Violet hair color: 4 types of dye and 6 optimal combinations

Non-standard coloring – a kind of challenge to society. WITH
using this woman wants to bright and boldly declare themselves: on her
people begin to pay attention.

Hair purple

Creative shade is suitable for very young ladies and older ladies.
He speaks about the non-standard of the woman, as well as her bright
individuality and rich inner world. Violet
hair color in men is much less common.

  • 1 Which girls are purple?
  • 2 Types of hair coloring
    • 2.1 Full staining
    • 2.2 Ombre
    • 2.3 Highlighting
    • 2.4 Balayazh on dark purple hair
  • 3 shades of purple
    • 3.1 Light purple hair
    • 3.2 Ashy purple hair
    • 3.3 Brownish-purple hair
    • 3.4 Black and purple
    • 3.5 Blue-violet
    • 3.6 Pink-purple
  • 4 How to dye your hair purple at home
  • 5 Care for purple hair
  • 6 How to fix a failed painting?
  • 7 How to wash off the purple hair dye?
    • 7.1 Specialized facilities
    • 7.2 Oil
    • 7.3 Soda

What kind of girls are purple?

The first association that occurs in the head at the mention
purple hair dye tied to ladies of old
years old. Many people notice that it is in older women more often
only lilac hair color is found. Modern fashion
trends not only took on their bright hue, but also made it
one of the most popular types of staining.

If a girl wanted to dye her hair light or
dark purple color then must pay attention to
The following important details:

  • dye tone;
  • length of curls;
  • hairstyle, which she wears most often.

Attention! Purple color as a paint
for hair can be warm and cold. The first option is suitable
girls with dark skin and bright iris. Cool shades
It is better to choose the fair sex who have
bright skin.

Only taking into account these factors, it is possible to choose the optimal tone.
purple paint.

Purple hair

To whom this shade goes:

  1. There is no age for such staining.
  2. Girls with any type and length of hair.
  3. Women with different builds and types of shapes.
  4. Ladies with Nordic appearance. Such girls are also called
    in winter, for their light skin and gray, blue or brown eyes.
  5. Women autumn color type is better to choose lavender shades
    Hair Dye.
  6. With spring and summer color types of appearance.

Successful staining is difficult to do yourself at home
conditions. It is best to turn to a professional
a master who not only selects the right shade but
will also make a beautiful hairstyle that emphasizes all the virtues
purple staining.

Types of hair coloring

To make the image original, but not too defiant,
necessary to choose the type of staining. If you stayed
doubt in choosing the optimal tone or option
hairstyles, it is best to visit a beauty salon where experienced
masters will select the perfect hair color.

Full staining

Full hair coloring

This coloring looks spectacular on blond hair. If a
a girl with dark curls decides to try for yourself
light purple then she will have to lighten first
curls. Then use special dyes and tonics,
to achieve a rich and intense shade. Therefore full
coloring is best done only blondes.



Ombre technique is popular and in demand among modern fashionistas.
Its principle is to smoothly stretch the color over the entire length.
hair with an emphasis on more contrasting tips. On the roots is desirable
maintain your natural tone so that as you grow
head of hair did not catch the line of growth.

This coloring refers to a complex form. Therefore execute it
alone at home will not work. It is better to turn to experienced
a master who will make a beautiful purple ombre.


Classic highlighting means using only
one tone from a violet palette. The optimum shade is selected,
after which the dyeing itself is performed.

But it will be more interesting to highlight purple on
dark hair when in the process of dyeing involved
several different tones at once. Hair will play immediately
New colors thanks to bright and saturated strands.

Hair highlights

Balayazh on dark purple hair

This staining is also capable of performing only
professional master. It resembles an ombre. Main difference
is that with balaja purple or lilac
the color is evenly stretched over the entire length of the hair, while
Ombre still creates a bright accent on the tips.

With proper performance of the balayaz technique, the hair will be beautiful
shimmer with lavender shade. The main thing to withstand
contrast – dark roots and light tips.


Shades of purple

Women who paint not purple for the first time know
how unpredictable is the color. This is the main
lack of bright staining.

Therefore, girls who decided to go for a similar
experiment for the first time, you should prepare in advance for
possible outcomes. Curls can purchase the following

  • purple;
  • eggplant;
  • purple
  • fuchsia;
  • pink;
  • ashen;
  • pearl.

Advice! To prevent this, it is necessary
pre-study the optimal combinations between natural color
hair and purple dye.

Light purple hair

light purple hair

To get this particular shade, a girl
will have to completely discolor curls. Then stain with the composition
without ammonia, then use a tonic tonic or
special balm.

Ash-purple hair

It is the gray-purple color that most people cause persistent
associations with grandmother stains. In spite of this,
This shade looks good on a woman in any
age It pours a little lavender, which always gives the image


The ash-purple paint fits perfectly on the platinum blond.
Similar coloring is suitable for an ombra and highlighting.

Brown-purple hair

Brown-purple color is suitable for women with dark
hair This coloring not only creates a stylish
appearance, but also takes care of the structure
hair. To get this color, no full

Hair brown-purple

Black and purple

Paint is suitable for dark-haired ladies. Black with purple
hair color does not catch the eye, but creates
at the same time stylish and interesting look that
suitable for women of any age and busy


Blue purple


It is best to choose his tender girls who have
fair skin with manifesting veins and capillaries.

Pink purple


The color scheme is represented by different shades,
beginning from light tones, and finishing with bright colors. Exactly
the red-violet tone enjoys today the greatest
popular with modern fashionistas.

How to dye your hair purple at home

If there is no time, desire or money to use the services
a hairdresser, then you need to know the dyeing technique at home

This video shows one of the ways to dye hair in
purple color at home.

Пошаговая инструкция:

  1. Prepare all the tools.
  2. Dilute hair clarification agent in a separate
    containers following the manufacturer’s instructions as indicated
    on the package.
  3. Apply the product on the head and leave for the necessary
  4. Wash off the active ingredient with shampoo.
  5. Hair is not completely dry. For applying the dye they
    must remain wet.
  6. The coloring pigment is applied with a brush from
    a parting and on all length of hair. Paint over first
    crown, behind her – whiskey, then temechko and nape.
  7. Leave the paint on the curls for a certain time.
  8. To wash hair.

Tip! To keep purple for a long time
initial tone, it is recommended to apply a special balm,
designed to secure the result. If the girl does not want
Often painted, then she comes to the aid of modern tint
means in the form of tonic or balm.

Violet hair care

Bright curls

Bright curls need careful and
attentive care. To long
keep saturated color without damaging the hair, it is worth
follow simple recommendations.

These include:

  1. To dry wet curls better hair dryer in the mode of cool air
    or naturally.
  2. After painting it is worth for some time to refrain from trekking.
    in the pool.
  3. Use only proven quality tools for
    hair care, since the strands that have undergone the procedure
    lightening become more weakened and
    sensitive to adverse effects.
  4. Before painting it is better to cut split ends.
  5. During the first few weeks after staining you need
    make special nourishing hair masks to restore
    damaged structure.

Do not be afraid of bright staining. These tips will help
restore hair and keep it alive and healthy after
create a stylish and fashionable image.

This video is about several ways to care for
damaged and dyed hair.

How to fix a failed painting?

If the process of dyeing the head at home gave
negative result, then you need to know how to remove the purple color
with hair to correct the situation. For this
You can use a special remover. Maybe,
have to perform the procedure several times to eliminate
consequences of unsuccessful staining.

How to wash off the purple hair dye?

A bright image is not for all women. Sometimes through
some time after staining, it starts to annoy.
In addition, there are situations when women simply do not fit
this color.

If purple was used for dyeing
hair balm, then the girl will be enough 5-6 times
wash your hair and there will be no trace of bright colors. More difficult
This is when dyeing was carried out with durable paint. AT
In this case, you can contact one of the following.

Specialized products

Professional cosmetics quickly and efficiently clean
soft purple tone from the hair. To effective remedies

  • Efassor Special Coloriste;
  • L’Oreal;
  • Estel Color Off;
  • Hair Light Remake Color.

Hair Wash

These products will eliminate in a short time.
unwanted purple tone.

Know! In their composition there are active
components that can damage the hair structure.


This problem is best solved by the following types of oils:

  • olive;
  • peach;
  • castor;
  • burdock;
  • coconut.

Any of them must first be warmed up a little, and then
apply on painted curls. Gather all the hair under
film and leave in this form for 20-30 minutes. Then head
rinse well with any shampoo.


This tool is used to restore color after a couple
days after staining. For cooking
natural wash should take 1 tablespoon of soda and
shampoo. Ingredients mix, resulting in
effective remedy to eliminate old staining.

It is applied to the curls like a regular shampoo. Hair follows
rinse them until natural is restored

Purple hair is a stylish and fashionable element of the image.
They will help the girl to stand out from the gray monotonous
the crowd will make it bright and expressive.

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