Useful foot baths

During the day, a person’s feet are fairly large.
load. Foot bath – one of the means that can help
facilitate and improve the condition of the lower extremities. This procedure is not
only pleasant, but also surprisingly useful. After all, with legs can
There are many problems to be associated with: sweating, fungus, cracks,
dilated veins, etc. And all these phenomena can deliver to a person
serious discomfort, turning even a simple walk into anguish.
Therefore, it is necessary to take measures that will help
deal with problems. Foot bath at home
conditions should be on the list of hygiene procedures as for
people with various ailments of the lower limbs, and for
healthy person to prevent and


  • Medical recipes
  • Recipes for beauty legs
  • Useful tips

Medical recipes

Baths will help to cope with some diseases and
various problems of the lower extremities.

  1. Recipe for colds. With a cold and colds can help cope
    a mustard bath that warms the feet. 1 tablespoon dry
    mustard must be dissolved in a small container with hot, but not
    burning water. It should be taken within 20 minutes after
    wrap your feet in a warm blanket to extend the warming
  2. Prescription for sweating feet. In the fight against this common
    problem will help foot bath from the sweat and smell of oak bark.
    You need a small handful of chopped oak bark to fill in 1.5 liters
    hot water and boil for 10 minutes. Make baths in warm broth
    10-15 minutes, at least 3-4 times a week.
  3. Recipe for sweating with chamomile. In the fight against elevated
    pharmacy chamomile will help sweating the feet. For this you need to fill
    1 liter of boiling water a handful of chamomile flowers, boil for 5 minutes, then
    insist for 1 hour. In the resulting infusion keep your feet around
    15 minutes.
  4. Recipe for disinfection and healing of wounds and cracks. 2 dining rooms
    tablespoons chopped calendula pour 1 liter of boiling water, put
    insist on 1 hour. Then pour the infusion into the container for the procedure.
    and put her legs in it for a third of an hour. Calendula can be replaced

When using baths for the treatment of diseases you need to remember
that this procedure is auxiliary, and the main treatment
should include medication and some other
methods, depending on the disease.

This treatment should be prescribed only by a doctor.

Recipes for beauty legs

Baths are designed not only to treat various diseases and
problems of the lower extremities, but also to make the legs well-groomed and

  1. Recipe for skin tone of the legs. They do an excellent job with this task.
    trays with sea salt. For this, 50 g of this ingredient
    dissolved in 1 liter of warm water, then perform the procedure. For
    enhance the effect in the bath, you can add 5 drops of essential
    oils with tonic properties, such as oils of spruce, pine, mint
    or eucalyptus.
  2. Recipe for healing and strengthening of blood vessels. This effect is given
    contrast baths based on the alternation of hot and cold
    water. To do this, prepare one container of hot water and
    one with a cold one. Legs must be alternately lowered into one
    bath, then another, with an interval of 30 seconds.
  3. Recipe for feet with soda and salt. Excellent clean skin
    pollution and keratinized cells of the bath with sea salt (which
    in the absence of it can be replaced with simple table salt) and soda.
    To do this, in a warm water you need to pour a teaspoon of baking soda and
    a handful of sea salt. Keep the third in the resulting solution
    hours Very useful after the bath with soda and salt for the legs to make
    peeling of the skin, which will remove all softened cells of the epidermis. For
    For this purpose, you can use, for example, a mixture of the same salt and liquid
    soap. And you can use a pumice stone or a foot grater.
  4. Recipe for softening rough skin of the feet with soda. Need to
    mix in a suitable container a teaspoon of ammonia with
    The same amount of baking soda, liquid soap and 2 liters of water. Can
    add also 3 spoons of white clay. Keep your feet for at least 15 minutes
    then peeling the skin of the feet, removing the softened cells
    dead skin.
  5. Recipe from corns. This problem will help cope
    footbath with hydrogen peroxide. For 2 liters of boiling water you need to take 4
    tablespoons of peroxide and keep feet in it for 5 – 10 minutes.
    Dead cells will turn white, and they will need to be removed using
    scraper, foot graters or pumice. Apply this procedure
    should be twice a week, but no more.

Useful tips

Baths should be done only on clean, washed feet. By doing
salt baths for the feet, it is useful to rinse at the end of the procedure
feet with cool water (if this is not a warming bath when
chill). If a herbal infusion or decoction is used, then
can not be washed off the skin. After taking any foot bath
it is necessary to wipe them dry as a moist environment contributes
reproduction of foot fungus. As with many procedures, baths have
contraindications. So, recipes with hot water should not be taken.
people with high body temperature, hypertension, a tendency to
bleeding, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Procedures must be performed regularly, because only in this case
the desired effect will be achieved. The type of bath should be selected in
depending on what goal should be achieved, since
each species has its own purpose. Foot bath at home
conditions can temper, relax, heal, tone, clean
etc. For these procedures do not need to go to salons
beauty and spend money. Just enough free
time and availability of ingredients. This is a simple tool.
will have a tonic effect and improve the condition of the legs.

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