Vitamins from graying hair

The aging process of the body starts unnoticed, in fact it
comes immediately after the final maturation, but there are
situations where the first signs occur quite early. | Vitamins from
Gray hairs include natural ingredients that slow down the process.

Vitamins for hair

Vitamins from gray hair

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B vitamins are taken from the early occurrence of gray
hair. First of all, it refers to B10, B7, B9 and B3:

  • B10 promotes protein uptake, production
    red blood cells that supply cells with oxygen, protect against gray
  • B7 (biotin) protects the body from stress and
    can help preserve the color and strength of the hair.
  • B3 or PP (nicotinic acid) is responsible for
    intensity of hair color and prevents them from falling out.
  • B9 (folic acid) stimulates hair growth,
    prevents loss and breakage.

For hair growth take:

  • B2 (riboflavin) responsible for health
  • B6 (pyridoxine) regulates the exchange of elements and
    nourishes the cells.
  • B5 (pantothenic acid) stimulates growth and
    good effect on the position of hair follicles.
  • B1 (thiamine) gives hair energy and vitality
  • B12 (cyanocobalamin) is responsible for
    cell repair.

Vitamin A is needed to nourish the cells. Thanks
his hair is moistened, becoming shiny and smooth.

Vitamin E restores nutrition to skin cells

Calcium, zinc and copper are considered important trace elements. They
promote hair growth and shine.
It is advisable to take vitamins from gray hair in
complex with selenium.

Vitamin complexes against gray hair

More effective method to return natural shine and color
Hair – is the adoption of vitamin complexes. Examining reviews
buyers and specialists, won special fame and success
substances such as:

  1. Selmevit Intensive – Vitamin and Mineral
    complex. Every element of substance is a fighter against gray hair. AT
    composition contains ascorbic and folic acid, riboflavin, tocopherol
    and retinol, vitamin B12 and B1, zinc, magnesium, selenium and large
    the number of other necessary elements. After the course of treatment
    pharmaceutical hair becomes silky and
    shining. Selmevit Intensive
  2. Pentovit – a collection of vitamins category B.
    It is used to maintain the overall condition of the body, in
    complex therapy of diseases of the nervous system. After taking the substance
    patients note the rapid growth and strengthening of hair.
    Multivitamins are used for early graying, if its factor
    occurrence associated with vitamin deficiency. Pentovit
  3. Paba Vitamins from Now Foods. The drug includes
    B10 or para-aminobenzoic acid. This component is synthesized
    intestinal microflora and represents a significant role for
    organism. Para-aminobenzoic acid activates exchangeable
    The processes needed in the synthesis of folic acid include vitamins.
    group B and ascorbic acid. Paba Vitamins
  4. Melan Plus – American
    vitamin and mineral complex. His influence is aimed at
    improvement of blood circulation, resumption of production
    melanin. The structure of the product includes vitamins, minerals,
    pharmaceutical extracts that are able to return the old
    shade of hair and suspend the aging of the body. Melan Plus

Attention Vitamins for hair from gray hair
sold in a pharmacy without a prescription, however counseling
professional before taking necessarily.

TOP 15 Products against gray hair

Products against gray hair

Experts recommend adjusting the food menu and enter into the diet
those products that can affect the appearance process
gray hair As the vitamin enters the bloodstream with food,
everyone who has hair problems is advised to use

  1. Leafy greens.
  2. Legumes (especially white and red beans).
  3. Bran.
  4. Nuts
  5. Bananas.
  6. Oranges.
  7. Cereal crops.
  8. Pumpkin.
  9. Roots.
  10. Young pork, lamb or veal.
  11. Calf liver and beef.
  12. Sea fish
  13. Lactic acid food .;
  14. Brewer’s yeast.
  15. Chicken and quail eggs.

Important! Forget about coffee and cigarettes!

Vitamin masks for gray hair

To get rid of gray hair, you can make masks at home.
Wellness complex from a mask contributes to the resumption of synthesis
melanin enhances immunity and exerts protective functions with
external stimuli.

Vitamin masks for gray hair

Premature or early graying may not be due
only age or hereditary reasons. In greater
degrees, depigmentation processes are directly related to
serious disorders of the metabolism of microelements stimulated
external or internal physiological effects.

There are a large number of recipes and folk remedies that help
get rid of gray hair.

The methods are different, and they will not suit everyone. Someone can help one
mask, someone safely uses another. The mask is very useful.
if, the person is not allergic to the components of the mask.

Mask number 1

Mix a tablespoon of brandy, honey, castor oil,
hammer into the acquired composition of the yolk of the testicle, add 30 grams
ground black pepper. All elements stir, the mass gained
rub for 5 minutes into the roots. Curls are covered
parchment or film for 2-3 hours. Then

rinse head with shampoo. Repeat twice a week. Effect
from the mask will be visible after a month.

Mask number 2

This mask is based on essential oils. Three drops of cinnamon are mixed with
10 drops of cedar oil. Put the acquired mask on curls,
equally distributed on the plane of the head and slightly massaged
the roots. Cedar oil returns pigmentation to hair, cinnamon oil
because of its stinginess, it stimulates this process, increasing circulation
blood and awakening to life the hair follicles.

Mask number 3

This mask is made from castor oil. It will take
60 grams of oil heated in a water bath. It is added by
a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey. Ready massaging tool
movements applied to the scalp. Hold for up to 30 minutes after
wash off. For the greatest result, you can use the renewing

Mask number 4

A great result gives a mask of carrot juice. Pressed
carrot juice is mixed in similar proportions with lemon juice. WITH
Acquired means to massage the scalp during
10 minutes, upon completion wash the curls with shampoo. Enhance the result from
masks balsam-conditioner with parsley broth.

Mask number 5

This recipe uses fat cottage cheese. To 100 grams
cottage cheese add a teaspoon of black pepper, diligently stirred.
The composition is applied to a moist scalp. Hold, wrapped in a film
and warm towel, at least an hour, washed with shampoo.

This mask does not just return the hair color, however, it gives them

The elimination of gray hair by means of traditional medicine is
lengthy process which in some cases may
last more than six months.

Treatments for gray hair

Treatments for gray hair

The purpose of the procedures is to provide intensive hair nutrition. In the selection
healing procedures experts also adhere to individual
features of the body. After the survey to the client
will propose an appropriate procedure.

  • Mesotherapy. When it is under the scalp specialist injects the drug
    with a rich vitamin complex. Runs once a week and
    Makes a course of 10 procedures.
  • Laser therapy All types of lasers for
    hair treatments ensure a gentle effect on the skin and structure
    hair. The treatment does not cause adverse reactions and absolutely
    painlessly. Through this procedure, the production of
    melanocytes, follicles feed on oxygen, improves
  • Darsonvalization. Performed by
    special apparatus darsonval. This is a device that
    affects the scalp frequency pulses of current (small
    force). Special nozzle stimulates blood flow and metabolic processes in
    cells, protecting melanocytes from aging. Several courses
    darsonvalization will help to cope not only with gray hair, but also
    treat seborrhea.
  • Ultrasound. Use of ultrasound
    Therapy contributes to the persistence of natural hair pigmentation.
    Melanocytes under the influence of ultrasound (frequency from 800 to 3 000
    kHz) are not destroyed. The process activates metabolic processes in
    cells, relieve inflammation and skin irritation.

Any of the procedures included in the effective treatment of graying
hair, renewing the hair structure and giving it a healthy shine.
Along with procedures in the salon, staining, highlighting,
coloring today does not lose the relevance of gray hair therapy in
home conditions using masks on a natural basis.

Video about how I got rid of gray hair


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