Vitamin E is an essential ingredient for healthy and beautiful skin


It is called the “vitamin of youth and beauty” and is credited to it.
the most wonderful medicinal properties. Although it is
pharmacy drug (its scientific name is tocopherol, which
in Latin means “conducive to birth”), home
cosmetology actively uses it.

It is called the “vitamin of youth and beauty” and is credited to it.
the most wonderful medicinal properties. Although it is
pharmacy drug (its scientific name is tocopherol, which
in Latin means “conducive to birth”), home
cosmetology actively uses it to rejuvenate the skin.

It’s hard to find any other tool that would be so effective.
and quickly penetrated the cells and affected the processes there
flowing. Increasingly, women use vitamin E for the face to
hide the first age changes, tighten the aging skin,
give her firmness and elasticity, smooth wrinkles –
cheat time in one word.

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Funds based on it are simple to prepare, and the drug itself
without a prescription can be found in any pharmacy at a very inexpensive price.
Is it possible not to take advantage of this miracle and pass by?

Vitamin E for face skin

How does vitamin E affect the skin?

Before you put into practice recipes with vitamin E, you need to
familiarize yourself with how it generally affects the skin and
whether it is right for you.

Firstly, it can be applied inside that
most positively affects the condition of the skin.
Tocopherol in the body contributes to the activity of women
ovarian, producing estrogens. These are famous hormones that
do not allow women to grow old, keeping their youth for a long time and

Secondly, vitamin E can be used and
outwardly, and the effect will be no less effective. It speeds up
cellular processes, and the skin under its influence is born again,
gaining youth, radiance, health, beauty. In all these
The beneficial properties of vitamin E can be seen in practice.


  • slows down most of the aging process that occurs
    skin age in adulthood;
  • promotes regeneration (i.e., rejuvenation) of fading cells,
    aging skin;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • tightens the skin, eliminating sagging folds, flews, the second
    chin (the so-called lifting effect);
  • gives the skin elasticity, as well as development
    elastin and collagen fibers increases;
  • improves blood circulation, promoting cell penetration
    enough oxygen.


  • gives a charge of cheerfulness;
  • improves complexion, blush cheeks;
  • strengthens the cell membrane, making the skin resistant to external
  • soothes irritations;
  • removes traces of fatigue.


  • protects cells from invasion and destructive action
    free radicals that can prevent the formation of elastin and
  • the purifying properties of vitamin E on the skin are manifested in the fact that it
    effectively and in the shortest possible time removes toxins from cells.

Anti-inflammatory agent:

  • localizes and then eliminates the foci of inflammation;
  • relieves acne;
  • prevents the formation of black dots;
  • treats acne.


  • lightens freckles and other age spots.


  • moisturizes, preventing the evaporation of precious moisture from


  • serves as a preventive measure for cancer
  • relieves the symptoms of skin allergies (desquamation, itching, rash,
  • copes with anemia, as it actively protects red blood cells
    from destruction, thereby saving the skin of the face from excessive

This is how complex vitamin E acts on cellular processes,
forcing them to work in the mode of a 20-year-old organism, even if you
already 40. Having learned to use tocopherol for your skin, you
automatically each time will start the processes of rejuvenation that
the most obvious way will be reflected on your appearance.

But in what cases you can achieve the maximum effect, and when
Vitamin E may be negative
skin effects?

Indications and Contraindications for Vitamin E Care
for face skin

Tocopherol is a drug and therefore for its
use as a cosmetic anti-aging have
your testimony and contraindications that you need to be
order to comply. For outdoor use as a variety of
Masks and Compresses and Internal Use Vitamin E turns
most effective in the following cases:

  • from 20 to 30 years is beautiful
    prophylactic for young skin from premature
    signs of aging;
  • from 30 to 40 years old, already for more mature skin, tocopherol is
    drug against the first age-related changes: drooping folds,
    small wrinkles, age spots, grayness and yellowness of the skin
  • after 40 years, vitamin E is a must for
    care for flabby, already senile skin as the most
    effective anti-aging remedies;
  • tocopherol should also be used to tone up tired
    skin that has lost its freshness and healthy appearance;
  • he treats problem, including teenage
    skin, with all its rashes and inflammations;
  • used for unwanted excessive pigmentation, including
    common freckles and chloasmas during pregnancy.

The range of indications for the use of vitamin E is wide, but at the same time
Do not forget about contraindications. When taking tocopherol inside
need to be careful of those who have
hypersensitivity to the drug, if there is a pregnancy
(and any time) or some serious internal diseases

As for the topical use of vitamin E, information about
no contraindications. Having decided whether you can apply this
anti-aging remedy, decide how you will do it.

The benefits of vitamin E for the face

Where does vitamin E contain?

Considering the importance of vitamin E for skin health and rejuvenation,
need to know that its disadvantage can be replenished by use
inward and externally applied. The last way is cooking
vitamin masks at home. But you can skin nutrition
produce more from the inside, providing your diet with foods
maximum content of vitamin E:

  1. fresh vegetables: carrots, radishes, cucumbers, cabbage, potatoes,
    leaf lettuce, spinach, broccoli, onions; in frozen vegetables
    the amount of tocopherol is markedly reduced, in canned it
    completely absent;
  2. berries: viburnum, mountain ash, sweet cherry, sea buckthorn;
  3. beans;
  4. animal products: liver, egg yolk,
  5. cereals: oatmeal;
  6. vegetable unrefined oil (pumpkin, corn,
    olive and even ordinary sunflower);
  7. seeds, nuts (pistachios, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds);
  8. seafood (squid, pike perch);
  9. herbs are the main source of vitamin E: alfalfa, raspberry leaves,
    dandelion, nettle, hips, seeds

Not only that, for the beauty and health of your skin, you can simply
to enrich your diet with these products, they make excellent
Vitamin facials: for example, from yolk, milk, oatmeal,
herbal decoctions, onion juice, cucumbers and

Still, home use is considered the most effective.
tocopherol for skin rejuvenation in the form of drugs. Their
can also be used internally and externally (as part of the masks). AT
Pharmacy Vitamin E is available in various dosage forms.

  1. Transparent amber-colored capsules filled with oily
    liquid, the daily dose of which for prophylactic purposes
    is about 8 mg. For the preparation of outdoor cosmetic
    it is enough to pierce such a capsule with a needle and squeeze out of it
    oily contents.
  2. Oil (usually produced 50% solution), which is called
    Alpha-tocopherol acetate: its daily dose is
    about 15 ml (i.e. one tablespoon). This dosage form
    vitamin E is best used for cooking
    cosmetic products for the face.
  3. Liquid tocopherol in ampoules is injected, administered
    a doctor with a clear lack of tocopherol in the body. For masks and
    compresses can be used independently.

Actively consume vitamin E, enriching your diet with foods
food in which it is located. Can you stop at his
dosage forms. But most women prefer external
skin care to see the results immediately. Ampoules, capsules,
tocopherol oil is all very convenient to use for
cooking home face masks.

Where does vitamin e

Rules for the use of vitamin masks for the face

To do cosmetic face masks with tocopherol – one
pleasure: simple, easy, inexpensive and incredibly effective.
The rules are very simple and will be clear to anyone who wants
use the rejuvenation procedure right at home.

  1. Although individual intolerance tocopherol and
    allergic reactions to it are quite rare, previously
    it is better to put any mask in ready-made form on the wrist first.
    Wait 20 minutes, rinse and watch during the day, will not appear
    whether the characteristic rash, itching, burning, redness. Just making sure
    security tools, you can begin to apply it by
  2. Masks with vitamin E must be applied to steamed after
    bath or bath face when the pores are maximally enlarged.
  3. Before this, it will be useful to clean the skin with a scrub.
  4. Apply the prepared mixture in a circular motion on
    massage lines, avoiding the area around the eyes (for this zone there are
    separate funds).
  5. During the mask (about 20 minutes), it is advisable to lie
    relax, so as not to strain facial muscles facial expressions and unnecessary
  6. To remove the remnants of the mask that are not absorbed into the skin, it is better
    wash with warm, pre-cooked herbal decoction or
    infusion. It is prepared easily. Two tablespoons of minced
    dry raw materials (take those herbs that are rich in tocopherol to
    enhance the effectiveness of cosmetic products) poured into a glass
    boiling water, cover with a lid, infused for about an hour. Then
    strain and dilute in a liter of warm filtered water
    directly for washing.
  7. The final stage of this procedure should be drawing on
    the skin of your favorite cream (which, by the way, can also be prepared
    at home).
  8. Do these masks every 2-3 days – and the anti-aging effect is not
    take long to wait.
  9. After a month, treating the skin with vitamin E is better to stop
    avoid hypervitaminosis (overdose or cell addiction to
    active substance). If the effectiveness of tocopherol has come to you
    to taste, be sure to return to these masks in a couple

You will not have a shortage of recipes for vitamin masks, so
how vitamin E goes well with other vitamins,
cosmetic and essential oils and most foods.
The main thing is that your skin should respond to all this,
as expected.

Vitamin E Face Mask Recipes

Choosing a mask with tocopherol for the face, focus on those
products that you are familiar and familiar with. Sometimes use
exotic fruit does not bring the desired result.

  • Oily

Almond oil heated on a water bath (3 tables. L.)
add 1 tsp. l tocopherol oil mix before it
dissolving. Burdock oil can be replaced with oil with equal success.

  • Grassy

Mix chamomile and nettle (2 tables. L.), Pour a glass
boiling water, insist half an hour, drain. Soak it hard
rye bread (20 gr), knead until thick gruel is formed. To add
1 ampoule or 1 tsp. l vitamin e oil.

  • Dimexide

Mix 2 tables. l castor oil and burdock oil
water bath, dissolve tocopherol oil in them. Taking it off the fire
add 1 tsp. l dimexide-aqueous solution (1 to 1).

  • Egg

Warm, heated on the water bath almond oil (2 table.
l.) mix with raw yolk, add 1 ampoule or 1 table. l
oil solution of vitamin E.

Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, vitamin E
For face it is simply an indispensable skin care product.
If you know how it works and how to apply it correctly, you can
significantly slow the flow of time and suspend processes

Women always dream of eternal youth and unfading beauty
faces, so why not take advantage of the recipes that can
make these dreams come true? “Vitamin of youth and beauty” is ready
transform you externally – just give him a chance and find for him
means and time.

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