Use of Acne Toothpaste

Toothpaste for acne can act as an ambulance
when you need to quickly dry the unpleasant rash and accelerate them
healing. Such an unusual use pasta received thanks
antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs included in her

The right choice is half the success.

Most effectively toothpaste helps with local
rashes caused by external local infection. If the appearance
acne is associated with deep internal ailments, before
In total, it is necessary to treat the cause of their occurrence.

Not any paste can be used to combat skin.
rashes. It all depends on the components in its
composition. In addition, you need to remember that the use of this tool
may cause irritation, so his choice should be treated
responsibly and be able to properly apply.

Effectively fight acne helps only classic pasta
white color, which consists of natural ingredients
vegetable origin: medicinal herbs, oak bark. Besides,
It is in the composition of the means of white color are the ingredients
Acne Dryers: Triclosan, Baking Soda, and
hydrogen peroxide.

As part of the same multi-colored funds can be components
irritant, so they are not suitable for therapeutic purposes.
It is worth avoiding the means having the bleaching effect. In their composition
there are components that not only whiten the skin, but can also
leave the burn. Particular care should be exercised by people with
dark skin because a large amount of melanin can
cause a strong reaction. However, people with fair skin also need
be careful not to use whitening pastes.

You should not choose and transparent gel funds, because
The composition is different from pasty. They may not be enough
the number of components that can effectively dry acne,
therefore they will not bring any benefit.

High Acid Paste Is Not Suitable For Acne Control
fluorine, because it can provoke allergic
reactions or cause dermatitis. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the means
with or without minimum fluorine content.

The best solution to fight acne is organic paste. In her
composition – the minimum content of fluorine and other chemicals.
But it contains baking soda, tea tree oil, aloe and others.
natural antibacterial ingredients providing
drying effect.

Rules of application

Apply toothpaste only to cleansed skin. The only way
You can get the maximum effect from the use of funds. For
washing it is necessary to use warm water and any cleansing
means. You need to blot your face with a clean towel. Then
a small amount of toothpaste is squeezed out and applied to
affected areas. It should be applied strictly on the pimple to
healthy areas of the skin did not appear irritation and flaking.

The paste can remain on the skin all night. It will give good
results. However, if the skin is different
sensitivity, it is best to wash it off after 15–20 minutes so as not to
provoke irritation. If there is no negative reaction, then
safely leave the tool for a long time.

It is believed that areas of skin with applied paste need
to glue with a plaster so that it does not spread. This is a misconception.
and doing so is not recommended. The patch will not allow the skin to breathe,
in addition, it can smudge all around acne, causing
irritation in healthy areas.

At the end of the procedure, the paste must be gently rinsed. For
You can use a wet sponge by moving it frequently.
in circular motions. Need to act carefully to strong
friction does not cause irritation and does not damage the skin. When all
removed, you must rinse your face with warm water and blot your skin
soft towel. If the skin has a feeling of dryness, then you can
take advantage of soothing moisturizer. Small
distribute the amount of cream on the skin with light taps

The procedure for cleansing the skin from acne with toothpaste
can be carried out no more than 4 times a week.

It should be remembered, this home remedy is not approved.
dermatologists, despite the fact that it allows you to quickly solve
the problem. The paste dries out the skin, causing irritation and sometimes
burns. Its frequent use is not recommended. If after
use of the means noticeable significant improvements, acne
change their color and size, then you should stop the procedure and
let acne self heal. Stop using
drug is necessary and in those cases if negative is noticeable
skin reaction. In this case, try alternative

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