Venetian highlights on dark hair – pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much it holds and to whom

Naturalness and simplicity are the things that never
go out of fashion. In particular, this applies to staining. After all what
may be more attractive than the sunny play on healthy and
shiny curls? This effect can be obtained through the procedure
Venetian highlighting.

Venetian highlighting for dark hair

What it is?

The content of the article:

  • What it is?
  • Who is Venetian highlighting?
  • Can I do during pregnancy?
  • Venetian highlighting on dark hair, pros and cons,
    Is it harmful?
  • How to do Venetian highlighting? Description of technology
  • Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting?
  • How much is the Venetian highlighting on dark hair in
    beauty salon?
  • Beautiful shades and colors
  • How to make Venetian highlights in the home itself
    to yourself?
  • Photos before and after
  • Hairstyles with Venetian highlighting on dark hair
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Conclusion

Venetian highlighting is the coloring of small, separate
Taken in shades 2-3 tones lighter than the base. This allows
recreate on the strands the effect of light burning in the sun and give
image more freshness and romantic negligence.

Venetian highlighting for dark hair

Dark hair is much denser and harder than light, and, as a rule,
lightening is very traumatic for them. They become
yellow and dry to the touch. Venetian highlighting created with
taking into account these features. This is an open staining method – without
foil. The master applies the paint with careless strokes – in the center or
the tips of the strands, thereby obtaining a natural and harmonious

History of creation

According to the most popular version, the rudiments of the Venetian
highlighting appeared in the Renaissance. Idea came to mind
one Italian – she decided to diversify her appearance and
leave on his burning-black hair “kisses of the sun.”

Every time, before leaving the house she put on strands
lemon juice, so that he soaks into the hair under the scorching sun,
did curls lighter. Where do you want to highlight?

Who is Venetian highlighting?

Venetian highlighting is universal, and fits all
brunettes, regardless of their age and social status. Behind
due to its naturalness, it will not look ridiculous or
inappropriate. Especially effective this coloring looks on:

  • girls with dark skin and brown eyes;
  • owners of curly hair;
  • girls with oriental appearance.

Venetian highlighting for dark hair Venetian highlighting for dark hair Venetian highlighting for dark hair Venetian highlighting for dark hair

Reference! Blondes can achieve
a similar effect with the help of a blonde, californian
highlighting or ombre.

Can I do during pregnancy?

Pregnant girl

There is a medical hypothesis that chemical
paint reagents can be absorbed into the blood of the expectant mother and
affect the formation of the fetus, causing neuroblastoma. But worth it
note that this is nothing more than a hypothesis, as serious
No medical research has been done on this topic.

Despite this, there are two very real reasons.
wait a little with staining:

  1. Hormonal restructuring of the body. Change
    hormonal levels during pregnancy affect skin temperature
    heads, sebaceous glands and the condition of hair scales. All this
    affects the absorption of the coloring pigment. As a result
    bleached strands may turn out to be excessively yellow, gray or
  2. Smell of chemistry and perfume. During
    Pregnancy in many women exacerbated susceptibility to odors.
    Accordingly, chemical vapors and the obsessive smell of perfume
    fragrances can cause attacks of toxicosis.

Read more about hair dyeing during pregnancy

Venetian highlighting on dark hair, pros and cons,
Is it harmful?

Venetian highlighting for dark hair

Venetian bleaching affects hair more gently than
classic. However, due to the use of oxygene, harm to hair
nevertheless applied – the scales rise and lung occurs
dehydration strands in length.

Reference! If the oxygenator is matched
wrong, there is a risk of getting burned yellow strands.

Venetian highlighting, like any other technique, has
its advantages and disadvantages, which should be weighed before,
how to go to the salon.


  • Open staining. Without foil and cellophane
    ammonia does not penetrate so deeply, and accordingly – does not destroy
    hair structure
  • Underlines the texture. Right
    color accents are able to emphasize natural
    curls, layering and complex asymmetry.
  • Adds volume. Zonal Lightened
    creates the illusion of density on the hair.
  • Long retains the original gloss. Glare
    indented several centimeters from the roots, and
    accordingly, the regrowth will not be so noticeable. Correction can be
    once every 2-3 months.


  • Lightening negatively affects the structure.
    hair. Especially if they are porous in nature.
  • Hard to find a good master. Despite all
    the simplicity of the technique, very few masters can recreate the hair
    natural sun glare effect.
  • Price per coloring. The more prestigious the salon, the
    higher price per procedure. Among other things, it takes quite a lot
    of time.

How to do Venetian highlighting? Description of technology

During the execution of the Venetian highlighting the master does not
uses no additional tools – only comb and
brushes. Dyed locks are not protected from neighboring,
thanks to which the smooth transition effect is obtained.

Especially naturally it looks when master
uses at once 3 – 5 shades of one color scale and is able
work with a brush, extinguishing colors. The principle of working with hair can
vary depending on the length and structure of the hair.

On the square

Venetian highlighting is rarely performed on the square, so
how growing roots become visible after 3-4 weeks. AT
mostly processed strands on the head and bangs.

Venetian highlighting for dark hair

With the help of light glare master can emphasize elongation
or visually adjust the shape of the face.

On curly hair

Venetian highlighting for dark hair Venetian highlighting for dark hair

Curly, dark brown hair is an ideal base for
Venetian highlighting. The wizard paints with chaotic
strokes, on the center of the strands and on the tips. If the client wishes to receive
clearly defined curls, the master slightly delays strands with a comb,
straightening curl, and only then puts the brightener.

Straight hair

Venetian highlighting for dark hair Venetian highlighting for dark hair Venetian highlighting for dark hair

Straight hair can play with new colors and turn into
silk fabric, after the master will arrange on the curls
color accents. When dyeing straight hair, the main task
hairdresser – avoid straight and well-defined lines. For this
hair slightly combed.

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting?

The girl washes her hair

The answer to this question depends on whether you are going to go to
Salon, or prefer to do everything yourself. In the first
If you don’t wash your hair, the master will do it all
preparatory procedures. In the second, the head is better not to wash, so
as sebum residues will prevent dehydration of hair rods by
length, which is especially important when using ammonia
dyes from the mass market.

Read more about shampooing before highlighting.

Important! You need to wash your head if
more than 3 days have passed since the last water treatment, or if
hair left styling products.

How much is the Venetian highlighting on dark hair in
beauty salon?

The total price depends on:

  • cabin location;
  • the reputation of the master;
  • used materials;
  • length, thickness and hair type of the client.

Prices from the masters according to the portal

In Moscow, the price for the procedure in beauty salons varies
from 2,900 to 8,000 rubles.

How much time is being done?

Depending on the length and structure of the head of hair, Venetian
highlighting is done from 1.5 to 5 hours. Longest master
treats long and wavy hair.

How much is held and how often should I do?

On short hair, the entire gloss of the procedure disappears after 3-4
of the week. On long results lasts up to three months, since
growing roots are not so noticeable.

Beautiful shades and colors

Venetian highlighting for dark hair

To make the complete image look harmonious when choosing
pigments for highlighting repel your color type and
choose shades as close to natural.

  • Spring: nutty, caramel, coffee with milk,
    milk chocolate.
  • Summer: wet sand, champagne, golden,
    light brown, chocolate;
  • Autumn: amber, mahogany, copper,
    wheat and all golden shades.
  • Winter: graphite, ashen, silver, coffee w
    ice, bitter chocolate.

How to make Venetian highlights in the home itself
to yourself?

Venetian highlighting technique has no clear selection rules.
thickness and number of strands. It creates the illusion of simplicity.
techniques. To effect met expectations and invested money
purchase all the necessary tools in advance and stick to
instructions described below.

What tools are needed for highlighting?

Tools for highlighting

  • Bowls for the cultivation of oxigents and dyes.
    The preferred material is plastic, ceramic or glass.
  • Paint brushes. Better if they will
    a few – wide, medium and narrow.
  • Comb with a narrow handle to separate hair
  • Disposable gloves to keep hands clean
    color scheme.
  • Peignoir or old clothes.
  • Oily cream to protect the skin of the face, ears and

What tools are used?

Means for highlighting

For Venetian highlighting, you can use the standard
hair dye, with color and activator in the set, or
professional paint for highlighting. The main thing is to choose
several shades in one color scale. More about choosing
hair dye

Reference! Paint and oxygent best
to purchase in the salons of professional cosmetics. There you can
see the catalog with staining samples and with
consultant to choose the most suitable for you.

What oxide to do?

On sale you can find oxides in 4 variations: 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%.
The higher the percentage – the more aggressive the composition will be
paints. Venetian highlighting implies lighting on 3-4
tones, respectively, for dark brown hair will be enough
3% oxide, for the blue-black – 6%.

How is the product applied?

How to apply the tool for highlighting

Coloring is performed in four stages:

  1. Wash and dry hair, if since the last wash
    more than one day has passed.
  2. Using a narrow comb handle, divide the hair into partings and
    lock strands with clips. Start coloring with
    back of the head.
  3. If the hair is straight and smooth, mix it up against growth. So you
    ensure a smooth color transition.
  4. Start applying paint. Alternate brushes and shades to
    achieve the most realistic effect.

Note! The result of staining
will look neater if you cut the split ends beforehand
the tips.

How long to keep highlighting on dark hair on time?

Venetian highlighting for dark hair

Seeking time for exposure, build on recommendations
manufacturer. On average, dark hair needs 15 to 30 minutes,
to lighten and color.

Price staining at home

coloring tools

To make Venetian highlights in the home,
you will have to spend money on several dyes and auxiliary
goods (brushes, bowls, clips). On average, one home
staining costs from 450 to 1500 rubles.

Photos before and after

Venetian coloring is a highlight of an image for the brunette.
Hairstyle will look new, so natural and
fresh that no one would guess that this is the result of painstaking
work hairdresser.

On short hair

Glare on a short haircut gives the image of mischief and coquetry.
Particularly advantageous look hairstyles with brightened bangs or
highlights on the back of the head.

On medium hair

Curly hair over the shoulders is the reference base for Venetian
highlighting. Glare look the most organic and attractive.
Straight hair coloring gives depth and shine.

Long hair

Long hair with coffee and caramel tints look just
luxuriously. Of course, such work takes a lot of effort and money.

Hairstyles with Venetian highlighting on dark hair

After Venetian highlighting, the hair looks so
attractive that they do not want to hide in a tight tail or
bundle. And not worth it! After all, there are so many styling options where you can
demonstrate the result of staining! For example:

  • Waterfall. Take three strands over your ear and start
    weave a spikelet. Keep the top strand loose each time.
    hang down and take a new bottom. Lock the remaining tail on
    back of the head. Repeat weaving on the other side. Combine free
    ends on both sides and braid into a spikelet.
  • Reversed tail. Separate the hair at the crown,
    Comb thoroughly and tail it with a rubber band.
    Make a hole over the rubber and “unscrew” the free tip
    tail inside.
  • Greek hairstyle. Brush carefully
    hair. Put the headband on the headband. Take one strand with
    edge and wrap around the gum. Grab some more hair and
    repeat. Continue braiding until all hair is braided.
    around the rim.

Note! If you dissolve
Greek hair after a few hours of wearing, you can get
beautiful and natural curls.

Hair care after the procedure

So that the hair was not only beautiful, but also healthy, behind them
need to properly care. The following guidelines will help you.
restore and maintain their health after the Venetian

  • After staining do not wash your hair for 2-3 days. it
    helps the pigment to gain a better foothold in the cortex.
  • During washing, use mild shampoo without
  • Do not forget to nourish and moisturize hair when
    the help of balms, masks and indelible emulsions.
  • Reduce the use of curling and hot
    hair dryer. Expose the cold air mode.
  • Do not go outside without a headdress in the summer
    and in the winter.
  • Enrich your diet with high
    content of vitamin B and calcium.

Note! Do not repeat
dyeing procedure if you see that your hair is strong
damaged. This will only aggravate the situation.


Venetian highlighting is just a godsend for those who don’t
can regularly visit the salon color refreshment. One procedure times
in 3-4 months and you again look as if you just returned from
recreation at the seaside.

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