Venetian highlighting for spectacular brown-haired and brunettes

VenetianMany women without resorting to services
hairdresser, dye hair at home with
professional paints. However, unfortunately, at home
it is impossible to make color textured and structured, because
This requires some professional dyes and, of course,
the hand of an experienced master. In the photo such dark hair can and will
shine, but after 2-3 washing and shine will go away, and the color will remain
flat and lifeless.

Highlighting has always been a popular hair coloring technique.
among blondes and fair-haired girls. Lot of brunettes remained
even hair color without overflow and structuring. Trend of this
season – Venetian highlights – a real discovery for girls,
who have dark hair, as well as the opening of the year for blondes
– California highlighting.

Why highlighting called Venetian?

Sunny Venice – the Italian city in which they live
sultry brunettes of Italy. The scorching sun gives them black from
nature hair unique shades, and women of fashion around the world seek
repeat the same effect to look stunning as in
life and the photo. At home it is, of course, possible
repeat, only there is a big risk of getting sunstroke,
therefore it is better to resort to the services of professionals who will create
The effect is no worse than the sun.

The sun-bleached hair of Venetian girls has become fashionable.
trend, which picked up the whole world. Blonde girls in
Italy is a great rarity, and to etch and spoil the structure
Nobody wants their hair, so there was a way out – to spend more
of time under the open sun, so that burned strands appear.

Venetian highlighting technique

Everyone used to know that partial hair coloring, that is, through
a strand is a highlighting, and the essential attributes of this procedure
There were foil and plastic cap. This simple procedure
could even be done at home. Now appeared
completely new technologies, and Californian and
Venetian highlighting. In the photo of Hollywood stars can clearly
consider the “burnt hair effect” achieved

Californian and Venetian coloring have one thing in common
– it is hair dyeing without the use of foil and with more gentle
means that do not spoil the hair. Performance technique
Venetian highlighting recalls California, that is,
hair coloring occurs in the open air. Hair
discolored with a special paste, which consists of less
aggressive substances than blondoran. Strands are painted
special professional brush that allows you to make
smooth transitions from dark to light shades.

Staining recommendations

Venetian highlights coloring tipsMake more
Attractive dark hair at home is quite difficult.
Expose your naturally dark hair to aggressive
after which their structure deteriorates, the prospect is also not from
the best.

Venetian highlights that look pretty impressive as
in the photo, and in life, suitable temperamental brunettes,
brown hair. For blondes, it’s better to use Californian
highlighting, which involves the use of bright
shades. If dark long hair is colored unevenly, in such
If you need to paint them in one tone, and then a few strands
slightly lighten up.

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