Vitamins, minerals, herbs are indispensable in the fight against hair loss

Food affects the quality of hair. How are all substances
contained in food consumed by a person (i.e.
minerals, vitamins) help improve their condition?

Hair, like nails and epidermal cells, are
in fact, dead tissue. However, the hair follicle that is embedded
in the second and third layer of the epidermis alive and eats from the same
bloodstream that nourishes the rest of the body.

Hair nipple Papilla without the necessary
intake of all nutrients (minerals,
trace elements, proteins, essential fatty acids) are not able to
function in normal volume, produce keratin and healthy
hair cells. Therefore, the hair will not grow fast enough.

Relationship between hair condition and diet

The content of the article:

  • Relationship between hair condition and diet
  • Vitamins and hair condition
  • Minerals needed by hair
  • Summing up the results

According to the results of clinical studies there is a strong link between
baldness and lack of vitamin B in the human body. It seems to be
there is a paradox: the abundance of goods on the shelves does not give
such a problem, as a deficiency of vitamins, exist.

But foods that are rich in vitamin B (these are whole grains
products such as wheat and rice) before entering the store
regiment subjected to industrial processing, due to which
they lose almost all contained in them
essential vital nutrients.

Heat treatment products In the modern world, vegetables
are used most often in processed form (boiled, fried,
stew) even when it is completely unnecessary. As a result of thermal
processing most of the B vitamins in foods is just
is lost because they dissolve in water. Also modern diet
filled with sausages, sausages, other semi-finished products, with
the tables almost disappeared fresh greens which is
source of vitamins of group B.

Harmful Products Even more, the situation is aggravated by the fact that
The diet contains a lot of white flour, refined grains and
white sugar. These are all refined carbohydrates to digest.
which the body spends all the resources of vitamin B. And, then, on
nutrition of tissues and organs of vitamins no longer remains.

The most common stimulants whose use
leads to baldness, are: nicotine, alcohol, sugar and
caffeine. These foods, moving up the digestive
tract, literally devouring all the necessary nutrients
which is lacking in the body.

In addition, they overload the adrenal glands, which, in the end,
depletes these organs and increases the need for additional
nutrition of the body. But beyond that, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sugar
raise the level of androgen. Androgen is a hormone that
converts 5-alpha reductase into dihydrotestosterone. And he narrows
blood vessels that nourish the papillae that and
leads further to baldness.

Bad habits In the diet of modern man is pretty
animal products such as
cheese, fatty meat, butter, milk. They
increase the level of cholesterol in the blood that is produced
liver to produce steroid hormones.

And in practice this level turns into a high level.
dihydrotestosterone. In addition, the diet of modern man is very
poor in fiber and therefore, all food does not move in
the digestive tract properly lingers there longer

As a result, the number of bacteria increases, the food in the intestine
starts to wander. In this regard, the blood level increases
toxins, the body can not normally absorb it
nutrients. A hair follicles can not normally
function if they don’t get what they need for
vital activity nutrients. Therefore lack
fiber becomes an important factor in stopping growth

Fiber-rich foods Since hair is made up of protein
97%, then their poor condition or baldness is more often
just provoked by inadequate protein intake.
Vegans (strict supporters of vegetarianism), as well as those who
sticking to a diet or suffering from diseases like
bulimia or anorexia (i.e. eating disorders of the nervous
character) do not eat the proper rate of protein per day. Organism
begins to defend itself to keep the required amount of protein in
the body. Therefore, hair suffers; after two or three months they
go into telogen hibernation, baldness begins.

It seems that the problem can be solved by the use of large
amounts of protein. But there is a so-called “stone
stumbling. “After all, if you consume an excessive amount of protein,
this will lead to the same problems as its flaw. With
excess amount of protein in the diet the body begins to transition into
the so-called “negative balance of minerals” and
reacts as well as the lack of protein in the diet. Worth knowing
that protein intake per day should be 30-40 grams per

Protein content in products Research conducted
the analogy of baldness with excessive consumption
salt. Sodium from it settles in the scalp and in
whole body, making it difficult for normal functioning. Even with
following a perfectly balanced diet will not be absolutely
no sense if the body is unable to absorb from food
the elements and substances he needs.

As the body ages, it assimilates worse
nutrients. The fact is that the stomach is not able
produce the required amount of acid and therefore the result
is heartburn and bloating. If the digestive process takes away
too much time, then after eating a feeling of fatigue. BUT
the first “victim” of poor digestion, as a rule, becomes protein
– the main building material for hair.

The normal process of digestion consists of 4 stages:

  1. It begins in the mouth with saliva. She runs
    the digestive process, splitting carbohydrates, prepares food for
    advancement in the gastrointestinal tract. When a person is chewing, then
    starts the secretion of gastric juice.

  2. In the second stage in the stomach, food is split under the influence of
    pancreatic enzymes that can only be replaced by those
    which are contained in raw foods. If the diet is constantly
    boiled and fried foods are present, and not raw, then already on average
    In humans, the pancreas often cannot secrete
    the necessary amount of enzymes, so she needs help
    taking additional enzymes as a dietary supplement. But
    such supplements, helping the pancreas, both her and
    weaken as she gets used, requires extra help
    from the outside and makes it dependent on food additives.

  3. In the third stage, the secretion of hydrochloric acid occurs to
    further splitting of food. After almost complete digestion
    food, it moves from the stomach to the intestines.

  4. In the fourth stage, acidophilic bacteria help
    synthesis of enzymes and absorption of nutrients into the blood.
    In addition, acidophilus bacteria help normal
    functioning of the immune system, prevent fluctuations in the level
    hormones, regulate cholesterol and play an important role in
    preventing the occurrence of colon cancer. However, to
    Unfortunately, acidophilic bacteria very quickly die under the influence of
    harmful factors of a person’s daily life. Smoking, food
    poisoning and chlorinated water are a small part of the problem.

Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria.
But killing, disease-causing bacteria, antibiotics completely kill
all microflora, including useful. If acidophilic bacteria
becomes small, then the harmful
microorganisms that poison the blood.

The classic symptoms of a small number of acidophilic bacteria
are: bad breath, increased flatulence,
headaches, indigestion, acne. Such bacteria
contained in yogurt, rye bread on natural sourdough, but their
there is such a small amount that a special role in recovery
intestinal microflora they will not play. Restore bacterial
balance in the intestines can concentrated acidophilic bacteria,
which can be purchased at health food stores in which
there is a fridge.

Cleaning the body with plantain

To dissolve such deposits should be included in the diet.
increased amount of fiber. A great solution will be
the addition of plantain husk, which is included in various
nutritional supplements such as metamucil.

Plantain Psyllium Husk Absorbs Water and
carefully “removes” the intestinal wall, pushing everything out
stagnant masses. Due to the fact that metamucil cleans the body
completely, that is, it literally sweeps everything indiscriminately as harmful,
and useful, then along with the husk of the plantain should be taken
drugs acidophilus sticks. It should be cleansing
course, taking twice a day a tablespoon of plantain husks,
which is stirred in three quarters of a glass of water and additionally
should take as much water with an acidophilus rod.

The cleaning course should be continued for 10 days. And after that cleaning
it is enough to spend once or twice a week.

Vitamins and hair condition

Table of vitamins It is worth knowing that the body’s need for
vitamins and other nutrients depends on age,
height, weight and some other factors. Before you go
to the store and start buying food supplements there for
healthy eating, you need to consult with competent
a nutritionist or at least ask a few questions to your doctor.
It will be necessary to make some changes in your diet in order to
he began to adequately meet the needs of a particular

Vitamin A or Retinol

Necessary for strengthening and growth of bones, preserving sharpness
view, proper functioning of the endocrine glands, strengthen
teeth and hair. If retinol is combined with zinc and silicon, then
promotes good functioning of the sebaceous glands. Disadvantage
retinol leads to blockage of the sebaceous glands and, therefore,
The following symptoms appear: desquamation, excess fat in the pores.
When the pores are clogged, the hair follicle cannot breathe and
Accordingly, the hair can not grow normally. Depleted inventory
vitamin A due to smoking, polluted air, taking
antibiotics, barbiturates, laxatives, cholesterol-lowering

Vitamin A For most adults, a safe dose
Vitamin A is considered 10,000 IU per day. Retinol – fat soluble
vitamin, so all its excess remains inside the fat cells,
what distinguishes vitamin a from vitamins b and c which are
water-soluble, their excess is excreted from the body along with urine.
However, it is worth knowing that due to excessive consumption of vitamin A
inflammation of the hair follicles may occur, therefore it is important
monitor the dose. Choosing fruits or vegetables should
know one rule: if the fruit is green or yellow, then rather
In total, it contains a large amount of vitamin A.

Foods high in vitamin A
include: tomatoes, fish oil, rosehips, beets,
red and green peppers, spinach, celery, liver, carrots,
alfalfa, parsley, cabbage, yellow zucchini, sweet potatoes, apricots,
oranges, melon, broccoli, zherukha (watercress).

Vitamin B

The presence or
lack of vitamin B in the diet. It only works in
complex and individually significant effects on the body
renders. However, there are a number of specific vitamins of the group
B, which are very important for improving hair condition and
accelerating their growth. However, you should still take them in
complex. You can increase the dose of a particular vitamin,
which stimulates hair growth, but cannot be taken separately
B vitamins by themselves. They just won’t act out

Vitamins Foods that are rich in vitamins of the group
B: dark leafy vegetables, cucumbers. Especially effective vitamin
Group B against baldness is biotin, which is
a coenzyme that promotes proper absorption of proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, assimilation of essential acids, cell growth. AT
Biotin contains a lot of sulfur. It is a mineral substance that
It is necessary to stimulate hair growth and
used by the body as a cleansing agent.

Vitamin B in products Sulfur is present in every cell.
body and is 0.25% of body weight. The largest number
found in nails, hair, skin. Sulfur cleans the blood and protects
organism from unfavorable ecology and harmful radiations. She is
is the main element of the keratin protein, from which in its
turn on 97% hair consist. Biotin in combination with a special form
Vitamin B, which releases histamine (niacin) from cells
promotes hair growth when applied topically.

Ethyl alcohol, egg whites, antibiotics neutralize the effect
biotin, so you should take it an additional about 300 micrograms
per day, only with other B vitamins for the best
absorption by the body.

Foods that are rich in biotin are:

Products rich in biotin

Foods that are rich in sulfur are:

Sulfur in Products

Niacin can be purchased as a dietary supplement that contains
an additional 200 mcg of chromium. This supplement is taken to reduce
cholesterol level, and the burning effect while it does not. But
the release of histamine occurs only when taking niacin in
pure form, so this additive is not worth buying.

Among the B vitamins, there are two substances that act in
as antioxidants and cell membrane stabilizers. it
para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and inositol. Both of these vitamins
protect hair follicles from damage to cell membranes
cholesterol oxidation products that accumulate in the skin

Vitamins of group B PABK is a coenzyme that is involved in
the breakdown of proteins in the blood, ensures their utilization. This acid
just necessary for the production of red blood cells, that is, red
blood cells. According to research results from 1000 to 3000 mg PABK
per day slows down the process of balding, as well as the appearance
premature gray hair as a result of stress and lack
nutrients. In the diet, this substance is recommended 100 mg.
Foods that are rich in PABK: nutritional yeast, spinach, eggs,
seeds, mushrooms, oats, cabbage, whole grains. Inositol
together with choline forms lecithin, which stimulates the constant
continuous flow to the hair follicles and the hairy part
head nutrients and blood flow.

Vitamin B10 Studies have proven that izitol as
PABK significantly reduces the possibility of early grazing and
baldness. Since inositol is necessary for the synthesis of lecithin, it
is involved in the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, and also plays an important
role in the prevention of hardening and narrowing of the arteries. Inositol
also capable of lowering pressure and can relieve small
hypertensive crisis.

Inositol is especially good at treating baldness, which
caused by stress. Symptoms of inositol deficiency: constipation,
insomnia, eczema, decreased vision. People who often use
coffee, black tea, sweet soda, soft drinks with
caffeine needs to be aware that caffeine depletes inositol reserves in
body and if there are problems with hair, then it’s time to think about
reduce their use or consume additional food

It is recommended to take inositol from 100 to 200 mg per day.
Food products enriched with inositol: food yeast, tomatoes,
wholegrain products, legumes, lecithin, oranges, onions, leaf

In terms of stress prevention, along with inositol, even more
Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic acid is notable. She is so
famous for its ability to reduce stress, which is part of
antistress vitamin preparations, being their main
component. Vitamin B5 plays an important role in the production of hormones
adrenal glands and quite significant – in the synthesis of antibodies. is he
promotes the absorption of many vitamins and promotes metabolism
proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Main symptoms of vitamin deficiency
B5 are: fatigue, hypoglycemia, irritability,
premature graying and baldness, skin problems, aging
skin. Pantothenic acid is also used to treat
anxiety and depression. According to some evidence, this vitamin
increases life expectancy. So in the study on mice
their lifespan increased by 20% and simultaneous
increase endurance. Daily intake of anti-baldness vitamin
100 grams three times a day.

Foods rich in vitamin B5: fresh vegetables, eggs,
beans, cauliflower, oranges, grapefruits, sea fish,
strawberry, royal jelly, bee pollen, L-cysteine.



In order to stimulate hair growth you need to simultaneously
take 500 mg of L-cysteine ​​and 1500 mg of vitamin C twice a day.

Foods that are rich in L-cysteine: onions, hazelnuts,
garlic, apples, cauliflower, carrots, nuts, currants, beets,
alfalfa, pineapple, brussels sprouts and kale, legumes.

Vitamins C and E

Vitamin C is very important for the body. It improves synthesis
collagen is necessary for the proper functioning of the adrenal glands
(without this, it is impossible to reduce the level of stress) and provides
normal blood flow to the head. Recommended rate for
daily intake to improve hair growth varies in
around 500-3000 mg. Before buying a vitamin C supplement,
should find out if it contains bioflavonoids that
ensure its proper absorption by the body.

Vitamin C Bioflavonoids help strengthen capillaries
vascular walls along their entire length, including those that nourish
hair papillae of the scalp. For products containing
a large amount of vitamin C include: parsley, berries
rose hips, spinach, black currants, cabbage, kale,
citrus, green peppers.

In order to increase blood flow to the head, many
oxygen. And this requires vitamin E (tocopherol). If a
the body lacks this vitamin, the hair becomes dull and
brittle, they start to fall out. To stimulate hair growth
A dose of vitamin E from 400 to 800 IU is needed. In no case
should buy an analogue, which is made from oil. Organism
just blocks it at the receptor level.

Products containing vitamin E in large
quantity: cold-pressed oils, especially a lot
tocopherol is found in wheat germ oil.

It should be added that the cofactor is a non-protein compound,
which binds to protein and activates it in the body.

The table below shows
vitamins and their cofactors, as well as listed foods containing
these vitamins.
Vitamins Products
BUT In nature, vitamin A is found in the form of carotene. Contained in
apricots, alfalfa, broccoli, carrots, melon, celery, liver,
red and green pepper, spinach, oranges, fish oil, tomatoes,
Vitamins of group B Dark leafy vegetables, cucumbers
IN 1 Beets and beet tops, spinach, carrots, grapefruit.
AT Green pepper, turnip, spinach.
AT 6 Lemons, potatoes, pears.
IN 3 Asparagus, parsley, potatoes.
AT 5 Strawberries, beans, eggs, sea fish, cauliflower, royal
Milk, bee pollen.
Folic acid Spinach, oranges, carrots.
PABK Eggs, mushrooms, oats, spinach, nutritional yeast.
Biotin Brown rice, egg yolk, seafood, soy, spinach, kidney,
Inositol Legumes, beets, cabbage, lecithin, whole grains,
food yeast, tomatoes, oranges.
WITH Citrus, black currant, spinach, wild rose.
L-cysteine Apples, onions, pineapples, hazelnuts, horseradish, carrots.
E Cold-pressed oils especially from wheat germ.

Minerals needed by hair

In addition to the previously listed vitamins, there is a whole complex
essential minerals that are needed for normal nutrition of the roots
hair. These include: iodine, sulfur, potassium, iron, zinc,

  • Iodine

Necessary for the human body, as it regulates the work
thyroid gland. From iodine, the hormone thyroxin is produced,
which is an active participant in metabolic processes in
helps the body to deliver them to the blood vessels, lymph nodes,
to nerve endings and sebaceous glands of the scalp.
Through the subcutaneous fat layer, thyroxin penetrates the scalp,
nourishes the hair follicles, prompting the sebaceous glands to secrete the skin

The most effective supplements based on iodine are produced from
sea ​​plants and algae. Similar forms of iodine
differ in chemical composition from that contained in
thyroid gland. It should go with iodized cooking
salt on the non-iodized sea. The fact is that iodine, which
enrich salt, has the ability to accumulate in the body
and begins to suppress thyroid function.

  • Zinc

Thyroid may slow down
the amount of zinc. This is due to an excess of copper in the surrounding
environment. Zinc improves the body’s ability to utilize vitamin A.
These substances work perfectly in conjunction, so the program
The hair recovery should include both of these components. Also need
take 3 mg of copper daily, as it promotes
metabolic absorption by the body of zinc. Daily dose of zinc
should be between 15 and 50 mg. But in large quantities he also
inhibits thyroid function. Since the need for zinc is
each person is individual, then food supplements based on it
should be used with caution.

You can conduct a simple test. If the body lacks zinc,
then when taking a biological additive taste will not. If the body
saturated with zinc, the dietary supplement will have a bright metallic taste.
You should buy zinc in lozenges in a dose of 5 mg and start taking them with
three pieces, gradually increasing the dose. As soon as the taste of pastilles
change, then the dose is exceeded. Zinc has a property
accumulate in the body, so you should start to reduce the dose,
until the metallic taste disappears. Then again you need to start
increase the dose.

Products rich in zinc: mushrooms, legumes, food
yeast, fish, seeds, egg yolk, oats, oysters and others
seafood, pumpkin seeds.

  • Potassium

Improves muscle contraction and regulates with sodium
the level of fluid in the body. Diuretics and caffeine
flush out potassium from the body. Potassium is needed by the body for
distribution of nutrients throughout the body and for
hormone production. If potassium is lacking in the body, then the hair
become dull and brittle, then too fat, then
incredibly dry, the skin on the head itches,

Potassium-rich foods: bananas, sweet potatoes, parsley,
celery, dried fruits, spinach, grapes, potatoes, nuts.

  • Iron

Often leads to baldness and other hair problems.
iron deficiency. But before you set yourself
diagnosis of anemia, should consult a doctor. It does not follow
buy a biological supplement called iron sulfate, so
as they are practically not absorbed by the body, accumulate in
liver, it eventually leads to serious problems with
health And before you start taking iron
supplements should enrich your diet with foods that
saturated with iron.

Iron-rich foods: raisins, molasses, almonds,
dates, prunes, eggs, poultry, green leafy vegetables,
beets, fish.

  • Silicon

This chemical element is found in nature in the form of minerals.
It improves cell metabolism, promotes the development of new
cells, slows the aging process. Helps protect eyesight,
maintain the normal condition of the skin, teeth, nails. But buying
food supplements with silicon, you need to look for the inscription, “organic
silica from water extracts of plants “. Unprocessed silicon
Sold as horsetail grass. But raw horsetail, getting into the body,
has a toxic effect on it, which is fraught with sad
the consequences. Daily dose of aqueous extract of silicon – from 10 to
20 mg.

Products rich in silicon: strawberries, onions, lettuce
Lettuce, asparagus, oats, cucumbers, parsnips.

To restore the hair dose can be increased to 30 – 60 mg per
one month. Silicon is abundant in nettle than
and explains its healing properties for hair and scalp.

  • NLC

Speaking of nutrients, do not forget about the indispensable
fatty acids (EFAs), which play an important role in the state as
physical and mental health. With their shortage
dry and brittle hair, itching, scaling of the scalp and
baldness. General weakness, confusion,
inflammation of the joints. It has also been proven that a shortage of NLC leads
to increased sebum secretion. This causes a blockage.
hair follicles, hair roots don’t get enough
nutrients. Large concentrations begin to accumulate.
hormone 5 alpha reductase, which is converted to hydrotestosterone
and begins to impede the blood supply to the papillae that
fraught with baldness. Additional sources of NLC are: fish
fat, flaxseed oil, wheat germ oil. But fish oil follows
take with care to prevent overdose
vitamins A and D.

In the table below you can see
the most necessary elements for normal hair growth and products,
in which they are contained.
Minerals Products
Calcium Cabbage, turnips, tangerines, watercress, carrots.
Magnesium Beet, raspberry, elderberry.
Iron Almonds, dates, eggs, fish, raisins, poultry meat, green
phosphorus Grapes, raspberries, lemons, tangerines, beet tops.
Potassium Sweet potatoes, avocados, celery, cabbage, lemons, nuts, food
Sodium Cherries, tomatoes, fish, celery, carrots.
Sulfur Brussels sprouts, egg yolk, turnips, dried
Zinc Mushrooms, beans, pumpkin seeds, spinach, tomatoes.
Silicon Asparagus, celery, rhubarb, rice, strawberries.

Flaxseed oil can be purchased in capsules, as well as
evening primrose oil. Each of them has important fatty acids and therefore
Both types of oil should be present in the diet. Daily dose
makes a tablespoon of each oil or three capsules.
These oils should be taken in conjunction with vitamin
complexes, which must include vitamins B, E, C,
niacin, biotin, zinc. Be aware that products with high
fat content interfere with the assimilation of NLC, so it is not worth their
use. Also, the absorption of high cholesterol, alcohol,
diabetes, viral infections. With age, absorption also
going down. Proper absorption is hampered by eating
margarine, refined oils and deep fried foods.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids – this is the main
source of free radical formation in the body which
turn lead to rapid aging of the body, diseases
immune system and the occurrence of cancer. Categorically not
roasting on animal fats, vegetable oil and
margarine. It should be replaced by rapeseed, peanut, olive

An excellent source of NLC is sea fish, such as trout,
salmon, sardine. It is enough to use it a couple of times a week and
the body will be fully provided with the right amount of NLC.

There are also a number of herbs that are great for hair growth.
and improve the condition of the scalp. One of them is nettle. Other
The popular herb is palm serenoa. Extract from its berries
blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and does not
bind him with nuclear receptors in cells Recommended dose
160 mg twice daily.

Girl on the field In medical practice is widely used
such a plant as fenugreek hay. It has nutritious seeds,
who prescribe to debilitated patients who suffer from anorexia
in the period of recovery. Also fenugreek lowers cholesterol
in the blood, is used as an antidiabetic
drug. Ground seeds of fenugreek can be mixed with olive
oiled and rubbed into the hair for a glossy shine.

The table below will help
choose the best herbs and plants that have
maximum effect in the process of hair treatment. Thereby
list, you can choose an effective tool to combat specific
Hair conditioning Groundsel, basil oil, cherry bark, rosemary, nettle.
Hair Growth Ginger, horseradish, pilocarpus, astragalus root, Pontic iglitza,
seaweed, spirulina, horsetail, shrub wormwood,
Greasy hair Lemongrass, bergamot, strawberry leaves, white willow bark, leaf
Psoriasis Chamomile, Dubrovnik, thyme, seaweed, wintergreen, bark
Baldness Rosemary, ginger, horseradish, creosote, spirulina.
Blonde hair Comfrey root, chamomile, elderberry flowers, white willow bark.
Dry hair Chamomile, clover, acacia, comfrey root, clover yellow,
peach colour.
Dark hair Sage, shrub wormwood, bergamot, nettle, clove,
Eczema Juniper, burdock root, Dubrovnik, thyme, pine

Summing up the results

So in order to improve the hair you need to use
food a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, trace elements,
essential fatty acids. Usually in pharmacies healthy food
pharmacists are aware of the intricacies of any dietary supplements and therefore will help
depending on the problem with

Basic rules, strict compliance
which will improve hair condition:

  • Protein should consume no more than 30-40
    grams per day
  • Plantain husks are always used along with
  • The course of cleansing the body: a tablespoon
    razbolat in incomplete glass of water, add as much water with
    acidophilus diluted in it. The course is 10 days.
  • Supporting course: a tablespoon of loose
    in three quarters of water, add three quarters of a glass of water with
    acidophilus. The procedure should be carried out twice a week.

How to take vitamins?

  • Vitamin A: 10,000 IU per day,
  • B5 -100 mg per day,
  • B3 100 mg once a day (in pure form
    without chrome),
  • B3 in vitamin complexes – 50 mg three times a
  • B6 – 50 mg three times a day
  • Biotin – 100 mg three times a day
  • Inositol – 200 mg per day
  • Folic acid – 100 mg three times a day
  • PABK – 100 mg per day, and with enhanced
    hair loss 1000-3000 mg per day
  • Vitamin E – 400-800 IU per day
  • L-cysteine ​​500 mg + 1500 mg of vitamin C two times

Minerals (daily rate)

  1. Iodine – 150 mg

  2. Copper -3 mg

  3. Potassium -200 mg

  4. Selenium – 30 mg

  5. Silicon – 10-20 mg

  6. Zinc – 15-50 mg depending on the individual
    body needs.

NLC (daily rate)

Linseed oil and evening primrose oil – 3 capsules of each oil or
tablespoon. To stimulate hair growth dose doubled.

Protein shake

Protein shake This is a great remedy.
in the body all the nutrients it needs. He just
necessary for normal hair growth.

Would need

  1. glass of water
  2. 8 tablets of kelp
  3. tbsp soy protein
  4. LL of lecithin
  5. tbsp beer yeast
  6. 1 liter of flaxseed oil
  7. any fresh fruit if desired

Blend all ingredients until smooth.
masses. If desired, add ice.

The best diet option for hair restoration

This option can serve as a guide for people who want
to heal your hair. If you stick to it, then soon
time the body will rejuvenate, the hair will start to grow faster, will
more healthy. What should be remembered when choosing a style of food?

  • Reduce caffeine
  • Drink at least a glass of water per hour
  • Substitute refined sugar to brown
  • Reduce or eliminate salt intake.
  • Give up alcohol
  • The course of purification should start with the psyllium husk and take
    her twice a day for a week. Then take the supportive
    dose once a week and at the same time take acidophilus.
  • Products only buy fresh and stew them no longer 5
  • Give up sweets.
  • The meat should be cut fat and skin.
  • Exclude trans fats from food. Cook on olive, peanut,
    rapeseed oil.
  • Vitamins taken at the end of the meal, if the instructions do not say
  • If you follow a vegetarian diet, you need to find
    additional sources of protein. It should be remembered that cereals
    foods go well with legumes or dairy
  • Sesame seeds or sunflower seeds are in harmony with

Foods to stimulate growth

  1. chicken, lamb, turkey, mackerel, trout, lentils,
    peas, halibut.

  2. Rice or soy milk.

  3. Rice, tapioca, sweet potatoes, potatoes, buckwheat, millet.

  4. You can use any vegetables, both fresh and frozen.

  5. It is better to choose unsweetened fruit and limit consumption.
    strawberries and citrus.

  6. From oils choose sesame, rapeseed, pumpkin, flaxseed. Not
    eat spreads, butter, margarine.

  7. Of the nuts to prefer almonds, cashews, pumpkin and
    squash seeds. Limit pistachios, peanuts.

  8. Use rice syrup as a sweetener.

  9. From bread and cereals to prefer rice, millet, soy,
    potato flour.

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