Vishnevsky ointment for acne and acne

Brand balm (Vishnevsky ointment for acne) is especially useful
for the treatment of skin diseases in individuals of any age. Medicine
enjoys great popularity among the people. The range of its application
very extensive, and the result after use is excellent.


  • Ingredients means
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Use of gauze dressings
  • Eels and balm Vishnevsky
  • Contraindications

Ingredients means

The benefits of the ointment are unquestionable, since the medicine contains
components that complement each other. For example, xeroform has
antiseptic effect, and birch tar increases the flow
blood to the inflamed area of ​​tissue, creating the necessary conditions
for the quick ripening of blackheads or acne.

Castor oil, in turn, contributes to the rapid
penetration of the active substance in the inflammation.

Xeroform is an active component of many drugs, possessing
such properties:

  • disinfecting effect;
  • astringent action;
  • drying effect on the cells of the epidermis.

When applied to the surface of a wound or inflamed area of ​​skin
The drug promotes the clotting of proteins that protect tissues from
actions of irritating substances. Castor oil in the composition of liniment
increases the regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties of the drug,
indispensable in the treatment of acne and purulent rashes.

The ingredients that make up the Vishnevsky ointment are very simple and
do not cause stress on the body, but gently and
confidently carry out the process of cleansing the wound and the elimination of inflammation
at the cellular level.

Advantages and disadvantages

Vishnevsky ointment for acne has anti-inflammatory
property, anesthetizes, destroys harmful microorganisms. Target
balsamic liniment becomes hemorrhoids, purulent lesions
skin, acne. Good results have been obtained with the inclusion of this
funds in the complex treatment of external hemorrhoids for
relieving symptoms of the disease.

People suffering from acne apply ointment to the inflamed area.
and observe the effect in a short time. After applying
compresses with liniment in the form of tampons for the night or lubrication
Acne with a small amount of ointment achieves a striking effect:
the inflammatory process stops, heals and heals
wound surface.

For sensitive skin, ointment is used to reduce
inflammatory process. In alternative medicine drug
used to treat sinusitis as part
drug product.

The only drawback of the ointment is a sharp peculiar smell,
unpleasant for some patients.

Use of gauze dressings

Treatment of ulcers with ointment is a reliable and proven method.
Acne resulting from hormonal disorders delivers
a lot of suffering to the patient. When the abscess opens and begins
to heal, you need to apply a balsamic dressing

The medicine is applied with a spatula to sterile gauze.
bandage and fix it on the wound left after opening
the abscess. Liniment begins to help almost immediately, from the first days of his
application. By following the instructions for using the ointment, you can
achieve consistent results without taking antibiotics.

The patient is recommended to use vegetable products
origin and give up sweets and animal fats. When
the need for liniment is used as a dressing on the problem
place overlaid several times a day until condition improves
the patient. Some may have an allergic reaction to
ointment components.

Liniment should be applied with a thick layer on the skin after
making water treatments in the evening.

Eels and balm Vishnevsky

Teenage problems cause a lot of trouble. For
eliminate acne patients impose a thick layer of ointment on
problematic place, covering it with plastic. Compress left on
12 hours and then removed with warm water.

In some cases, there is an aggravation of the process: the number
rash increases, and then a positive effect is manifested.
Patients note the increased effect of the ointment, if produced
adjusting the diet and reduce the number of smoked

Allergy sufferers should be careful.
use the drug because of the possible appearance of painful lungs
sensations at the acne treatment site. In some cases,
the patient is observed a slight reddening of the skin after application.
drug and the appearance of subfebrile


In the presence of extensive rash should not use ointment
Vishnevsky without consulting a doctor.


It should be remembered that when the patient’s individual response to
Liniment should be abandoned. Experience
use of an ointment indicates its high efficacy, but many
patients with acne treatment felt sharp, unpleasant
the smell emanating from the remedy.

Profound understanding by the patient of the action of balsamic liniment
allows to neglect minor inconveniences in the form of a strong smell.
The use of ointment is always based on the characteristics of the body.
the patient and the state of his functional systems.

In no case may the use of a medicinal product
recommended as a method of self. Dressing with ointment
Vishnevsky is permissible only on the testimony and after consultation with
a doctor.

Significant results can be achieved by patients combining
treatment and a special diet to keep the skin in
excellent condition.

Improper use of the ointment can lead to frustration.
health, so the question of the feasibility of using liniment
a specialist must decide.


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