Variants of creating laying “Malvinka”

Malvink's hairstyleThe right image
will help create a romantic mood for the woman. So hairstyle
Malvinka looks great on short or long hair. TO
Moreover, it is suitable for everyday look or evening out.
This hairstyle looks familiar to little girls. but
many movie and television stars pin up strands of similar
in a way.

Image creation

Malvinka can be done in different ways. Standard
An example of execution is when the side strands are collected in a small
tail on the back of the head. The rest of the hair is fixed loose
or lay curls. You can fasten the strands using the usual
gum. The stores have a large selection of various accessories – from
unusual “crab” to special hairpins.

This hairstyle is easy to assemble. And at the same time she
Looks elegant and romantic. Malvinki’s great advantage
that it can be modified. Each image will be different from
the previous one. Side strands can be collected in a tight tail or pull off
in a light bundle. The face becomes open, and the strands on the back of your head make
The look is graceful and unique.

How to make a bow of hair

The hairstyle of Malvina with curls and with a bow of hair is
original idea of ​​hairdressing. She looks
unusual and stylish. It’s also easy to make a similar variation.
on their own. To do this, you need to separate two small strands with
temples area. They need to connect the usual rubber on the right
level The tip of the tail does not need to pass through the gum, from it
make a knot.

In the next step, you need to make loops. For this node
divided into two equal parts. The resulting curls need
secure with studs or stealth. Thus, two
side of the bow.

To make the bow beautiful, its middle can be
close strand. A small curl of hair lifts up and
secure invisible. Excess hairs are hidden inside the bow.
Malvinka with a bow is distinguished by elegance and originality.
The created image is perfect for a romantic dinner or
dating And the addition of unusual accessories will give
extra chic and well-groomed.

Malvinka with velvet

Malvink’s hairstyle with a fleece suit as an evening or
everyday option. It is characterized by volumetric curls on
top and hair falling on the shoulders. There are different
configuration and technology performance. Here is one of them.

  • The hair is pre-washed and dried. Otherwise hairstyle with
    Cash on will not be fixed.
  • A strand of medium-sized hair is collected on the occipital region. WITH
    using a comb with small teeth it combed.
  • A wide comb slightly level a strand.
  • The hair is joined at the back of the head and fixed with a barrette.
  • The resulting hairstyle must be fixed special

This hairstyle can be done with a large or small pile.
The level and location of the fixation are selected individually.
temples can be done in the form of flagella or clean them on the back of the head.
There are different variations of performance. For an elegant look you can
pick up beautiful studs or scallops. Similar accessories
able to radically change the image with a pile.

Hair weave

how to make hairstyle malvinkaThis styling can be combined with
Malvinka or pile. To do it you need to separate the hair.
on the partings. The upper part is fixed on the back of the head, hair with bangs or
with the temples plaited in braids. You can choose any available method.
weaving. The resulting braids are fixed stealth with Malvinka.

Weaving can be done in any way. Required
show imagination to perform styling. So, the hair on the nape
can be connected not by an elastic band. They must be laid in layers. At first
fix the strand of medium width with the help of invisible. Below
fix the next layer. Thus interlocking curls
form a unique and elegant appearance.

The number of cross joints depends on the thickness of the strands.
The thinner the curls, the more versatile and intricate you can
make styling. Loose hair is wound on forceps either
leave straight. In order to make various options
styling, you can see photos in magazines. Apply your favorite
the image is not difficult, because Malvinka runs easily and quickly.
You need to practice at home and choose the appropriate option.

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