Varnish The beauty of lice and nits – the pros and cons, instructions for use and reviews

Pediculosis is an unpleasant problem, it remains relevant despite
to raise the standard of living. This disease can affect children
and adults, and when it occurs, take immediately
measures. There are many chemical and folk remedies that have
antiparasitic properties. One of them is lacquer “Charm”.

How to get rid of lice with hair spray Charm

The content of the article:

  • How to get rid of lice with hair spray Charm
  • The principle of influence on the parasite
  • Pros and cons of this tool in the fight against head lice
  • Reviews
  • Price and instructions for use
  • Indications and contraindications, precautions
  • Alternative Treatments for Lice at Home

Varnish “Charm” – a very popular tool for hair styling.
It helps to add volume and fix the hairstyle. But it is not
the only thing that spray can handle. He helps fight
pediculosis is not worse than many pharmacy components. This is due
the presence in the composition of substances with antiparasitic properties.

It is possible to achieve the expressed results already after 2-3
day after the first application. But for a lasting effect.
It is recommended to conduct a couple of procedures with a difference of 8 -12 days. Important
consider contraindications to use and precautions, and
also do everything in accordance with the instructions.

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The principle of influence on the parasite

The effect of varnish “Charm” is explained by such a substance as
dimethicone in its composition. It is a silicone,
widely used for cosmetic and medical purposes. This
the component prevents air from entering the respiratory organs
parasites, which is why they choke and die.

The same effect a substance has on nits. Whole surface
eggs covered with silicone, so the larvae can not hatch and
are dying.

!REFERENCE. Dimethicone is found in most
pharmacy remedies against pediculosis. But the advantage of lacquer “Charm”
that its price is significantly lower, many of them.

Pros and cons of this tool in the fight against head lice

The use of lacquer “The beauty” of lice has the following

  • Efficiency. The solution allows
    completely destroy the parasites.
  • Security. As part of no poisonous
  • The low price in comparison with the pharmacy
  • Easy to use.

Of the minuses it should be noted that the tool does not fit
all So, the aerosol is not recommended for children.
under three years old and allergy sufferers
reactions. Pregnant women also need to exercise caution.
Considering all the rules, the risk of side effects
reduced to zero.


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Price and instructions for use

Luck “Charm” is very easy to use. To cure lice with
using it, you need to take into account the following recommendations:

  1. First you need to rinse your head with shampoo.
  2. Hair should be dried naturally or by
    hair dryer.
  3. The drug is applied to the hair. It is important to process as
    the roots and the length of the strands.
  4. Depending on the length of hair for one procedure you need to take
    one or two bottles.
  5. After applying the head should be covered with plastic and wrap
    towel to create a greenhouse effect.
  6. After 8 hours, you need to thoroughly wash your hair with
  7. At the end of the strand carefully comb a special comb,
    allowing to remove dead parasites.

The tool will give effect after the first
use, but it is recommended to repeat the session and later
a week Thus, the course will include only two procedures, for
which will need 2-4 lacquer bottles, depending on the length

The average cost of varnish is about 190 rubles.
Thus, depending on the number of sessions required and
length of hair course will cost 190-760 rubles.

Indications and contraindications, precautions

The main indication for the use of varnish is
head lice, the presence of lice and nits on the scalp and hair.
Despite the safety of varnish, there are contraindications,
which use is not recommended:

  • Age up to 3 years. In this case it is necessary
    get a preliminary consultation of a pediatrician or child
    dermatologist. Only with their permission can lacquer be used for treatment.
  • Pregnancy and lactation. Composition can
    provoke an allergic reaction in the fetus. Also inhalation of vapors
    spraying can have a negative effect on the development
  • Allergic reactions. Give up
    use of lacquer is recommended for persons with increased
    sensitivity and diseases of the respiratory organs, such as

In the process of using the “Charm” varnish, a number of measures must be considered.

  • Spray best applied in the open
    space or indoors with good ventilation.
  • It is better to cover the face with a damp cloth in order to
    the tool did not get on it.
  • Recommended to prevent inhalation of harmful fumes.
    hold your breath from time to time.
  • Before use, it is important to examine the composition
    facilities. If allergic reactions are present
    a specific component, discard its use.

ATTENTION! It is better to test for
sensitivity. For this, a small amount of the composition is applied.
on the wrist. If after a day there is no irritation,
redness and other negative reactions, lacquer can be applied
“Charm” in the fight against head lice.

Alternative Treatments for Lice at Home

There are other tools that can be used in
home conditions. Among the most popular are the following.

Tar shampoo

The use of tar shampoo is popular among the people. is he
based on natural ingredients and with regular use
helps to get rid of parasites. Shampoo is used once in
two days course in 1-2 months. Instructions for its use

  1. A small amount of shampoo should be placed on the palm and slightly
    churn. Distribute it so that it falls on each plot
    hair and scalp.
  2. After application it is recommended to wear cellophane or a bath.
    hat Leave the shampoo to not less than five
    minutes, and better for 30-45 minutes.
  3. After the foam is washed off with running water.
  4. Hair should be combed with a large comb.
  5. Then the head is washed again with regular shampoo and dried.

Laundry soap

The laundry soap found in every home has
antiseptic properties. It helps fight lice, removes
itchy and is safe. For the application you need to lather their heads,
hold under the cap for half an hour, then rinse and comb
hair. But obvious results will be noticeable only after a week,
therefore, this tool is more related to additional than
the main.


In the people there is a way in accordance with which
wash your hair with alcohol or vodka, put on a plastic cap,
warm and leave for half an hour. Alcohol is antiseptic and
It helps to destroy the lice, but it does not affect the nits. Besides
This method cannot be used for children, since alcohol fumes
able to be absorbed through the parietal zone.

IMPORTANT! Alcohol can not be applied to the head in a clean
form, otherwise it will cause a burn.


To combat nits in the people can use cranberry juice. is he
eats away the shell of the egg and destroys the germ of the parasite in them. But
the composition does not affect adults, so you need to use it
not less than 10-15 days. During this time, cranberry acid will destroy new ones.
masonry nits, and those that have already hatched, during this time die
in a natural way.

The composition is prepared with the addition of honey. Several handfuls of cranberries
need to pass through a blender or juicer, then strain
and remove the meal. Steam dissolves in a glass of the resulting juice
spoons of natural honey. Further composition is used for night masks.
under the cap of polyethylene.

No matter what remedy is used against lice – varnish
“Charm” or other folk methods, it is important to adhere to all
application rules and precautions. In this case, you can already
soon get rid of parasites. After pediculosis treatment is important
adhere to personal hygiene to prevent recurrence

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