Vitamins for hair in ampoules: pharmaceutical preparations and professional tools

Hair, like the whole body, needs
vitamins. And they can get them not only from the inside, but also
straight through the scalp.

Hair and Vitamins

Vitamins for hair in ampoules are designed to address
various hair problems and extra care.

  • 1 Features of ampoule vitamins
  • 2 Basic Terms of Use
  • 3 Scalp massage
  • 4 Effect of use
    • 4.1 Fat soluble
    • 4.2 Water soluble
    • 4.3 Compatibility of vitamins in hair ampoules
    • 4.4 Contraindications and overdose
  • 5 Masks with pharmacy vitamins in hair ampoules
    • 5.1 Mask with pharmacy vitamins for long hair
    • 5.2 Firming mask for hair growth
    • 5.3 Mask for shine and strength of hair
    • 5.4 Vitamin hair mask
  • 6 Effective Vitamins for Hair
    • 6.1 Vitamins of group B
    • 6.2 Retinol Acetate Vitamin A
    • 6.3 Tocopherol vitamin E in ampoules
    • 6.4 Ascorbic acid 5% solution of vitamin C in ampoules
    • 6.5 Nicotinic acid 1% solution of vitamin PP
  • 7 Best professional tools
    • 7.1 Kaaral
    • 7.2 Dikson polipant complex
    • 7.3 Nouvelle estel
    • 7.4 Selective
    • 7.5 Concept
    • 7.6 L’Oreal
    • 7.7 structur fort
    • 7.8 Vichy
  • 8 top ampoules for rehabilitation therapy
    • 8.1 Lab remedy
    • 8.2 Instant rebuilder via
    • 8.3 Fluid hair formula silc
    • 8.4 Teotema
    • 8.5 Ellips pro keratin complex smooth silky
    • 8.6 Dermofuture
    • 8.7 Smooth shiny
    • 8.8 Siam herb extra virgin hair vitamin
  • 9 Adding to shampoo
  • 10 How to fix the result

Peculiarities of ampoule vitamins

Pharmaceutical ampoule preparations consist of synthesized
vitamin diluted in sterile water. With their
use should take into account that contained in one
ampoule dose is intended for the needs of the whole body per day, and
Excess substances are removed.

Healthy hair

If you want to try the budget option with pharmacy ampoules,
then you need to be prepared for the specific smell of some
vitamins that will remain on the hair for
a few days.

Professional tools do not have this disadvantage, but the cost
not everyone can afford them.

General terms of use

  • Shake the capsule with the drug and pour the contents into a small
    capacity or dial with a syringe.
  • Wash hair with regular shampoo and lightly.
    to dry
  • Vitamin is applied alone or as a mixture on the scalp
    with your fingers or a syringe without a needle, rubbing them with your fingertips. Rules of Use
  • Wrap your head with cellophane and a terry towel for an hour.
  • Wash off without shampoo, other procedures after vitamins are not
  • Remains of open drug for the following use
    can not leave.
  • Monitor the expiration date, do not apply after it

Scalp massage

Use your fingertips to gently rub the healing composition into
application time. The head with the need to tilt down as much as possible.
Designed such a massage for blood flow to the skin
head and better absorption of active ingredients.
Scalp Massage

Vitamins can be added to the usual hair mask
industrial or home production, enriching its composition.
Do it better before using it
leaving the next time, otherwise the whole vitamin will simply collapse and
lose its effectiveness.

The mask can be used in combination with root application.
or alternating with him.

The effect of the application

There is a wide variety of vitamins, and each of
they perform various functions in solving problems


Fat soluble

A (retinol) – normalizes the processes of shedding the upper layer
skin, helping in the complex treatment of dandruff. Promotes
prevention of fragility and hydration of the hair

E (tocopherol) – a powerful antioxidant, normalizing exchange
processes in the skin cells and prevent their damage.
Gives the curls shine and shine with regular

Vitamins A, E

D (cholecalciferol) – adding a couple of drops to the mask
vitamin, you can protect your hair from the harmful effects
thermal stacking and solar radiation.

Attention! Fat-soluble drugs accumulate
in the skin and hair, so not used more often 1 time in 7 – 10
days, otherwise you get the opposite effect from an overdose of active

Before use, the necessary vitamin should be added to any
vegetable oil – the foundation and applied to dry hair.

Water soluble

Vitamin preparations

B1 (thiamine) – struggling with damage, strengthening the structure
strands. Curls become more obedient when styling, look more

B2 (riboflavin) – is necessary in the presence of split ends and
oily scalp, restoring natural balance.

B3 (nicotinic acid) – increases blood circulation in the skin
heads, promoting hair growth and better absorption
other components of the therapeutic mixture. Considered preventative
drug from early gray hair.

A nicotinic acid

B6 (pyridoxine) – suitable for sensitive skin,
reducing its irritation and peeling.

B12 (cyanocobalamin) – participates in active cell division,
increasing hair growth rate. Works with mate – folic
acid (B9).

C (ascorbic acid) – necessary to strengthen the walls
vessels, restoring them after damage. Attached to
curls silky and shiny.

H (biotin) – is called anti-seboric due to the ability
to develop the production of skin lipids.

Hair Care Product

Compatibility of vitamins in hair ampoules

You can not mix all the vitamins and at once put on your head,
most components are destroyed by contact or
lose useful properties.

You can use the following drugs together:

  • B1, B3, B9, C.
  • B6, B2, B9, B12.
  • A, E, C, B1.

Incompatible vitamins:

  • B1 and B6.
  • B1 and B12.
  • B3 and B12.
  • B12 and A, C, E.
  • B1 and B2.
  • E and D.

In this video, which vitamins are combined with each other, and which are not
combined and on vitamin therapy for hair.

Contraindications and overdose

  • Any vitamin first needs to be tested for individual
    portability, inflicted on the elbow for a day. If not appeared
    itching, irritation or stronger reaction, then
    drug can be used for hair.
  • Do not use such methods of care in acute
    phase of scalp disease with redness, itching or
    open wounds, pustules.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers should refrain from
    procedures with vitamins.

Bad hair

Masks with pharmacy vitamins in hair ampoules

You can pick up several options for different masks,
containing liquid vitamins for hair in ampoules, in
depending on the purpose of use.

Mask with pharmacy vitamins for long hair

To ensure long hair health, you need to prevent
damage them and stimulate growth.

An example of a suitable mask: in a few spoons
vegetable oil add 7-10 drops of vitamin A and E,
heat the mixture to a warm temperature and apply on the skin and hair
the entire length of a few hours.

Pharmaceutical vitamins and oil

For oily skin, you can apply the mask only on the hair.

Firming mask for hair growth

In a small container, mix vitamin B1 with 1 ampoule of extract
aloe vera and 1 tsp propolis tincture. Apply the composition to the scalp,
wrap with a towel and hold for 30 minutes. Procedure
done once a week for 2 months. Aloe extract and thiamin

Mask for shine and strength of hair

A storehouse of beneficial hair vitamins – egg yolk, to which
You can add vitamin B12, honey and 2 tsp. cognac. Applied
on the skin and curls for 1 hour under warm

Honey, cognac, yolk

Vitamin hair mask

If you add the contents of several to any industrial mask
pharmacy vials combined with each other, then strands
get extra care and look better.
mask with intensive hair loss.

Attention! shows prolonged hair loss in
large quantities, it is best to see a doctor right away.
survey and identify the causes.

At the same time, you can begin to apply a mask in which to mix in
equal parts honey with lemon juice, vitamin B6 and B12. Apply on 1
an hour, the course consists of weekly procedures for 1-2

This video is about a hair mask with vitamins B6 and B12.
The mask accelerates hair growth, strengthens, adds shine.

Effective vitamins for hair

In addition to local use, it is sometimes useful to drink vitamins.
inward to compensate for their lack. It will contribute
improving condition and accelerated hair growth.

Vitamins of group B

Vitamin B is involved in almost all metabolic processes
organism, with their lack of impaired blood supply
skin, slowed cell division, appears
irritability and exposure to stress. All this affects the
hair: growth slows down or loss begins.

Nervous Girl

Retinol Acetate Vitamin A

Necessary for the formation of a healthy hair cuticle.
The deficiency is manifested by fragility and dullness,
growth retardation.

Tocopherol vitamin E in ampoules

The antioxidant properties of tocopherol slow down hair aging.
bulbs and prolong the phase of their active growth. Is improving
blood supply and other components are more actively absorbed in
mixes with vitamin E.

Ascorbic acid 5% solution of vitamin C in ampoules

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is necessary for scalp vessels,
strengthening them and improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to
hair follicles. Promotes giving
silky and soft curls, has a soft
peeling property, alleviating the problem of dandruff and seborrhea.

Nicotinic acid 1% solution of vitamin PP

Accelerates the growth of hair due to increased blood supply.
Dries the skin, so you need to be careful
owners of dry and sensitive skin.

This video explains how to properly apply nicotine
acid and its beneficial properties for hair.

The best professional tools

In beauty salons, professionals recommend using
quality tools designed for quick problem solving
hair. In specialized stores you can find ampoules
different firms related to different pricing



In the line of ampoule means, Kaaral represents
several types of lotions:

  • Against a fallout.
  • To restore the balance of secretion of the sebaceous glands.
  • Regenerating (washable).

The packaging of kaaral preparations contains 12 10 ml ampoules,
applied to clean hair on partings. 1 drop
it is distributed on 1 cm of skin, the structure is not washed off. The course is designed for
1.5 months twice a week.

Dikson polipant complex

Ampoules with placenta extracts

The combination of vitamins, placenta extracts and plant substances
intended for hair loss. Improves hair condition
by enveloping the rod and protecting it. In package 12
ampoules, the contents of which are applied by the dispenser on the scalp after
washing and rubbed with massaging movements.

Nouvelle Estel

Estelle active vitamins

The complex of active vitamins from Estel enters the series of means for
colored hair, allowing you to minimize damage and
give shine shine. Most often
It is added to the paint of the same company and is valid during


Olio mineralizer designed for deep nourishment and saturation.
strands of useful oils and vitamins, combating dullness and

Amino Keratin Aptistic Flair has vitamins B and
proteins that prevent alopecia and strengthen the structure

Mineral Oil Selective On Care Nutrition Protein Infuse
Treatment to restore damaged hair works intensively.
in places of injury and gives strength and elasticity. Content
bottle to distribute clean hair and leave for 5 – 10
minutes, rinse with water.



The concept of revitalizing no loss lotion consists of
plant components, vitamin B5 and E. Strengthens growth,
nourishes and moisturizes the tips applied to wet hair serum
not washed off.

Ampoules Concept


Loreal aminexil advanced ampoules are used to restore
hair and fight with their loss. Contains fat soluble
vitamins and polyunsaturated acids that add shine and
healthy looking curls. The composition is applied in a thin layer and does not wash off.
during the day.

Means Loreal

Structur fort

The Dikson structur fort consists of keratin,
collagen, silk protein, restoring damaged
curls and giving them vitality.

The liquid is whipped on the dried hair in the foam, which through
15 – 30 minutes washed with running water.

Means firm Dikson


The aminexil pro ampoules include nicotinic acid and
B vitamins that have a beneficial effect on
condition strands. Promote the growth of new bulbs
and strengthens the core of the curls.

Vichy remedy

Top ampoules for rehabilitation therapy

Lab remedy

Predominantly herbal composition suitable for sensitive
skin. Contains a complex of proteins and tocopherol penetrating
deep into the core of the curls and sealing damage.

Instant rebuilder via

These ampoules are recommended if you want to achieve the effect.
lamination after the procedure, as included
the ingredients nourish the hair from the inside and envelop it
outside with a protective film. You need to keep the mask enough
long, leaving on the head for at least an hour.

Masks restoring

Fluid hair formula silc

The indelible formula consists of protein, fruit acids and
keratin, strengthening the cuticle and restoring its microcracks.
Use recommended daily for 2

Indelible Formula


Capsules with a rich composition of vitamins E, C, B envelop
strands outside, preventing damage and fighting
split ends.

Capsules with vitamins

Ellips pro keratin complex smooth silky

Capsules are composed of oils, supplemented with aloe vera,
intensely moisturizing curls. Apply the product to dry
strands under a compress, washing off after 30 minutes with shampoo.


Means with aloe and oil

Contains argan oil, known for its healing properties.
for a head of hair. Suitable for maintenance care 1 time per
week without flushing.

Smooth shiny

Consists of Moroccan oil and provitamin B5, imparting
curls shine and well-groomed appearance. Apply to dry strands on
an hour followed by shampooing.

Siam herb extra virgin hair vitamin

Capsules with oil

The tocopherol is deeply nourished by the cuticle, and
stearic acid seals the result under
thin film.


Shampoo can be enriched with nutrients, but at the same time
The composition must be organic or cooked in the home.

Silicones and sulphates of industrial shampoos are not
will penetrate the active ingredients inside the curls and the effect of
such a procedure will not be.

This video is about Vitamin Cocktail, composed of
whose vitamins and proteins.

How to fix the result

The result of the course of treatment
need to secure the correct daily care

  • Minimal thermal effects or lack thereof in
    laying process.
  • Suitable shampoo and balsam.
  • Regular use of masks to solve the same problem from
    which was treated.
  • Protective sprays from aggressive environmental factors.

It is helpful to observe principles for healthy growth of hair.
proper nutrition and twice a year to drink special
complexes of vitamins and minerals.

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