Useful masks for hair density: growth, strength, great effect

Lush braids, almost as thick as a hand, always became
the object of envy on the part of those whom nature has not rewarded so
thick curls. Caring for them is quite complicated, but the result is
worth: back in antiquity such a head of hair was considered a sign
correct lifestyle and strong spirit.

Thick hair If reality is far from a dream, but to have
magnificent braids still want folk remedies
provide for this all possibilities. Correctly selected
hair mask with regular use for sure
will provide excellent results.

The natural density of hair is an excellent indicator of health in
the body. If the hair began to thin noticeably, and the hair on the comb
it remains more than usual – should immediately consult a doctor:
there are endocrine disorders, skin diseases or nervous

The increase in the number: tasks masks

The content of the article:

  • The increase in the number: tasks masks
  • Growth, pomp, flavor: useful ingredients
  • Mask application rules

Before you begin the selection of components of the mask, you should understand
general specifics of hair growth. In fact, thick curls – not that
otherwise, as an individual feature that manifests itself
genetically and inherited. The amount of hair depends on
the number of hair follicles, which is quite logical, but you need to take into account
one caveat: follicles do not work simultaneously, and from time to time
their part is at rest, and this period can
be delayed due to adverse external factors.

Increase the total number of bulbs due to the mask, of course, not
It will turn out, but with the help of folk remedies, the following can be solved

  • “Awaken” the follicles and put them in a state of active
    works by stimulating the growth of new hairs.
  • Strengthen hair roots and prevent them from falling out
    the period of “falling asleep”.
  • Take care of the health of the scalp, soaking it all
    essential for the growth and health of hair microelements.
  • Maintain the beauty and power of new hair, give it volume and

If the hair has become less thick due to external circumstances
(diseases, stress), before applying the mask should
undergo a full course of treatment, otherwise the effectiveness will be reduced to
to zero.

Growth, pomp, flavor: useful ingredients

The list of ingredients for the thickness of the hair that are recommended
traditional medicine is not so significant, but any combination of them
different full range of effects on the head of hair, including
nutrition, strengthening and growth stimulation. The table below shows
the most affordable, and, according to most, the most effective

Ingredient Act Recommendations for use
Cocoa Contains a complex of vitamins and calcium, firming and nourishing
roots, and bioflavonoids stimulate active production
It is believed that the most effective have freshly ground
cocoa beans Store powder is preferably mixed with kefir or
sugar and take in the amount of at least 6 tablespoons
Honey The product contains a complex of amino acids and vitamins.
groups B thanks to which honey hair mask is not only
strengthens, but also perfectly nourishes the curls and fights against diseases
For the mask you need at least 4 tablespoons of honey. Before
it is advisable to heat it up with a water bath
Almond Due to the content of zinc, selenium, sulfur and saturated fatty
Acids accelerates growth, stimulates collagen production, thickens
Before using finely ground almonds, it is desirable to mix with
milk or sour milk – it will “reveal” useful properties
Burr oil Protects the scalp and hair roots from depletion and
overdrying, providing food and care
The maximum amount of product per procedure is 3 canteens.
Egg yolk Contains fatty acids, zinc and cobalt – substances that
revitalizing follicles and provoking intensive production
It is recommended to combine with burdock oil, honey and cocoa.
Suitable for dry hair
Mustard The “strong” components of the product are capsaicin, essential oils and
amino acids that normalize the scalp and stimulate
accelerated growth and appearance of new hair
The effect of mustard can be enhanced by adding a bit to the mask
sugar, and to soften the burning will help burdock oil. On dry hair
it is undesirable to use such a mask
Red pepper The active substance in the composition of the product – capsaicin – has
strong irritating effect provoking “awakening”
follicles and active growth
For safe effect, it is recommended to combine with egg yolk.
or oils. Do not use on irritated scalp
Cognac Due to the content of alcohol and tannins it stimulates
blood circulation in the vessels of the scalp, reduces fat
For the mask is enough 1 tablespoon of the product, a special effect
achieved by mixing with egg yolk

Many of the fair sex, wanting to achieve
quick results, resort to salon hair extensions. So
straightforward reception will certainly help to make hair
spectacular, but the health and density of their hair can seriously
suffer, so get involved in such procedures

Mask application rules

To get tangible effect when using folk remedies
for the density of the hair, you must consider the following nuances:

  • Apply the composition preferably on clean hair.
  • It is recommended to carefully comb your hair before use.
    wooden comb or brush: this massage will allow useful
    substances masks more efficiently absorbed.
  • Keep the mask on the hair should be at least 40 minutes.
  • After rinsing the head, it is advisable to rinse with herbal

As a rule, to achieve noticeable results, no
less than 15 procedures. However, taking vitamin complexes
balanced nutrition, regular combing and head massage
will help speed up the process – while the hair will gain not only
health, but also beauty and strength. Take a free course against hair loss!Pass the
free course against hair loss!

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