Vitiligo on the face: treat a serious illness or mask cosmetic defect?


If you have vitiligo on your face, you will have it.
learn to mask because treatment can take a lot
of time. The most interesting facts and the latest innovations
developments concerning this unusual disease you will find
here. Find out its causes and symptoms.

Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder that
expressed in the disappearance of melanin (pigment coloring skin) on
individual plots. It arises as a result of the action of a variety of
factors. Predisposition to this strange disease (types of skin
diseases) can be inherited. However finally
the nature of this phenomenon has not yet been studied.

And if on the hands, feet and other parts of the body these white spots
on the skin can be hidden under clothes, then vitiligo on
face is very difficult to hide from prying eyes. So
exotic looks attracts curious looks since
distinguishes such a person from the rest. So really have to walk
with tons of makeup or is this unusual ailment somehow possible
cure? Let’s figure it out.

Why does vitiligo appear on the face

Causes of Vitiligo on the face

It should be understood that by themselves vitiligo will not appear on the face.
Just so the melanin from the cells will not disappear: there must be factors
(external and internal) that provoke this phenomenon. To this
Many studies are conducted that are conducted in modern
laboratories. On their basis, dermatologists and cosmetologists,
neuroscientists and chemists make preliminary conclusions, but scientifically they
not fully justified. So what causes vitiligo
on the face are only presumptive:

  • long-term effects on the body of various chemical
    radioactive, medicinal substances;
  • autoimmune, neuro-trophic, neuroendocrine features
    the course of melanogenesis (the formation of melanin in
  • necrosis (tissue death);
  • inflammatory process;
  • endocrine disorders (malfunctioning thyroid,
    problems in the adrenal glands);
  • intoxication of the body (powerful, long-term poisoning);
  • heredity;
  • any chronic diseases;
  • prolonged depressions, constant stress, syndrome
    chronic fatigue;
  • contacting areas with irritating skin
    synthetic fabrics;
  • metabolic disease;
  • avitaminosis, based on iron deficiency or
  • skin response to physical trauma to the face (in medicine
    this phenomenon is called Koebner reaction);
  • if the skin of the face constantly feels on itself vapor of phenol (their
    exude rubber, paint, cable), melanin production in cells
    may be broken.

It is difficult to say which of these factors play a leading role in
or otherwise. Why does vitiligo appear on
face, you will not even tell a specialist. All this – only assumptions.
You can analyze the circumstances and conditions of your life for
several weeks before the formation of white spots on the skin and make
specific conclusions. As soon as the circle of harmful factors will be
determined, try to get rid of them. Of course from
heredity can not escape, but to avoid stress and physical
injuries, treat a long-standing disease and eliminate vitamin deficiency – under
strength to everyone. The main thing is not to confuse this deficiency with others.
skin manifestations.

Origin of name. Unusual not only
the disease itself, but the term. The word “vitiligo” – Latin
of origin: vitiligo – “cutaneous disease”, vitium – “flaw,
flaw, flaw. ”

What does vitiligo look like?

Что кроется за диагнозом “демодекоз на лице” >>.

The most common skin diseases of the face: symptoms,
manifestation, treatment and skin care in a detailed review

Symptoms of the disease

Dermatologists constantly warn that many skin
diseases are very similar to each other and differentiate them
alone is almost impossible. Perhaps vitiligo on the face –
exception to this rule. This cosmetic defect cannot be
confused with anything else. Vivid symptoms immediately highlight a person from
the crowd. The clinical picture must be known.
those who are prone to such a disease in order to timely notice it
first signs and consult a specialist. They can be

    • the disease begins with the formation of small white, slightly pinkish
      spots, different in shape and size;

  • over time, they crawl away, become wider,
    merge with each other;
  • finally, you can see milky-white spots on your face.
    large enough;
  • on the affected skin areas, the hairs also fade;
  • the work of the sweat and sebaceous glands is also disturbed, which leads to
    a whole bunch of symptoms of vitiligo;
  • the skin in this place stops responding to temperature:
    for example, there will not be “goose bumps” in the cold;
  • however, there is no particular discomfort: discomfort, burning, itching
  • Good news for all who suffer from this scourge:
    vitiligo on the face in some cases spontaneously disappears;
  • but there is also bad news: Vitiligo-affected areas in the sun
    blistering individuals – sun dermatitis is
    a consequence of this disease.

Vitiligo can be diagnosed absolutely at any age,
although his hostages most often become teenagers. As soon as you
noticed in oneself or one’s loved ones the symptoms of this
disease, be sure to ask for help from a dermatologist, or at least
beautician (the first in this case is preferable). Only
specialist after appropriate tests (skin biopsy) can
confirm or refute the diagnosis and advise something worthwhile
– depending on the degree of damage, neglect of the disease and
individual features of a person. But is it possible to get rid of
this scourge?

From the life of stars. If you look closely
to the photos of the famous singer Michael Jackson, you can see
non-uniform color of his dark skin. This is Vitiligo – a disease
which he inherited from his son, the Prince.

The clinical picture of the disease

Vitiligo treatment

People faced with this disease are invariably asked
the question of how to treat vitiligo on the face because
no one wants to go for days with tons of makeup – this is
the only way to somehow disguise the spots on the skin. WITH
from the very beginning it is not necessary to deceive ourselves that the therapy prescribed even
the best dermatologist, will bring the desired results. Search
a drug that would 100% restore cell production
melanin, continue in modern laboratories, but so far guarantees
full recovery does not give any method. Main
Activities are aimed primarily at the prevention of further
the emergence of even more new formations and
smoothing unpleasant cosmetic defect.


  • Antioxidants

These are substances that can destroy free radicals. They
are part of many pharmaceutical preparations that can facilitate
skin condition in vitiligo and stop the overgrowth of white spots on
to face. These are fish oil, Epadol, Tecom, Omacor, vitamins, Glutargin,
Asparkam, Panangin, Kratal, Dibikor, Cerebrolysin, Actovegin and

  • Immunomodulators

These are drugs that restore a weak immune system,
which may be responsible for the formation of vitiligo on the face:
Likopid, Kagocel, Arbidol, Viferon, Derinat, Anaferon, Amiksin,
Immunal, Cycloferon, Remantadin, Dekaris, Lizobakt, Aflubin,
Ergoferon et al.

  • Phytotherapy

Some herbs can cause discolored skin again.
synthesize melanin. Therefore, so often in the treatment of vitiligo on the face
phytotherapy is used. It may be a duckweed, psoralea
Kostenkovaya, Ammi, Parsnip, Sage, Nettle, St. John’s Wort, String,
calendula, oregano and other medicinal plants.

  • Hormonal ointment

With local treatment, dermatologists often prescribe hormonal
ointment for vitiligo. But you need to understand that self-medication
such drugs excluded in order to avoid adverse, unpleasant
effects. In addition, they are addictive, so too
long they can not use. Help with this disease
Protopic, Elidel, Prednisolone, Betamethasone Dipropionate,
Clobetasol propionate and others.

Medical drugs for treatment

Medical and cosmetic procedures

    • UV exposure, the dosage of which
      experts very accurately calculate depending on the size,
      the number of spots and individual characteristics of the patient (age,
      health conditions, skin type, etc.);

  • PUVA therapy is an innovative technique that
    allows you to use to eliminate vitiligo from the face psoralen
    (class furocoumarin) – photoactive substance, coupled with irradiation
    skin long-wave ultraviolet;
  • laser is very effective and common
    recent removal of vitiligo on the face, after which not
    no trace remains;
  • surgical treatment of vitiligo face
    implies sitting in the center of the white spot of melanocyte cells,
    grown artificially in the laboratory;
  • surface chemical facial peeling
    Vitiligo sometimes helps cells self-produce
    melanin, but it is extremely rare.

Folk remedies

  1. Lotion. Mix 10 ml of root juices
    parsnips, strawberries and red pepper. Wipe vitiligo
    a couple of times a day.
  2. Paste. Wash the duckweed, chop in
    blender. Mix in equal proportions with honey. Take each
    morning fasting 10 gr.
  3. Infusion. 20 g of Hypericum pour 250 ml
    chilled boiling water, insist a couple of hours, drain. Drink in
    within 3 weeks three times a day, be sure to immediately after a meal, 15
    ml. Set a weekly interval, repeat again.
  4. Compress. 20 g of Hypericum pour 100 ml
    vegetable oil. Keep in a water bath for 2-3 hours.
    Filter out Do herbal compress on vitiligo on the face 2-3
    times a day.

It must be borne in mind that the treatment may not give the expected
effect. In any case, give up and not be upset.
The wonders of modern medicine and cosmetology, along with your patience,
as well as competent care for the affected skin in a single complex
still will contribute to recovery. BUT
you can always disguise vitiligo on the face with
using tonal creams, highlighters, powder and other decorative
cosmetics for applying makeup.

Did you know that — the hero of the story of Arthur
Conan Doyle’s “Whitened Warrior,” officer, returned home after the war with
stained with vitiligo, thinking that he has leprosy and dies. but
the doctor was able to make the correct diagnosis and calm him down.

Healing procedures

Vitiligo facials

After prescribing the appropriate treatment, the doctor will tell you
what if vitiligo is on the face in terms of
skin care. Compliance with certain rules will speed up
recovery and ease the course of the disease.

  1. With vitiligo on your face you can’t be too long in the sun,
    sunbathe. Going out in hot weather, wear sun protection
    glasses and wide-brimmed hats.
  2. Work related to toxic chemicals
    by industry, contraindicated in vitiligo.
  3. Do not take too long to take medication.
  4. It is not recommended to self-medicate any skin.
  5. It is necessary to avoid intoxications.
  6. Try not to be stressed, resist
  7. Avoid contact of the skin with synthetic materials (this
    may be scarves or hats).
  8. Be extremely careful: avoid injuries to your face.
  9. Do not get carried away with folk remedies in the treatment of vitiligo: they
    can have completely opposite effect on the affected skin.

Vitiligo on the face looks very unusual, exotic and
attracts the attention of others. This must either
get used to, or mask the defect makeup, or resort to
more drastic measures. In any case, these white spots are like
marks of fate, and it is better to come to terms with such appearance than
develop in themselves unnecessary complexes. If possible,
you can always take advantage of the wonders of modern hardware
cosmetology. Specialists (dermatologists and cosmetologists) will not refuse
to help you. You can always find a way out of any situation – remember
about it.

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