Very greasy hair – what to do and how get rid of the problem homework and professional procedures

Oily hair is a problem that
delivers a lot of inconvenience to women and men of all ages.
Curls become greasy a few hours after washing, than
spoil the styling and make any image sloppy. AT
This article will examine in detail the problem of fat roots, as well as
advise effective ways to solve it. girl with greasy hair

How to determine oily hair or dry?

The content of the article:

  • How to determine oily hair or dry?
  • Causes oily hair
  • Symptoms of oily scalp
  • How to treat?
  • How and what to wash greasy hair? TOP-5 professional
  • Reception of vitamin and mineral complexes
  • Rinsing
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Professional procedures
  • How to dry oily hair roots?
  • How to hide greasy hair quickly?
  • How to remove greasy shine from hair?
  • How to reduce hair fat at the roots?
  • How to remove oily hair folk remedies?
  • Proper care for oily hair
  • Hairstyles for oily hair
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Conclusion

If you have problems with terminology, then the following
the table will help you determine which type your

Your actions with hair Normal, healthy hair Hair prone to fat Damaged, dry hair Mixed hair
How often do you need to wash your hair? Once every 2-3 days Every other day or every day Once a week Once in 3-4 days
How do you assess the state of the root zone? Roots become greasy 3 days after washing Curls look stale by the end of the day. Immediately after washing, dry and squeaky, but for 2-3 days condition
normalized. 6-7 days look fat
Roots become fat after 3-4 days, sometimes roots look
greasy and the tips remain dry
What do the tips look like? Normal or moderate section Healthy, not split Badly damaged. Some hair reach and tear Dry and brittle
Is there any shine? Have a healthy shine Strands glitter clean the first day after washing your head, then
unhealthy greasy shine appears
Most often dull and dull The tips are dry and dull, the roots have a shine
Is it electrified? Moderate electrification Rarely Often The tips are strongly electrified.
Is there volume at the roots? Moderate There is immediately after washing the head, then the hairstyle has
“slick” view
Yes, very lush and expressive “Sleek” roots and lush length
How is stacking? Laying and curling keeps normally Keeps the first hour after laying Hair is difficult to style Laying keeps normally, but on the roots quickly settles

Pay attention! For more
Accurate diagnosis of the scalp and hair condition
to the trichologist, dermatologist or cosmetologist. Are you ready
see a doctor? Yes

Causes oily hair

Consider the main causes of oily hair:

The child has

Many mothers are surprised to find that soft and light
baby’s hair quickly becomes greasy. Unfortunately, this is a problem
has no age. Children under 12 have skin
heads may become oily for the following reasons:

  1. Disorders of the digestive tract as a result of malnutrition.
  2. Impaired immunity after illness.
  3. Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  4. Incorrectly selected shampoo.

Oily hair in a child

Be sure to tell us about this issue.
pediatrician – he will establish the exact root cause of the disease.

A teenager

During puberty, the body experiences
hormonal adjustment. That the hair becomes more
grease is normal. Testosterone production increases, and
sensitivity of sebaceous glands to it increases. fat hair in a teenager

Reference! Stress also provoke
sebum production so the problem becomes
especially relevant with the onset of exams and sessions.

In men and women

The problem of oily hair is common in men
and among women. Excessive sebum production leads to
following problems:

  • Hormonal jump / crash. Sebaceous glands
    begin to work hard because of the overworking of male
    hormones. Also, in women, the problem may be exacerbated before
    menstruation or due to oral
  • Problems with the digestive tract, dysbacteriosis or
    diabetes. These diseases are associated with impaired absorption
    nutrients by the body. Losing the necessary
    trace elements, hair begins to dry strongly, and the body begins
    produce more sebum to protect their fragility and
  • Oily seborrhea. It is a tandem of
    dandruff and greasy hair, arising from a violation
    work sebaceous glands.

greasy hair in men and women

Symptoms of oily scalp

Oily hair the day after washing

As we already learned earlier, normal hair becomes
fatty on day 3 after bath procedures. To look like
dirty several hours after washing their heads they can
several reasons:

  • You are using the wrong shampoo. If you
    wash your head with a nourishing, moisturizing or strengthening shampoo from
    mass market, then be sure that it contains silicones and
    film-forming substances. They fit fluffy and dry hair, and
    But with fatty ones they can play a cruel joke, making them heavy. Recommendations for
    the choice of shampoo for oily hair.
  • Hard water, dry air. These are external
    factors can also contribute to the excessive production of cutaneous
  • Stress, diseases of internal organs. Leather
    always responding to a change in mental or physical
    human condition. These may be overweight problems,
    disruption of the internal organs or long stay in
    depressed or stressed state.

Fatty hair

Hair appears thinner

Due to excessive sebum production the hair
it becomes visually thinner, less often and loses the basal
volume almost immediately after installation. When hair is thin and
luminous by nature, the problem becomes even more obvious. Thin hair

Dandruff appears

Normally, everyone has a little dandruff –
so the horny skin particles descend. But oily seborrhea –
the process is pathological. The scalp appears shiny from
fat, and hair – fall down on the shoulders stuck together with strands
dandruff dandruff in the hair

Important! Without timely treatment, oily seborrhea
may cause hair loss.

Hair starts to fall out

Normally, the hairy part of the scalp is covered with a thin protective
layer of sebum. In case of sebaceous gland disorders, this layer
thickens and clogs the pores and mouth of the hair follicles. Those,
begin to suffer from lack of oxygen, and as a result,
fall out. hair loss

Itchy scalp. Why can itch your head?

Yeast fungi are often diluted in the sebum – they are
cause unpleasant itching and tingling sensations. And also this
problem may occur due to improper shampoo or
insufficient washing. head

How to treat?

Before treating oily scalp,
make sure you have no other problems with
by the body. Often, greasy hair is only a consequence.
diseases, not the disease itself. However, in some cases
greasy head is a kind of norm, for example, for
people prone to corpulence or diabetics.

The best remedies for oily scalp

Since greasy hair gets dirty quickly, wash it
accounts very often. That’s just what? Which shampoos
worth paying attention to?

  • For deep cleaning – perfectly remove skin
    fat, but at the same time have quite aggressive cleaning components.
    It’s worth not more than once a week.
  • Regulatory – normalizes the work of sebaceous
    glands, thanks to which the hair remains clean and tidy longer
    for a long time.
  • Anti-seborrheic / seborrhagic – eliminates
    fatty dandruff, thanks to zinc and salicylic acid.
  • For thin and greasy hair – cleans the head from
    sebum, gives the hair extra volume.
  • With menthol – cool the skin and relieve itching,
    promote saturation of tissues with moisture.
  • For hair of the mixed type. Forms a good
    foam and washes away dirt, while not violating the natural protective

Note! To wash prone hair
“shampoos” are great for fat content. They often contain
It contains menthol and peppermint, and very rarely – weighting.

How and what to wash greasy hair? TOP-5 professional

More professional shampoos are different from standard ones.
concentrations of active ingredients and often convenient dispenser on
vial. Below we look at the 5 best tools
opinion of professionals.


Country of manufacture: Germany

The tool acts on the hair gently and gently, eliminating skin
fat and removing the keratinized skin layer. Contains such
active ingredients like:

  • thyme extract;
  • Sophora extract;
  • cinchona extract;
  • propolis;
  • peppermint;
  • limongrass.


Price: from 200 rubles.

LOreal professional Pure Resource

Country of origin: France

The shampoo acts as a filter and
neutralizer minimizing negative impact
the environment. Normalizes the distribution of sebum on the hair
mixed type. L'Oreal professional Pure Resource

Price: from 770 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Russia

Also, like the previous shampoo from the list, is intended for
hair is greasy at the roots and dry at the tips. Gives curls
healthy shine and nourishes the skin with beneficial trace elements.

Price: from 520 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Germany

Shampoo eliminates fat from the root zone, reduces inflammation from
scalp and tones up making hair more
voluminous. The effect is achieved by the following active

  • white tea extract;
  • jojoba oil.


Price: from 460 rubles.

Matrix biolage

Country of manufacture: Spain

Shampoo is designed to regulate the work of sebaceous glands.
and pore cleansing. The main active ingredient is lemon extract.
sorghum. Matrix

Price: from 800 rubles.

Reception of vitamin and mineral complexes

A lack of vitamins and minerals can also cause
to the fact that the hair on your head will always seem oily
and untidy. In the pharmaceutical market you can find
many products for hair and skin. What are the components
pay attention when buying a vitamin-mineral complex?

  • Vitamin A – necessary for the body to properly
    sebum secretion. Restores healthy shine to hair.
    Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E – is involved in metabolism and
    improves microcirculation. Solves the problem of falling out. Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6 – helps eliminate excess
    sebum, restores healthy hair structure, decides
    the problem of oily seborrhea. Vitamin B6
  • B12 – improves metabolism and helps blood
    carry oxygen. Restores healthy shine to hair. B12
  • Vitamin C – normalizes the work of sebaceous glands,
    promotes the absorption of nutrients by hair follicles.
    Vitamin C
  • Vitamin H (biotin) – improves absorption
    nutrient hair follicles prevents hair loss
    and stimulates new hair growth. Vitamin H

Reference! The most popular and sought after
among consumers are considered vitamin-mineral complexes
Pantovigar, Perfectil and Komplivit Shine.

Read more about anti-hair products


You can prolong the effect of washing your hair with
finish rinsing. Below are a few
Homemade recipes to choose from:

  • With apple cider vinegar. 1 liter of warm water
    add 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Vinegar conditions hair and
    makes them more brilliant. With apple cider vinegar
  • Oak bark decoction. Three tablespoons
    crushed bark, fill with a liter of boiling water and boil for 15
    minutes Allow the broth to cool, strain and rinse clean hair.
    Suitable for regular use on dark hair.
    A decoction of oak bark
  • Infusion of Hypericum. Five tablespoons of raw materials
    brew 500 ml boiling water and leave for 30 minutes to infuse. Fine
    removes excess sebum and prevents inflammation. infusion Hypericum

More costly but effective way
return freshness and softness to greasy hair – rinsing with milk
With salt. In 1 liter of warm milk dissolve
tablespoon of salt and rinse the hair immediately in front
by wash

Healthy lifestyle

Lack of sleep, constant stress, abuse of fast food leads
to the fact that the scalp becomes excessively
greasy. There is inflammation, rash and dandruff. If a
strands become fatty due to some disease, then the emphasis
worth doing to eliminate the root causes and lifestyle
in order. Sleep at least 8 hours per night
exclude from your menu products containing trans fats, more often
go outdoors and start exercising
activity. 2 to 4 times a month you can fasten
result of salon procedures. Healthy


If your hair is constantly oily, add to your
The menu includes the following foods:

  • milk and dairy products;
  • chicken and quail eggs;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • oatmeal and bran.


However, the following should be excluded from the diet

  • fatty meats;
  • fried or deep fried foods;
  • too hot or salty foods;
  • beverages and pastries with a high content

without meat

Professional procedures

Ozone therapy

The principle of ozone therapy is to affect the skin
heads of a three-dimensional hydrogen molecule with high oxidative
qualities. Ozone therapy

Technically can be performed in three ways:

  1. injection;
  2. using the apparatus of Darsonval;
  3. with a special cap.

During ozone therapy the scalp is saturated with oxygen,
intracellular processes are accelerated and sebaceous activity is regulated
glands Due to the destruction of the fungal infection of the head
stops itching, and tissues heal faster.


Mesotherapy is an introduction under
skin (or the upper layers of the epidermis) medicinal
means or dietary supplements with
syringe with the thinnest needle. The procedure helps to solve immediately.
several problems of the scalp and hair shafts:

  • disruption of sebaceous glands;
  • dropping out;
  • seborrhea (dry and oily);
  • early gray hair;
  • dryness and section along the length.


Plasma lifting

Another injection procedure, only this time under
skin is not injected with medicine, but blood plasma enriched
platelets. Before plasma-lifting the doctor takes blood from
the patient himself, and loads it into a centrifuge to separate the plasma.

Plasma injected into a damaged place accelerates
natural processes several times and increases


Cryotherapy is a physiotherapeutic
cold treatment
reagents. Aimed at improving a certain
body area. In this case, on the scalp. Cryotherapy

Under the influence of low temperatures, blood flow first sharply
slows down and then also starts abruptly. The body gives
signal to the expansion of blood vessels, and therefore absorbability
nutrients improved several times.


The apparatus for darsonvalization looks like a comb with rare
teeth. It produces weak electrical
impulses that irritate the blood
vessels and stimulates the epidermis layers on the cellular
level The procedure helps to cope with such problems
as oily and dry seborrhea, loss, dryness and brittleness.

Note! You can purchase the device
Darsonval and conduct the procedure darsonvalization independently.

Laser shower

A laser shower is a machine that looks exactly the same.
as well as the usual nozzle for a shower, with only one difference – in
It has a built-in device that creates laser radiation. Through these rays
passes warm water (about 36 degrees), which
the damaged place is washed. Laser shower

The procedure activates regeneration processes, normalizes
producing sebum and makes hair healthy and attractive
by the look.

Note! If you want to strengthen the action
cosmetic masks – do them after the procedure of a laser shower.

How to dry oily hair roots?

There are many different techniques and recipes, thanks to
which can make your hairstyle more fresh and neat looking,
even if the hair roots constantly lose volume due to their fat content. Below
The most popular ones are listed. massage golovy

  • Do not wash your hair for several days. Frequent washing
    scalp absorbent shampoos only increase the production of skin
    lard and thus you fall into a vicious circle. You wash
    head to get rid of fat – the skin is dry and
    the body begins to produce more sebum – you wash
    head again. Highlight the weekend to not wash your hair,
    endure a few days to the body yourself
    adjusted fat production.
  • Use henna. Henna quite often
    used as a basis for healing hair masks. Thanks
    tannins in the chemical composition, it dries the skin
    head, while not violating its natural protection. If you wish, you
    can not only heal, but also shade hair noble
    red-brown shades.
  • Do a massage while washing. It is useful
    a procedure to help exfoliate the stratum corneum, wash
    excess fat and dirt, but as a nice bonus – remove the headache and
    nervous tension.

How to hide greasy hair quickly?

Probably every girl faced such a situation when
time to spare and it just is not enough to wash my hair
and make styling. Nevertheless, there are several proven
ways to simply and quickly hide the stale
the roots.

  1. Wash the bangs or strands around the face, and collect the rest of the hair in
    high tail.
  2. Change the parting or make its line as much as possible.
  3. Make a wet styling effect with

wet styling

How to remove greasy shine from hair?

Hair, shiny with fat – look extremely
unattractive and untidy. If you know what your
the head will look stale several hours after washing
– Get dry shampoo. It is powdered
spray agent applied directly to
hair roots. Powder absorbs excess moisture
and then you just remove his remaining funds with
hairbrushes! dry shampoo

If you do not have such a tool at hand, you can
use potato or cornstarch,
baby powder, talcum powder, transparent cosmetic powder or
use other folk remedies for fat

How to reduce hair fat at the roots?

The fatness of the hair roots can be significantly reduced if a little
adjust some household habits.

  • Do not wash your head with water, hotter than 28 degrees.
    A hot shower is nice, of course, but it’s best left to
    body. The head also needs softer and cooler water.
  • Use a hair dryer, curling iron and hot tongs as much as possible.
    less often – these devices are drained not only on
    hair, but also on the scalp.
  • Comb your hair with a soft massage brush –
    some combs rather roughly scratch the skin.
  • Gels, waxes and mousses for laying under strict
    prohibition – they weight the hair with silicones.
  • Change pillowcase and wash as often as possible
    pillow Pathogens can multiply in the pack
    fungi and bacteria.
  • Try not to touch your hair and scalp.
    hands – it provokes an increased production of skin

soft massage brush

How to remove oily hair folk remedies?

Our great-grandmothers knew how to care for their hair –
it is worth remembering the chic long and thick braids of the Slavic
beauties. The following folk mask recipes will help you.
return hair freshness, volume and healthy shine.

With mustard and kefir

Dissolve tablespoon of mustard powder with warm water to
condition sour cream. If you wish, you can replace the mixture already
ready mustard, if it contains no sugar. Add
Half a cup of 1% kefir and mix thoroughly.
Spread the mixture over the scalp first and then over the entire length.
Wrap in plastic and a towel and leave for half an hour for
impact. Wash off with a little water.
shampoo With mustard and kefir

With rye bread crumb and herbal decoction

Take in equal proportions pharmacy nettle and chamomile, fill
boiling water. Let it stand and strain. Fill up
decoction slice of rye bread and mash with a fork. Apply
part by substance, and the residues are distributed by
length. Put on the shower cap and soak the mixture alone.
hour, then rinse with running water. With a crumb of rye bread and herbal decoction

From oatmeal and soda

Pour 3 tablespoons of oatmeal with boiling water so that
to make a mushy consistency.
Add a spoonful of soda with a slide and mix thoroughly. Distribute
over the scalp and leave for 20
minutes After time, rinse with water.
Of oatmeal and soda

Important! If you feel itchy or burning after
applying a mask – wash it off immediately! AND
also do not use soda masks if you have open wounds
or inflammation on the scalp.

White clay and chamomile decoction

Cosmetic white clay, dilute the decoction of chamomile to obtain
homogeneous creamy consistency. If the hair is oily
roots, but dry at the tips – add egg yolk
and a tablespoon of liquid honey. Mixture
spread over the entire length of the hair and leave for half an hour.
Rinse without shampoo. Of white clay and chamomile decoction

Even more popular recipes against greasy hair

Proper care for oily hair

Hairbrush for greasy hair

For daily combing greasy hair best suited
wooden massage brushes with rounded teeth. Such
hairbrushes remove fat from the scalp, disperse the blood and remove
voltage. Proved that promassated scalp
better absorbs nutrients and trace elements from
means. Comb for greasy hair

How to style oily hair?

To keep your hair fresh and clean longer – reduce
use hair dryer and other hot styling tools to
the minimum. If you can not wait – blot hair
towel and dry them on a mode of cold air.
oily hair styling

Hairstyles for oily hair

Hide a slight flaw in the form of greasy hair roots
help properly selected hairstyles.
The following guidelines will help you look fresh and
attractive every day.

Pin-up style

Sprinkle hair roots with dry shampoo, comb and collect.
high tail. Twist it around the gum, forming
careless bundle. Release a few strands of face.
Tie a scarf on your head with a bow up or put on a bezel.
Pin-up style

Hollywood styling

Comb all the hair back, fixing the strands of invisibility behind
ears. Curl tips slightly curling. Apply on
comb gel strong fixation and walk from the face to the top of the head,
smoothing hairs. Hollywood styling

Soft waves

Apply light styling foam to hair and dry
using brushing, giving the locks a basal volume.
Make a side parting, placing all the curls on one shoulder, on
the other side smooth strands with a comb, sprinkled
varnish. Soft Waves

Twisted tail

Lightly comb the hair at the roots so that the hairstyle will keep longer
pomp. Assemble the tail at the back of the head. Over rubber band
divide the hair into two parts so as to make a loop. Pass through
tail in a loop, as if turning it inside out. Attach
appeared flounces little more volume and romantic negligence,
stretching their hands. Inverted tail

Boxing Spit

Divide hair into a parting line. On each half braid
reverse French braid, continuing weaving along the length of the usual
pigtails of their three strands. Secure with rubber bands.
Boxing braids

Frequently asked Questions

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

Why after botox hair become

– The effect of the oily head immediately after the Botox procedure is
normal hair reaction to nutritional treatment. They
smoothed and weighted down, due to which they seem dirty. AT
normal, this effect goes away during the day and the hair looks again
healthy and tidy.

Oily hair after dyeing, what is the reason and how
can you solve the problem?

– Some paints from the mass market are quite aggressive.
chemical composition with a higher ammonia content. He annoys
scalp, and as a result – makes it more oily. Try
change the usual dye to bezammiachny and do not forget about

Oily hair after keratin straightening that

– Most often the hair looks greasy after keratin due to
use of poor quality and cheap composition with high
content of silicones. Silicones envelop hair, creating
airtight film and make curls heavier. They lose
Radical volume and often stick together. As a rule, the problem can be
Solve with shampoo for deep cleaning.
However, be prepared for the fact that most keratin is washed off with
hair and you have to repeat the procedure, but by another master
and with a different cosmetic composition.


The problem of greasy hair affects many people outside
depending on gender and age. This fact once again
confirms a variety of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and
folk remedies against this disease. However, even in such a matter
Do not rely solely on your own intuition.
Be sure to visit a trichologist and a dermatologist,
to establish the exact root cause of the disease.

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