Venetian highlighting – what it is, advantages and cons, photo before and after, the price in the cabin and at home conditions

Every woman always wants to look at all 100. In this
Essentially helps a beautiful well-groomed hairstyle. But far from
each boasts a thick shiny hair. By making
slight changes in painting, you can achieve stunning

You do not need to completely dye your head. Venetian
highlighting is a gentle coloring technique that is used
very popular.

Venetian highlighting: what is it? History of creation

The content of the article:

  • Venetian highlighting: what is it? History of creation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Venetian highlighting technique
  • Suitable paints for highlighting depending on the color
  • Suitable painting techniques depending on the length of hair
  • Depending on the type of hair
  • Suitable hairstyles for Venetian highlighting
  • How to make the Venetian highlights in the home?
  • Popular and alternative highlighting techniques
  • Hair care after highlighting
  • Frequently asked Questions

Venetian highlighting is done mainly on
dark hair

Most often this staining technique is applied on dark
hair. Strands are lightened in cascade – by 5-6 tones.
lighter. A feature of Venetian highlighting is
relief design of dark hair with light strands. Wherein
hairstyle looks natural, color is more vivid, visually
increased volume.

This technique got its name for a reason. Italian
women were always famous for thick dark hair, but just like
modern girls wanted changes in appearance. In the old
there were times when there were no brightening hair dyes as
Dye used direct sunlight. Women sat up
under them for several hours: the strands burned out, began to acquire
various shades – from chestnut to golden-wheat.

Note! Even after a long
Venetian highlighting will make the hair look voluminous,
neat and well-groomed. You do not need to dye hair each

Advantages and disadvantages

Venetian dyeing technique has a number of

To the advantages of the Venetian dyeing technique

  • dyed hair looks as natural as possible
  • for a long time the hairstyle keeps well-groomed, attractive
  • Painting is done in a gentle way so that
    minimal damage to hair;
  • there is no need to paint the regrown roots often;
  • Venetian highlighting is suitable for women of all ages;
  • it is possible to paint with such technique both short and long
  • emphasizes the texture of women with haircuts with a layered structure
    (cascade, ladder);
  • helps to mask the first signs of gray hair.

As for the shortcomings, there are not so many of them.
compared with the advantages of this hairstyle:

  • the dyeing process still involves the clarification of the part
    hair, with its incorrect implementation of curls can
    get injured;
  • equipment is quite complicated, you need to look for an experienced
  • high price in salons. Venetian highlighting – painstaking
    work, in addition, for the procedure apply sparing
    ammonia-free paints that are expensive.

Venetian highlighting technique

To carry out the procedure should consult an experienced

Important! For hair dyeing technique
Venetian highlighting (especially for the first time) should
contact an experienced stylist. Inexperienced craftsmen or
self-painting can lead to unexpected results,
not always pleasant. To correct the error, you still have to
look for a qualified specialist.

The essence of painting lies in such

  1. Select the desired shades.
  2. Split strands into several sections.
  3. To paint curls, retreating 3 centimeters from the roots. On top
    reduce the distance to 2 centimeters.
  4. Leave the paint for the time specified in the instructions.
  5. Before washing off, comb your hair by applying conditioner.
  6. After washing off the paint, treat the curls with nutritious or
    moisturizing composition.

In general, if you carefully review the video tutorials on conducting
Venetian highlighting by professionals, you can try
carry out the procedure yourself. But if there is no confidence in their
forces it is best not to risk it.

Suitable paints for highlighting depending on the color

In order to make the hairstyle look more spectacular, do not
losing its naturalness, you should responsibly choose
shades of coloring compositions.

On dark hair

Venetian highlights on dark hair

Dark-haired beauties need to choose
on amber, chocolate shades. Should be avoided too
bright colors, because they can paint strands in unpleasant
yellow tint, which in the future will have to get rid of, making
re-painting. And this will not do the hair good.

On light brown hair

Venetian highlights on light brown hair

Owners of blond hair need to dwell on
golden, nutty shades, as well as milky
chocolate. In this case there are no special restrictions, as
Brown curls are well suited for painting.

On dark brown hair

Venetian highlights on dark blond

On dark brown curls will look advantageously these shades:
copper, milk chocolate, amber, chestnut.

On blonde hair

Venetian highlights on blonde hair

Fair-haired women should opt for such
colors: amber, caramel, honey, sand, copper.

On red hair

Venetian highlighting on red hair

Fire beauties better emphasize your hairstyle
light warm tones – amber, golden sand. Or
does make brightening curls a couple of tones.

On gray hair

Highlights on gray hair

The first gray hairs can be hidden just under
Venetian highlighting. It is necessary to choose
close to natural paint color. He will hide gray hair by doing
individual curls lighter – the effect of sun-baked

On brown hair

Venetian highlights on chestnut

Lighten chestnut hair can be using these shades:
caramel, copper, milk chocolate.

Suitable painting techniques depending on the length of hair

Consider the most spectacular techniques of highlighting, except
Venetian, based on the length of the curls.

On short hair

Venetian highlighting in short

Women with short haircuts should stop their
choice on textured techniques with clear contours:
classical, diagonal, Californian, large, veil, balajazh,

On medium hair

Venetian highlighting medium

Medium-length girls with hair will be perfect
Californian highlighting. The color of the curls will not be necessary
radically change, and the hairstyle will be more voluminous and fresh.

Long hair

Venetian highlighting on long

Long-haired beauties better pay attention to such
techniques like shatush, balayazh or ombre.

Important to remember! In any case, should not
forget that the Venetian highlights are perfect on
curls of any length.

Depending on the type of hair

The type of curls plays an important role as a result of highlighting,
so at this point also need to pay attention.

On curly hair

Venetian highlighting on curly

Girls with curls should refrain from a technician
which provide clear contours. Better to do
opt for Californian or Venetian highlighting.

Straight hair

Venetian highlights on straight hair

With straight curls, everything is much easier – you can choose any
technique that attracted.

Suitable hairstyles for Venetian highlighting

Any hairstyle and

For this dyeing technique, absolutely any hairstyle is suitable.
and haircuts, regardless of color, length and type of curls.

How to make the Venetian highlights in the home?

If you decide to paint the curls with Venetian technique,
required to read the instructions for the procedure, and
also stock up on the necessary tools.

Venetian highlighting can be done at home.

Phased instruction

  1. Put on a hat for highlighting, stretched strands through
  2. Mix the necessary coloring compounds in plastic or
    wooden utensils.
  3. If several shades are used to paint curls,
    strands need to be divided into zones, securing hairpins.
  4. Proceed directly to staining using
  5. Keep the coloring composition for as long as indicated in
  6. Wash off the paint, then immediately apply a nourishing or
    moisturizing balm designed for bleached or
    melirovanny hair.

Required tools

For Venetian highlighting should stock up on such

  • paint the desired shades and oxide;
  • tank for coloring compositions;
  • fine comb to separate hair;
  • cap for highlighting;
  • hairdressing pins;
  • disposable gloves.

To carry out highlighting you need to stock up
certain tools

What tools are used?

Venetian highlighting – sparing painting technique
curls, so for the procedure applied
ammonia-free formulations.

Which oxide to highlight?

Oxide should be selected according to the color of natural

  1. 3% concentration. Lightens strands by 2-3 tones. Recommended
    use bright women and brown-haired women.
  2. 6% concentration. 4-color lightening, Used when
    highlighting of dark, gray and poorly stained curls.
  3. 12% concentration. This oxidizing agent is used for dyeing.
    Asian hair is too thick.

It is important to know! 12% oxidizer is not categorically
recommended for women with thin, porous strands.

How is the product applied?

Curls evenly stained with a brush, you only need
indent from the roots 2-3 centimeters.

How much to keep in time?

To achieve the desired result, the composition is held on
hair about 1 hour

Fair-haired girls need to keep coloring
composition about 40 minutes. Brown hair and brunettes a little longer
– approximately 1 hour.

Price at home

If you count the cost of 2-3 colors and purchase costs
the necessary tools then the total cost of the venetian
highlighting will be approximately 2000 rubles.

Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure?

Wash your hair before painting should be mandatory.
Coloring compositions applied to dry clean

Popular and alternative highlighting techniques

In addition to Venetian highlighting, you can select at least
effective and safe coloring techniques.

Classic highlighting

Classic highlighting

The essence of the technique is the uniform clarification of the curls from
roots to the tips. In this case, strands can be taken thin, medium
thick and thick. It all depends on the individual



When performing this technique, 1 or 2 close to
natural color shade of paint. Strands are processed randomly.
You can paint over the entire length or start from the middle.
Shatush gives the effect of slightly sun-bleached



For coloring pryadok this technique are taken 2
shade. Curls stained unevenly as a result
what turns out beautiful smooth transition from dark roots to light



This technique involves coloring only the tips.
hair. In this case, the shade may be completely different from
base color. Balayazh perfect ideal self-confident, loving
experiment and be the center of attention for girls.

Hair care after highlighting

Hair after the procedure requires special

Although highlighting is a gentle way
hair dyeing, yet strands are chemically treated,
Therefore, the hair requires special care. He is
in compliance with such rules:

  • in the first 2-3 weeks after the procedure should be
    refrain from using a hair dryer, ironing, curling;
  • wash your head only with sulfate-free shampoos;
  • regularly (at least once a week) to make nutritious
  • periodically rinse your head after washing with medicinal decoctions
    herbs such as chamomile, calendula, nettle.

Frequently asked Questions

Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Can I make a Venetian highlighting during pregnancy?

On the one hand, experts say that pregnancy is not
time to experiment on yourself. But on the other – a woman
always wants to look gorgeous. Speaking of the dangers of staining
during pregnancy, the procedure is prohibited only because
that the expectant mother inhales during the dye ammonia vapors that
may adversely affect fetal development.

But the modern market of cosmetology offers rulers absolutely
ammonia free paints. Therefore, you can
confidence to say that during pregnancy you can do
Venetian highlighting, only choose for this exclusively
high-quality coloring compositions.

How to fix unsuccessful highlighting?

To fix unsuccessful highlighting, you need to re-do
staining, processing only those places that need

Another (more expensive) method is lamination.
hair. After the procedure, the curls will restore their
natural shine, smooth sharp, contrasting shades.

How to remove yellow after highlighting?

Yellowness after highlighting is quite common
phenomenon. Adjusting to get rid of unpleasant color
blue or purple tonic. After the procedure, the curls will be
have a more vibrant, natural color.

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