Variants of beautiful wedding hairstyles for hair middle length

Wedding hairstyle for medium hair photoAt your own wedding
every girl wants to be the most beautiful and irresistible. But,
this can be done only by creating the perfect harmony of all elements
image, one of which is a wedding hairstyle.
Owners of hair with an average length were lucky most of all, because
that bridal hairstyles for medium hair have the greatest
number of different options. Using them, the master can easily
to translate into reality any ideas, creating for the bride a unique
and the magical image of the princess.

Loose hair

Wedding hairstyles - loose hairLoose hair
considered a classic hairstyle for medium hair on
a wedding that allows the bride to give some mystery and
romance Due to the fact that natural beauty is practically
always in fashion, such hairstyles remain relevant. Small
styling and curly strands will look on loose hair
natural and beautiful.

The main attribute in such hairstyles are additional
accessories, which is the main focus. To decorate
loose hair can be any hairpin, tiara, and
studs with pearls or rhinestones. If as an accessory
a live flower is selected, it must be selected according to
with a bouquet and a bridal outfit.

Braid weave

wedding braids for medium hairVery popular
enjoy wedding braids on medium hair. Ability to create
different variations and weaving allows you to turn the hair
unique masterpiece An experienced master can make hair out
crown-wreath, braid the original French braid, create
the contour of the head braided “baskets” or decorate braids bangs. WITH
With such hairstyles any accessories look very organic.
Decorated with braids with rhinestones, flowers or bright beads, the bride
will always look stylish, interesting and elegant.

The undisputed advantage of the braid is secure fastening throughout
hairstyles During the ceremony and trips around the city she will not
cause discomfort or decay from sudden movements and gusts

High hair

high wedding hairstyles for medium hairIf the bride decided
to focus on the neckline and neck;
wedding styling for medium hair, allowing you to do hair
high. It can be an elegant “shell”, the original bundle,
extravagant hair bow or fluffy tail decorated
intricate curls. These hairstyles are perfectly combined with
bare shoulders, creating an image of a real princess and emphasizing
femininity of the bride.

High styling can be decorated with various accessories:
bright hairpins, diadem, natural colors, sparkling
studs or even a vintage hat. Classic is considered
fastening on this hairstyle veils or veils.

Retro hairstyles

wedding hairstyles in retro styleFor lovers of exquisite
classics fit hairstyles in retro style. Babette, nest and shell
– The best wedding hairstyles for hair of medium length. They always
remain relevant, regardless of the volatility of fashion trends.
In addition, they can be made in various variations and decorated with any
accessories that allows you to create truly unique
images. Satin ribbons will be the perfect decoration for babetta,
original headbands and vintage barrettes. Brides who decide to make
shell or nest, a good accessory will be caps, light
veil or tiara.

It will also be very beautiful for the bride to look styled.
50s and smooth “Hollywood” curls. Graceful curls,
intricately laid on perfectly smooth hair, you can decorate
brilliant rhinestones, and the hairstyle in the style of Marilyn Monroe – great
white flower or original catch barrette.

Hairstyles with an emphasis on bangs

Bangs perfectly complements the image and allows it dramatically
change. Perhaps that is why it is very often used when
creating wedding hairstyles lately. Bangs can be
oblique, straight, ragged, asymmetric, or some other, but
always carefully selected for a certain type of person to
emphasize its merits and make expressive features.

Bangs perfectly with any hairstyles, whether
high strict styling or completely loose hair. But by doing
in hairstyle focus on bangs, do not forget about the extra
decorations. As accessories in this case can be
shining rhinestones, flowers or a diadem separating the bangs are used
from the main hairstyle.

As you can see, owners of medium hair have the opportunity
choose a hairstyle for a wedding from a variety of styles and options, and
also decorate them with all sorts of accessories. The main thing that
the future bride was not taken aback in all this diversity and managed
choose exactly the hairstyle that will make her the real queen
on your own holiday!

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