Varicose veins – not a sentence!

Varicose veins – the simplified name for varicose veins –
many consider it only as an aesthetic problem, however
a serious disease that is chronic and fraught
heavy consequences. The appearance on the body of unsightly capillary
nets and stars does not end there. The disease develops and with
time makes itself felt – more and more often there is a feeling of heaviness and
discomfort in the lower limbs, legs get tired and swell. According to
statistics, the number of patients with varicose veins annually
increases. The fact that everyone suffers from varicose veins
the fourth inhabitant of the globe, lets talk about varicose veins, how about
mass disease.


  • The causes and symptoms of varicose veins
  • How are varicose veins treated?
  • Folk remedies for varicose veins

The causes and symptoms of varicose veins

Varicose veins is a pathological phenomenon associated with
venous disease and impaired blood circulation due to thinning
vessel walls and the expansion of the diameter of their lumen. Pathology
develops due to a decrease in the elasticity of the venous valves, which in
normal condition prevent blood stagnation.


The reasons for the development of pathology are very different: frequent constipation,
lack of exercise, improper
treatment, smoking, wearing close shoes, venous insufficiency,
long stay on the legs. The cause of varicose veins
may become a pregnancy, as noted in this period
increased pressure in the abdominal cavity and in the pelvic region, slows down
the process of blood flow to the heart from the lower limbs. TO
varicose veins and obesity.

Characteristic manifestations of varicose veins in the legs
are swelling formed along the venous bed. it
the first sign of illness that may be accompanied by a feeling
fatigue and cramps in the leg muscles. In the veins of the legs (usually below the knee)
there is an accumulation of blood, causing skin to appear
dark brown and brown spots. In advanced cases
varicose eczema or trophic ulcers often occur,
inflammation of the affected vascular walls and clogging of them
blood clots leading to the development of such dangerous diseases as
thrombophlebitis and thrombosis.

How are varicose veins treated?

Traditional treatment of varicose veins using
medication involves two types of exposure: internal and
external. The goal of these methods is to restore normal
blood circulation in the veins. Purpose of the treatment program
Phlebologist requires precise determination of the degree of development
ailment. For example, in the later stages of the treatment of varicose veins is possible.
only by surgery.

In the initial stages, varicose veins can be treated
for taking medicinal tinctures, use
compression underwear and regular performance of therapeutic exercises.
More severe cases require medication – to receive
medicines and wearing special stockings additionally
prescribe the use of various means providing external
act. Ointments and gels, absorbable seals and eliminate
venous mesh, often bring a positive effect.

With varicose veins in the later stages, immediate attention is required.
operation. The ultimate goal of the operation of any kind in this pathology
elimination of non-viable subcutaneous vessels continues
and preventing such an antiphysiological phenomenon as a discharge
blood from superficial veins to deep.

The traditional way to eliminate varicose veins
Surgical is phlebectomy. Method enough
traumatic because it involves making large cuts
on the skin to remove the affected veins. The operation is shown only
when varicose veins are started and minimally invasive techniques are not
act or impossible.

Doctors more sparing method of surgical treatment of varicose veins
allocate stripping. This is a modern technique that involves
performing a vein removal operation with a thin probe.
The device is injected at one end of the vein, and output – at the other. how
only the vein will be fixed on the probe, it will immediately begin to be taken out and
the vein is “turned” inside out and then removed.

In a similar way, miniflebectomy is performed, which
belongs to minimally invasive techniques and is aimed mainly
to eliminate diseased veins through punctures on the skin.

Folk remedies for varicose veins

There are many recipes of traditional medicine, invented and
experienced by more than one generation of healers, healers and ordinary people.
Folk remedies are harmless and accessible as they are created from
natural components, and are often more effective
compared with medicines.

Compresses and wraps

Wormwood pounded in a mortar, mix with sour milk. Mixture
applied to gauze fabric, applied to problem areas,
fixed with film and wrapped with a warm cloth. Compress hold
all night long. Apply for 5 days daily.

Grind the garlic, cook ointment, mixing it with cream
oil (proportion 1: 2). Apply to areas affected
varicose veins. Wrap with polyethylene and wool. Leave
compress for the night.

Kalanchoe tincture is used to wipe problem
plots. The leaves of feathery Kalanchoe poured medical alcohol
(0.5 liters). The tincture is stored in a dark place for 14 days. Then
drug daily lubricate the skin of the legs and feet before bedtime.

Perfectly fights apple varicose, used for
compresses, rubbing and wraps. Using a cotton pad
the product is daily rubbed for 1 month in areas with
manifestations of varicose veins. Vinegar is also used for foot baths, for
This in cool water add 0.5 liters of vinegar. Procedure
Lasts 5-10 minutes.

Excellent results in the treatment of varicose vein gives tincture of
flowers of white acacia. It is used for compresses, rubbing and
lotions. Tincture can dissolve even swollen venous
knots. The recipe is simple: pour 100 g of flowers with 0.5 liter
vodka, for 3 weeks insist in a dark place. Infusion
filter and rubbed daily in the area with venous extensions.
Tincture restores normal blood circulation in the legs and
eliminates the vascular grid. The main thing is to use the tool

For the treatment of varicose veins is useful natural clay (blue, white,
green), which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Soaking clay in water
It is richly lubricated with varicose patches on the body. Layer thickness not
should be less than 1 cm. Overlay the mixture is fixed polyethylene
film, it is not necessary to warm. Such a cold wrapping hold 1-1,
5 hours, then take a cool shower.

Oral infusions

With varicose veins, many herbalists recommend drinking tincture from
nettle. Grass (2 tbsp. Spoons) pour boiling water (200 ml). Insist
filter, use broth 50 ml three times a day.

The disease is treated with nutmeg tincture. Ground Nut (1
pcs.) pour boiling water (200 ml), when the infusion has cooled slightly,
add honey (1 tbsp. spoon). Take the remedy before meals in the morning and
in the evening a glass.

Tincture of hop cones. Chop the plant, pour boiling water
(200 ml) and heated for 15 minutes in a water bath. Inside
Take before meals three times a day for a glass. Legs with sick
veins process broth, imposing a compress.

Horse chestnut on alcohol. The flowers of the plant (50g) pour
70% medical alcohol (0.5 l). Two weeks insist
shaking daily. When the tincture is ready, it is consumed by 1.
Art. spoon three times a day (before meals), drinking water.

Antonov apples are useful for thrombophlebitis, they are great.
purify the blood. From the fragrant fruit is prepared infusion: apples (3 pieces
medium sized) washed and placed on the bottom of the pot (better
enameled). Pour boiling water over them (1 l), cover the dishes
tightly lid and wrapped in something warm. After 4
hours, apples should be kneaded without removing from the cooled water.
The resulting infusion filter through cheesecloth and drink with the addition of honey:
1 teaspoon of honey you need to drink 50 ml of healing infusion. Doing so
in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening 1 hour before bedtime.

A decoction of hazel bark is recommended when dilating veins, phlebitis and
varicose ulcers on the lower leg. Grind the bark of hazel ordinary.
One tablespoon of the mixture pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, a little
boil (10 minutes), then strain. Ready to take broth
four times a day, 100 ml before meals.

Garlic drug is used in vascular diseases of the legs.
Peel the garlic (250g), grate, pour with honey (350
d). Mix everything thoroughly and insist for 7 days.
Take 3 times a day for a tablespoon, preferably over 40
minutes before meals. Duration of treatment is 1-2 months.

Healing baths

The branches of oak, willow, chestnut (300-500g each) put in large
enameled container, pour cold water, boil (branches
should boil for 30 minutes). Add a set of herbs to the branches:
Salmon stalk, chamomile, St. John’s wort (200g each), insist a whole
night. Boil or steam in a separate bowl of rye bread (3
loaves). Broth pour into the bath. Take these baths need to
for 30-40 minutes every day before bed. Water temperature is not
should exceed 38-43 ° C.

Baths with the addition of willow brew are useful. Pour 2 handfuls
tree bark 5 liters of boiling water. Warm on low heat for 30 minutes
then strain and add to warm water bath.

A decoction of dried garlic is used for foot baths. Dry grass
(100g) pour boiling water (500 ml), insist 8-10 hours. Temperature
water should be 37 ° C. The procedure lasts 20-30 minutes.

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