Very short female haircut: from the era pharaohs in the 21st century

If someone considers short female haircuts a sign
only the 21st, rapid century, he is mistaken. Already in
In ancient Egypt, the queen was supposed to cut her hair very shortly, and
sometimes even shave them off.

The advantage of short haircuts is not that they are supposedly easier
and faster care than long hair (by the way, this is not
always like that), the queen could afford a huge state

Photo 191

  • 1 To whom to go
  • 2 How to choose a super-short hairstyle
  • 3 Types of haircuts
    • 3.1 Tom Fight
    • 3.2 Careless
    • 3.3 Short mohawk
    • 3.4 Pixie
    • 3.5 Scallop
    • 3.6 Long bangs
    • 3.7 With a side parting
  • 4 Types of styling

The secret is that hairstyles of this type always give off
a woman from the crowd, emphasize her individuality, attract
attention to the face, especially to the eyes. Not surprising that
Today they are among the top five most fashionable and stylish.

To whom go

The decision to cut the hair short can not be taken in a temper. Such
short haircuts are not for everyone. If it shows up when
“no turning back”, the lady is waiting for some not very pleasant
months of waiting until the hair grows to the length she loves. By
According to experts, very short female haircuts are suitable for those

  • oval face round or oval;
  • the shape of the skull is perfect;
  • neat ears, chin, nose;
  • facial features – expressive;
  • the scalp is clean, without dandruff and peeling.

Oddly enough, the requirements for the hair itself are not
so tough as to the shape of the head and face. Short cut
even thin, weak hair is recommended, as pictured:

Photo 192 There are no restrictions for curly hair.

But the features of the figure should certainly be taken into account. For slim
and even not very slim, but well-built ladies are short
haircuts fit perfectly. Problems may arise too
large (as they say, with a wide bone) women: gently
trimmed head will only increase the imbalance.

The same undesirable effect will occur if the shoulder girdle
women are too well developed, and the neck is too full.
The representative of the fair sex risks becoming masculine.

IMPORTANT: contraindicated for short haircuts
lack of cosmetics on the face and a pronounced sporty style in
clothes. Neglecting these requirements, the lady looks like a man,
loses femininity.

How to choose a super-short hairstyle

To choose the best option for ultrashort
haircuts, do not be lazy to compare in advance the possible positive
and negative points. Here are some advantages you can count on:

  • very short haircut is young, makes the image energetic;
  • it is comfortable with her at work and at leisure (especially in summer);
  • haircut emphasizes the commitment of women to fashion, willingness
    to experiment;
  • the attention of others will be primarily focused on

There are also disadvantages:

  • visits to the hairdresser (and therefore costs) will be more
  • grooming should be regular;
  • return to the former image (when the curls were long)
    will require a lot of time.

In choosing a particular haircut, it is advisable to trust the experience
a stylist who owns many secrets not available
nonprofessional For example, a lady with large facial features fit
feminine options. Ripped tips and excessive
graduation. Photo 193 If the facial features are small, the “ragged” effect is
that is necessary, especially on the bangs, which only slightly covers

TIP: even super short haircuts should not be
volume can be created by highlighting as
ombra or “feathers”.

A face in the shape of a heart or a circle will require a haircut, more voluminous
on the back of the head. If the face is long, he needs thick bangs, and shaved
whiskey is contraindicated.

Full ladies are wavy strands. Older – neat haircuts.
Fragile ladies should not allow “aggressiveness”, which distinguishes
many of the super short models, otherwise there is a risk of losing
romance, softness of the image.

Types of haircuts

The most courageous can be considered the option “under the hedgehog” when the hair length
ranges from 2 to 5 mm. Haircut looks interesting, but only goes
those whose face and head shape are almost devoid of flaws.
However, the list of styles of haircuts is wide enough to
satisfy the taste of every woman of fashion whose natural data are far from

Tom Boy

“The tomboy” – so translated from English name short
haircuts This is one of the unisex options. Hair length – from 3 to 7 cm.
Tom Boy perform, taking the basis of Care, Pixie or Bob, use
прием ассиметричности, см. фото: Photo 194 Придумали этот стиль еще в начале ХХ века, когда
women wanted to shock, and the word “emancipation” served
life guide for many of the fair sex.
Today, this haircut is no longer considered a challenge to the world, but
that she is at the height of fashion is a fact. Interestingly, the masculine is essentially
haircut turns, as if by magic, into
especially female, besides – sexual if the lady will make bright
make-up and insert spectacular earrings in your ears.

Experts do not recommend to make Tom Boy owners
curly hair. At the heart of this haircut – straight strands, which means
the lady will have to spend time straightening them and messing around for a long time
hair styling.


Cute mess on the head can provide a woman only
experienced hairdresser. But then care for a haircut, which
called careless, do not make much work. Photo 195 It is suitable for young ladies, but is contraindicated
for respectable ladies. Facial features and skin condition should be very
good, but hair can be thin – the nature of the haircut
provides a sufficient amount of hair. Lay it, putting on
hair ends a little gel, and then dried and tousled strands.
You can make a side parting and lay your hair to the side. With this haircut
rims and hoops look good.

Short mohawk

Women borrowed this type of haircut from men. Bold step
because even their mohawk is a symbol of militancy,
aggressiveness, what can we say here about the representatives of the weak
floor. For them, this haircut is definitely a desire to stand out, be
unlike the others. Photo 196 Oddly enough, but the female version of the haircut looks
very elegant and with the right choice of accessories and make-up
It goes well even with evening dress. To some ladies
the dress code does not allow to build a mohawk on the head at work if
there are no such prohibitions, then with everyday clothes Short
Mohawk looks spectacular.

Mohawk can be made based on Tom Boy or Bob. Usually choose
one of the two options for haircuts, leaving hair of the same length along
the perimeter of either (and this looks especially bold) retaining more
long strands between the forehead and the back of the head.


Pixie haircut – a real salvation for girls who are dissatisfied
its sparse, thin hair. Cascade technique helps
give hair volume, and hair laid in a nice mess
add the image of freshness and playfulness. The word “pixie” translates to
English as an “elf”. Probably why haircut looks
airy, and short strands resemble feathers, as in these photos:
Photo 197 The effect of ruffled is achieved by a special
haircuts: the sides are cut very short, the hair on the back of the head
the parts are longer than the others, the bangs are oblique. Best of all
hairstyle fits girls and women with an oval face shape.


This hairstyle, a type of mohawk, appeared on
light as a challenge to the world and at first looked very
outrageous: the hairs on the sides were shaved off, the center of the head was defiant
comb made of varnished strands. Today, stylists offer ladies to keep hair in the area
temples, leaving the crest as it was at the height of the rebellious
fashion in the 1970s. Laying quite laborious: every strand you need
grease with a special mousse, lift up and fix varnish.

Long bangs

Long bangs – this is what gives the usual, haircut to a very
short hair, personality and mood. Depending on the
kind of bangs the image can get naughty, daring, exquisite,
romantic. Long bangs can be:

  • straight,
  • beveled
  • torn
  • arched
  • thinned out.

Photo 198 Bangs are able to hide the flaws of the face, visually
change its shape. For example, a round face can pull out
long bangs, slightly sloping from one side, and a square face
make softer bangs, the edges of which are torn.

With a side parting

Haircuts with a side parting will suit women with a high forehead, except
addition, they visually reduce the cheekbones and too heavy chin.
The bangs in this case are given volume, making the easy bouffant. Photo 199 Short haircuts with side parting look better
on smooth hair.

Types of styling

Most short haircuts will not look original without
styling. A special role is played by drying hair. If you are at bedtime
took a bath or went to the shower, be sure to dry your hair
before going to bed, otherwise in the morning you will need a lot of time
to bring my head in order. There are several secrets of drying

  • for the romantic image of the strand during the drying is necessary
    ruffle (see photo below);
  • for business – to direct the air stream of the dryer from above
    way down;
  • you can leave a straight fringe, prick her side, and all the rest
    strands slightly twist.

TIP FOR HOME USE: if you do not have
laying time, replace it with … accessories – bezel, tape,
barrette, artificial flowers. It will be their attention.
surrounding, not to your hair. Photo 200 In order for the styling to succeed, the hair should be washed with shampoo,
increasing the amount of strands, and lubricate a special balm. For
thin hair these measures are required. From fixing means you need
use gels, varnishes, mousses. Without them, almost impossible
create scallop or iroquois on the head. And this video shows
how many styling options can be made for a very short

In addition, for all types of styling it is desirable to use
comb brushing With its help strands can be raised at the very
roots, make wavy or, conversely, straighten curly
hair, give hair volume, while maintaining natural shine and
beauty strands.

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