Vascular stars on the legs: cosmetic defect or pathology?

The appearance on the body of spider veins is the first “bell”
some serious illnesses. Unpleasant patterns are worn
pathological nature, as are the result of expansion
skin blood vessels. In cosmetology, this is called couperose,
in medicine – telangiectasia. Pronounced vascular reticulum
not only warn of the onset of the disease, but also significantly
spoil the appearance of any part of the body on which they appear.
Therefore, along with diagnosing and preventing the development of
diseases one of the main issues in this business becomes
disposal of bluish-red formations by various methods.


  • Who is to blame and what to do?
  • Apparatus therapy against spider veins
  • When hardware techniques are contraindicated
  • Folk recipes

Who is to blame and what to do?

Vascular stars represent a network of extended
capillaries that look like a cobweb of red or purple
colors. The site of localization of vascular formations most often
are the cheeks, the wings of the nose, the legs. There are 4 basic forms.
vascular spots: punctate, linear, tree and

The disease in most cases is a sign of venous
failure or weakening of the venous valves. Capillaries of
which consist of spider veins, intertwined with the veins more
large size, forming a network. Main cause of dysfunction
capillaries is venous reflux.

Hereditary predisposition is the main cause of
spider veins. Often the disease results from
heavy physical exertion, hard work.

The formation of vascular nets (in particular on the legs) is
associated with professional activities requiring standing or
sit a long time during the day. Also to the causes of the disease
include changes in hormonal levels, endocrine disorders
systems, metabolic disorders, obesity, menopause and

Spider veins rarely appear after many years
in the field of injury. Holders of fair skin are prone to development
telangiectasia, when exposed to ultraviolet skin.

Patients who experience this problem are required
Consultation of a phlebologist, as well as an ultrasound
Doppler sonography (modern ultrasound technique).
An accurate diagnosis can only be established by a doctor during medical

In some cases, more detailed diagnosis is needed.
of the organism, then, in addition to ultrasound of the veins, a study of internal
organs and blood and urine analysis. The survey results help
create a clear clinical picture and choose the appropriate method

Apparatus therapy against spider veins

Given the type, severity and localization
tumors, removal of spider veins on the legs or other
body parts, usually with one of the
techniques: laser or photocoagulation, electrocoagulation,
sclerotherapy, ozone therapy, microcurrent therapy,
radiofrequency thermoablation, etc.

Laser therapy. One of the most popular ways to
remove spider veins on the legs. The method is based on the impact
laser beam to the damaged vessel, heating its walls and
soldering. This technique is applicable only for vessels, diameter
which is less than 2 mm. From small spider veins can
get rid of with a laser in just 1-2 sessions, more pronounced
grids require a whole course of laser procedures.

Electrocoagulation. This method involves local burning.
asterisks with high frequency current that penetrates the skin
by means of a thin electrode. The procedure is quite fast and
effective, however, has some drawbacks. Main
the disadvantage is tissue burn. The current affects the vessels through the skin,
leaving a thermal lesion on it. And this may be the cause
scar formation, hyperpigmentation or depigmentation.

Sclerotherapy During the procedure, sclerotherapy occurs
gluing the walls of the affected vessel. Under the skin injected special
drug – sclerosant, instantly causing such unpleasant
effects like redness and slight swelling. Then the injection site
process and fix compression bandages, closing, so
Thus, the walls of the vessel and temporarily stop the blood flow in it.
This method helps to get rid of rosacea on the face.

Ozone therapy. The main advantage of the method is
the absence of scarring, pigmentation and burns on the skin as a result
exposure to ozone. Thanks to injecting
oxygen-ozone mixture certain biochemical processes
start the process of destruction of altered vessels.

Radio wave surgery. This method is used to rid
only small, single capillaries, not entire grids. The essence of the method
consists in the implementation of non-contact tissue incision and subsequent
coagulation. The procedure is painless and does not cause side effects.
in the form of scars and edemas.

When hardware techniques are contraindicated

  • Heart disease in the stage of decompensation.
  • Renal or hepatic failure.
  • The presence of an allergic reaction to the components of the sclerosant (with
  • Inflammatory processes in the work areas.
  • Diabetes.
  • Peripheral arteriopathy (blockage of the lumen of the arteries).
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Folk recipes

Laser, ozone and radio waves are used as cardinal
methods of dealing with telangiectasia. However, from spider veins
can be disposed of using simpler methods: use
creams, ointments from spider veins, special medicines and
folk remedies. Here are some effective recipes.

Green Tomatoes Old and quite effective way.
An immature tomato is cut in half and adjusted for 4-5 minutes to
problem area. After that, it is imperative
use a cream with a softening effect, because the acid is a vegetable
can cause redness, sometimes even burns. To repeat
The procedure takes up to 10 days.

Apple vinegar. Use the product extremely
be careful, as the burn of the skin is possible. Vinegar
recommended for elimination of spider veins
located mainly on the legs. From the effects of a substance on
skin is better to abstain. Capillary area
need to lubricate with vinegar 3-4 weeks in a row several times a day.
This method allows you to completely get rid of vascular

Yarrow To prepare the composition will need
several fresh yarrow flowers. They need to grind,
turning into mush. Connect the resulting mass with the yolk,
natural cream and honey, a teaspoon of lemon juice (in
equal proportions – 1 tablespoon). Pour boiling water over the mixture
(200 ml), add starch and sour cream (1 tablespoon). A drug
used to remove spider veins on the legs and on the face.
The procedure gives excellent results if you cover the affected area.
mixture for 7-10 days and keep 12-15 minutes.

Foot bath of calendula and chamomile. According to
traditional healers, foot baths with infusions of medicinal plants
can heal forever from spider veins. For cooking
infusion need to fill with one liter of boiling water chamomile and calendula flowers
(100g) Insist until cool, then strain. Slightly
heating the decoction, pour it into the appropriate container, and lower
there feet for 20-30 minutes. As the infusion cools,
capacity can pour warm water. This way you can treat and
couperose on the face, wetting gauze in the infusion and adjusting it on the face in the form

In order to prevent the occurrence of spider veins in the future
it is necessary to adhere to the correct lifestyle, abide by the regime
nutrition, refuse to take medications containing
hormones, and wear constantly medical compression hosiery.

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