Vertical waving is a beautiful hairstyle without harm to hair health!

vertical perm

For centuries, vertical perm
famous for its beauty and gives playfulness and true
seduction woman. This chemistry got its name because
special method of cheating curls, which is vertical
arrangement of curls, which makes hair spiral. Her also
called spiral and wet chemistry. Special needles, papilotki
or curlers act in this procedure as stylers. Eventually
curls (it does not matter, long or medium) turn into the maximum
hard curls formed with special curlers.

Which composition is better to use?

Vertical hair curling can be done using
different compositions. With the so-called wet effect chemistry
looks very good. This effect can be achieved using
hair styling products. To perform the wet effect
perfect spray gel or gel for curls.
Vertical waving is only suitable for ladies who have long
or medium hair. At the peak of popularity

The vertical perm in the 80s was extremely
is popular. To date, chemistry was again at its peak
popularity due to the fact that the fashion has come back to wear long
Wavy hair. Recently, chemistry has even been recognized as one of
The most sought-after hairstyles. After all, its unique technology
doing makes hair curly over its entire length including tips and
the roots.

In addition, the sparing chemical composition allows not
dry out the hair, and vice versa protect and nourish it. But if
hair has been damaged by dyeing before
split, it is better to carry out this procedure after completing the course
restore curls. It includes the use of both internal and external
and external funds for the improvement of hair.

Performance technique

Long hair chemistry should be done more carefully than on
average. To wind curls, use the same bobbins,
as with ordinary chemistry. Stylist, owning a special
technology, distributes thin strands, twists and secures
on a lot of bobbins.

The only difference is that the hair twisted on bobbins,
placed vertically, not horizontally. Thanks to this
location can be wound strand, starting from the roots and completing
tips. As a result, we have clear flawless curls. Such
Chemistry makes the hair more expressive and luxurious.

how to make vertical chemistry at homeHaving long
not too thin curls, you can achieve a lush mane. This type
Curling requires a significant investment of time and is very time consuming. AT
depending on the thickness and length of the hair, this procedure takes
3-5 hours. But as they say, the game is worth the candle.

Chemistry is good because it has a delicate effect on the hair structure.
thanks to the gentle composition. In the cabin use natural
components that are biologically active. After
Chemistry is done, do not forget that both medium and long curls
require special styling, especially if they are curly by nature.
In order to achieve a falling hair, in the last stage, as
usually dried curls naturally using styling
funds or use a diffuser.

Nowadays, another kind of waving is no less popular –
american perm which is considered the most
gentle. Its main difference from the vertical – specially
Olivia Garden designed curlers with a complex structure.
By the way, this perm is called American, because these curlers
came up with it in America.

We hope our article was useful for you. All the best and
be always irresistible!

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