must be applied immediately after it has cooled. Otherwise he
may lose some of their healing powers.

Another interesting recipe for treating nettle hair is when its
mixed with diluted food gelatin. Or, first bred
gelatin, and then pour into it a concentrated plant extract.
Apply on hair, leave for 30 minutes. Next, wash with water,
very good.

The main thing – the rapid effect of these compositions should not wait.
They give the maximum benefit only if the procedures
Repeat for a certain time, at least a month or two.
Then it becomes possible to fully restore the damaged
structure. Nettle will gladly give your hair vitality, energy
and nutrients.

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